I’m hairless and bloated. Time for a *GIVEAWAY*

Do you remember when I lost my virginity?

I’m going to re-live that experience today because I am mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the multitasking yesterday when I consumed 23 pounds of stress laden anxiety as I upgraded my WordPress blog platform and upgraded Thesis (my WordPress theme) and retained 25 gallons of water from having my period. All at the same time.

Where’s my medal?

I believe I may have mentioned before that I am not technically proficient when it comes to all things computer and over the course of the past four years, I’ve managed to establish a rocky relationship with my computer based on animosity, fear and loathing. I like to describe it as I HOPE YOU DIE A SLOW, PAINFUL, CORRODED DEATH, YOU MISERABLE PIECE OF CRAP.

But did you know that I retain water like the Hoover Dam?

Now you do.

I’m not even going to get into how many times I paid no attention to the time difference and called my Thesis-guru brother on the west coast to yell in no specific order:


all at 7:00 a.m., his time.

The upgrades were eventually completed without horrific incident. On my end anyway. I can’t speak for my brother out in Las Vegas who was busy changing his number and getting a restraining order last time I called.

However, I’m sad to report that I am still bloated and nearing flood stage and an horrific incident of an entirely different nature is imminent.

Therefore, I’m going to give away two more magnet tins today because that will make me happy and doesn’t require much effort and I can do it from my computer chair and therefore won’t have to waddle anywhere.

Remember my magnet tins?




The super strong, heavy duty, 2 inch square magnets I designed when I had my digital design business?





The ones I created before I became a blogger, back when I was semi-lucid and still a somewhat productive member of society?





I miss being semi-lucid and somewhat productive.

I haven’t been either of those in … let’s see … what millennium are we in right now?

But I am a whiz at being counter-productive!

And bloated!

And neurotic!

And sleepy!

And short!

That reminds me. I need to update my resume.





So I’m going to sit here and rub my tummy and pretend that I’m gestating triplets and then give away two of these magnet sets, winners’ choice.

Sound good?

Here’s the scoop:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post telling me the last time you ripped all your hair out in frustration, for whatever reason.
  • By the way, I made a mini-me chia pet out of mine yesterday. Just thought you’d like to know.
  • I’ll randomly use to randomly select two random winners. Randomly.
  • Please don’t enter more than once because I simply don’t have enough hair left on my head which means I’ll have to roll around the house trying to squish one of my offspring for theirs and that’s not as much fun as it sounds.
  • No entries after 5:00 pm eastern time on Sunday because that’s when I intend to use the siphon Helena created for the science fair in second grade and drain the reservoir that is my stomach.
  • I’ll announce the winners on Monday!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Excuse me while I go grab a snack or two or thirty. I’m eating for four now, remember.



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78 thoughts on “I’m hairless and bloated. Time for a *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. Avatar

    Hmmm, this is a case when it probably won’t behoove me to be first, because NEVER seems to pick the very first person.

    I hate it when I’m unbehooved.

    Or is it disbehooved?


    Anyhow, I made a tiny replica of the entire WDW resort and parks complex in between sobbing loudly on the phone to my one sister (the one who isn’t currently almost a week past her duedate with Kid #3 and therefore not in any mood to listen to anyone else crying about *anything*) and various friends, and sobbing over my computer keyboard as I emotionally banged out email after email sent straight to Hubby’s work account, all because of that Queen of Frustration.

    Oh yes, my mother.

    My mother, who picked a huge fight with me and essentially is refusing to come visit us this summer because I told her she can’t bring her dog.

    Her totally spoiled (not in a good way), wholly undisciplined, will-pee-on-the-floor-if-you-look-in-her-general-direction, bites ALL the grandkids repeatedly (this not just according to both sisters, who live near our parents and see the dog on a weekly basis, but also personally witnessed when we were down visiting in April and she chomped down on my kid’s arm), barky, whiny, cat-terrorizing dog.

    Who, by the by, isn’t a little yapper-type “purse” sized dog. She’s a standard freaking poodle. As in almost 70 pounds.

    Here. In my house. With the wires sticking out of the wall, and the unfinished electrical outlets, and the boxes everywhere and the half-stripped wallpaper and the peeling off gluey bits of wall and the lack of paint.

    And Mom (who has had dogs my whole life and never ONCE before this dog insisted upon bringing them with her when she visits. FOR A WEEK, mind you.) is now saying that she will not come up unless she can bring the dog. Never mind that Unpregnant Sister has offered to dogsit on many occasions.

    See, my mom? Recently lost her last, teensy shred of sanity and has Gone Over to the Totally Crazy Side.

    She last pulled this at Thanksgiving, when she said she wouldn’t come up unless she brought the dog. I called her bluff and told her fine, and she didn’t come.

    Now, to have her pull this s**t eight months later? When she hasn’t been up to visit since a year ago June? When I’m left explaining to her oldest grandchild that Grandma isn’t coming again? I lost my shizzle yesterday.

    I told her I was appalled that she is choosing a DOG over her GRANDCHILD.

    I then hung up on her. Haven’t heard from her since.

    Did I mention I typically talk to her on the phone at least twice a day?

    So, today’s going to be interesting.

    Anyhow, probably waaaaay more info than you ever wanted, but apparently *my* PMS-related, bloated, emotional, hormonal state is not as over yesterday’s frustrating events as I’d thought.

    Feel free to delete this comment, should you be icked out. I mean, #1 never wins from anyhow.

    Even though I feel more like a pile of #2.

    Le sigh.

    Off to get Kiddo to camp and then mope about whilst patting myself on the back for NOT buying the econo-sized bag of Cheez Doodles yesterday at Wegmans. Even though every fiber in my frustrated, hormonal body was begging me to do so.

    I told every fiber that diving headfirst into a bag of Cheez Doodles wouldn’t behoove any of us.

    We ate donuts instead.


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    Hmmmmm – would love to win, so need to remember something…..hmmmm…..what to tell you? Where to start?

    Probably when my dh said to my kids (who were covered with sand from head to toe in sand, and carrying the rest of the beach between their toes – don’t bring the sand into the car, and definitely not into the cottage……WHAT?!!!

    What is the point of a cottage by the sea, if you cannot wake up in the morning and crunch your way across a sandy floor to the bathroom, then return to bed to some sandy sheets?

    I think either he needs to take chill a little (I was born in the 60’s – what can I say?) or else I have been out in the sun too long, and no longer care about the sand!

    Anyway – pick me, you know you want to πŸ™‚

    I KNOW it is random, so randomly pick me, OK?

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    The last time I pulled all my hair out in such great gobs that I could make a chia pet? I’d say just 2 weeks ago (I stress quite often!) when I was painting my new adirondack chairs. They wouldn’t dry. They looked like they’d never dry. They were beautiful before I painted them…why did I think they needed any improvement? 10 days later…I made my husband sit in one. It was dry. Finally!

  4. Avatar

    The other night, when my daughter WOULD NOT go to sleep, and repeatedly stood in her doorway going, “MOMMMMYYYYYY! MOMMY! MOM! MOMMY!” And when I would answer, she would sit there befuddled, since she really didn’t need anything, then start back up with the “MOOOOOMMMYYY! MOM! MOMMAAAAA!”

    Yeah, think I lost a few hairs that night.

    Thanks for the chance- those magnets are super cute!

  5. Avatar

    OK- now I’m laughing at you. Sorry, but you were funny today. The last time I tore my hair out? Trying to get 2 kids, 2 dogs, a roof rack and the contents of the kitchen table in to or on to the Saturn station wagon for an epic road trip from Ontario to our new home in Georgia. After I managed it, I really enjoyed the journey. This was a big step for this controlling mama! Want to see the kitchen table? Here you go!

  6. Avatar

    Relatives are coming this weekend – staying for 10 days. I love them. I hate cleaning house. I am not crazy about vacuuming. I can’t wait till they come so I can stop trying to get the house perfect.

  7. Avatar

    I don’t stress much about things. No, no I don’t. Really, I’m okay. I don’t mind being woken up at 5:00 a.m. this morning by my husband:
    He who’ toothbrush may be used to clean the toilets today: Didn’t I back my truck in last night?
    Me: Eldest son (who doesn’t live at home) borrowed it.
    He: I had my new tires in the back. ##$%##@ that is why I backed it in.
    Me: Why tell me? (5:00 a.m. remember) I didn’t borrow it, call him.
    He, stomping in and out of the house beeping phone buttons: $$# %@@@
    Me: ripping hair out and rolling over
    He: Never mind. He put them in the back seat.

    I would love to win but I gotta say to Heather up there. You deserve a prize.

  8. Avatar

    Hmmm… I think the last time I pulled my hair our in frustration was the last time I updated my blog too. I was behind on the actual WordPress updates by 2 versions and I wanted to give my blog a makeover. Trying to find just the right template drives me nuts, then I have to try and work with it to change the images and colours to something I like. Trying to find all the right colour codes in the template takes me forever and leaves me with little hair when I’m done… lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway, on a side note…. I’m having a giveaway on my blog too πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend, hope the bloating goes away soon!

  9. Avatar

    Last time I pulled my hair out? Let’s just say that I had my stepkids here for FIVE weeks this summer. It’s a miracle I have ANY hair left at all.

  10. Avatar

    oh, wow, that’s the funniest post I’ve read in a while!

    What has frustrated me to the point of hair-pulling? Well, I’m pretty laid back so it takes a lot to get me to that stage, but my kids seem to have it down to a science. The fighting and the yelling and the whining and the tattling and the throwing and the writing on the walls and the teasing the dog and the harassing the cats and the “MOM!” and the “mommy!” and…..

    Just a typical day at my house when the kids are home…

    Thanks for the laugh and thanks to those leaving comments for also making me laugh.

  11. Avatar

    I ripped my hair out yesterday. My computer is stuck on perma-scroll and perma-ding. Gah! Congrats on your upgrade. People have NO idea how much work goes into blog design. You have to agonize over the tiniest of details & it can eat up half a day. Good for you & at least it’s over!

  12. Avatar

    Your title posted on 2Ps sucked me in . . .

    I haven’t pulled my hair out in awhile, so does it count if I had my eyes and lip waxed two weeks ago? Because it hurt like a . . . bear and *then* I remembered why I stopped doing it.

    Thanks for the laughs, have some chocolate, everything will be fine. =o)

  13. Avatar

    Good thing you’re using instead of choosing the best comment since there’s no way I could compete! Probably the latest hair-pulling moment in my life was when I read the e-mail about a new project wasn’t on the roadmap. Reduced staff, more work, what a great combination!

  14. Avatar

    As much as I would love to win, it sounds like Heather needs to win! I’m too old to deal with the whole bloating thing anymore. Instead, I have now lost my memory and the right words don’t come out of my mouth. Team that up with a teen-age daughter and summer vacation…I think that is how I lost my hair – I don’t really remember. Anyway, I love your magnet tins. πŸ™‚

  15. Avatar

    I’m pulling my hair out because my car is 17 days overdue for inspection and DH is just picking up the necessary parts today. I have no idea how soon FIL will be able to put them on so that we can get the sticker. But I refuse to drive it until he does. That means staying at home, in the summer heat, with no central air, with all 3 kids (ages 8, 6, and 17 months). See Kool Aid’s post above for what that’s like. πŸ™‚

  16. Avatar

    Hmmmm, should I choose the time where my mom was working on everyone, including my husband, trying to stage an ‘Intervention’ for me as I had gone crazy and needed it? Why have I gone crazy? I won’t let the kids over at her house alone, because she sends them outside and expects my 10 year old to watch my three year old while she sits inside, watches TV and chain smokes. Oh, and I won’t let my three year old ride around with her when he’s not in a booster seat. Crazy I tell ya! CRAY-ZEE!!!! Fortunately, that backfired, my husband’s eyes were opened and he now realizes that *I* am not the crazy one.

    Or today, when everyone that can do my job called in sick, one of them because her husband was sick. Last I knew her hubby was a big boy. Now I have to go into work on my day off that I was SOOOOOO looking forward too. Sometimes, I HATE having a strong work ethic. I so could have gotten out of this one, but no, I’m going in.

  17. Avatar

    HA! A giveaway I’m allowed to enter πŸ˜€ I pull my hair out on a daily basis. In fact I just threw a entire handful into the garbage can!! Unfortunately it doesn’t make even a small dent in the thickness of hair on my head so…

    Well anyway I NEED these magnets!! I was watching while you birthed them! member? LOL!!

  18. Avatar

    I remember the last time I updated my wordpress and just completely lost it!!!!! So I feel your pain.

    Wait until you are starting menopause and you are wondering when you next period is coming, if it ever does, and the bloating just stays there forever.

  19. Avatar

    Last time I pulled my hair out? This morning. Our “rescue pup” (we rescued him 3 months ago) chewed up his bed. Again. And I don’t mean tossing it around and putting a few cute tears in it. I mean, tear the cover off, dissemble the zipper (chew that into 12 or so pieces), and proceed to shred every piece of fabric and stuffing into tiny little pieces. It looks like a cloud exploded in his crate.

    This isn’t the first bed he has done this to. Or the second. By my count (which I’m sure I’m blocking some of them out due to sheer exhaustion), we’re on bed number 10? 12? 15? Awww…who’s counting. I just know I am tired of re-stuffing, trying to sew together mangled pieces of cloth and repeating the process the next morning. His beds (when they can be repaired) look like Frankenstein.

    On the other side of the living room, our other dog (only 2 months older) sleeps peacefully in her bed which she’s had for MONTHS now. No chewing. AARRGGHHH!!!

  20. Avatar

    Hair? I do not think I have had hair for at least he last 3 years LOL.

    Life is a whirlwind we never know what is going to happen from one day to the next around here. We have been in a constant whirl or frustrations trying to get to the bottom of my sons health issues. Right now they want to test us ( myself and my ex husband) to see what if any genetic abnormalities there are. Well I had mine but the ex is having a tantrum and refuses unless I prepay for it because as he said he has more important things to pay for before he worries about L. ( our son) grrrrrrrrr. The man is obstinate and that is putting it mildly he makes me want to yank my hair out and his as well.


  21. Avatar

    Today. We have one car, my DH has said car. Today is our DDs 6th birthday. My mom is coming to take us all out. He knew of this for 2 days. I hate car seats cluttering my house for more than a few minutes. Does said D(not dear, btw)H leave said carseats? OF COURSE NOT!! And he’s done this before. I have a choice 3 letter word for him that starts with a and ends with ss but I won’t put the 3 letters together in your comments.

  22. Avatar

    Ripping hair out…that would have been when I suggested to the boss that it was inappropriate to talk about why we didn’t hire certain applicants to a customer. And she threw stuff at me and dropped several dozen F-bombs on me. What a piece of work.

  23. Avatar

    ripping my hair out in frustration is a common occurance in my house. I have 2 daughters – enough said? Ya, these teen years are a trying time! lol! Love the magnet sets – great job on them!

  24. Avatar

    Now, now. =) Your brother, the saint! It’s a lovely blog update, very, uh, swirly. =) It rhymes with girly, which sometimes I’d like to be, but I’m not. I just tromp around being bloated all the time. Not girly at all. =)

    The last major frustration was a month ago when the power went out somewhere in San Diego (which is very far from my house) and therefore the servers hosting one of my websites went down, and therefore so did the website. And when it came back online the next day… our entire database was hosed. This was the database for which I actually had to hire a tech in Germany (cuz he was one of the original Gallery software programmers) when we first installed it… and so I had to hire him AGAIN. All the hosting company said? Sorry, your database has been corrupted, have fun fixing it… It’s a good thing San Diego is very far from me.

    I really riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillly love your magnets. Rilly.

  25. Avatar

    What a riot!

    Ok, the last time I pulled my hair out in frustration….

    When I looked at my boss and asked a question that she expected me to have the answer too but didn’t have herself. You see I work for a non-profit organization. I asked her what our next goal/mission/objective is. What are we going to do? Where are we going with this? She answered me by telling me if I can’t answer that I’m not doing my job well. What that really meant was she doesn’t know either!


  26. Avatar

    My son just graduated from an intensive outpatient drug rehab program. While he is rockin’ now, the pull the hair from my head, scream in frustration moments are to many to count from the past year. Sigh…

    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance!

  27. Avatar

    I have been ripping my hair out this past week, fiance and I are getting married in a few weeks and he is on a guys fishing trip this coming weekend. I am getting so frustrated!

  28. Avatar

    Today I am a bit stressed too. My friend asked me for a favor, which is normally fine…but this is a project that would normally take me a week to do perfectly and I need to get it done today. Huuummmm…..I feel a big slice of chocolate cake in my future (my ultimate stress reliever).

  29. Avatar

    Oh dear.

    I’ve been enlightened to the fact that I wanna pull my hair out almost *every single day* for some reason, minor or major.

    Yesterday, it was because my husband interrupts me. Not to argue his point and not let me talk (he does that when we fight, which is rare) but instead, I’m just trying to disagree on some sort of political statement or whatever, and in the middle of my 9 word sentence he has to start bitching about where the tupperware lids are.

    Ohh.. I was hot.

    Way to discount everything I had to say. butthole.


    OK, time to think about happy things.

  30. Avatar

    Last time I pulled my hair out? Uh…that would be about 10 minutes ago. I swear…if one more person steals my food from the company fridge, I’M GONNA GO POSTAL ALL OVER THEIR STUPID ASS!!!! ARGHGHGHGH!!!!

    Okay…all better now. As you were. πŸ˜‰

  31. Avatar

    The last time I pulled out all my hair?? Yesterday. Yesterday, My BRAND NEW CAR, thay I bought only THE DAY BEFORE would not start. Now it’s in the shop for an untold amount of time. Great.

  32. Avatar

    OMG…I’m ROFL at these posts!

    Last time I forcefully removed all the hair from my head? 2 weeks ago, when I was forced to babysit 2 Dagu babies by my DD who went off to church camp (how dare she???). Everything went along swimmingly until 2 days before she was supposed to come home….came home from a nice dinner out with friends to find their cage empty. Oh Dear God! 3 dogs and 2 very small Dagu babies. I quickly locked the dogs up and started listening (the dagu babies chirp, kinda like birds, and chatter). I tracked one almost immediately to the girl’s bathroom. Caught the little bugger behind the toilet. Was able to fix the cage, and put him back in. But no sign of the other one.

    I’m seriously thinking he was a snack for one of the dogs, he called his mom and left town….I just don’t know. But I figure I’ll stuff towels under all the doors and at least trap him wherever he is. I lock the 3 dogs in my room with me and go to bed…spend all night worrying about how I’m going to tell my daughter that I lost one of her babies….wondering if anyone in town has dagu babies….praying I’ll find Felix in the morning!

    In the morning I go in her room, and there he is sitting in the middle of the room looking up at the cage with his brother in it and chirping maddly. Of course there was no way I was catching him! But at least I knew he was alive, and in my DD’s room.

    All of this is NOT what caused me to pull my hair out….the state of my DD’s room was what caused me to become bald. It was completely and totally gross. Dust bunnies, dog hair, hay all over from the dagus.

    So, a friend came over and set a live trap with peanut butter in it, and I closed the door (wheezing and sneezing the entire time) and stuffed the towel back under the door.

    Later, I went in, the trap had worked. Dagu back in his cage and very happy to have food and water! DD came home from camp to find her room empty…litterally. I took everything out of her room, she got to scrub it clean, then she had to go through me to take anything back in her room!!!

    So, it all ended well. BTW…DD is 15.


  33. Avatar

    Have I mentioned how you totally crack me up. And yes…I can sympathize with you on the bloating and flooding. It happens once a month on my end. So once a month the wrath of the Lamb comes out and it ain’t so pretty. Now lets see the last time I wanted to pull my hair out? Any time I get behind the wheel of my car and get stuck behind slow idiots who can’t even flippin’ drive the speed limit. grrrrrrr……or how about just today at lunch when the light was green and the jerk just sat there (even after honking and profane words spurting from my lips) until the light turned red again….Yes…times like that I wish I had a rocket launcher to blow his @$$ right out of the way.

  34. Avatar

    The last time I remember pulling my hair out was when I received an error message on my home computer. (keyboard failure)

  35. Avatar

    you know what?
    1. I’m so glad I “found your blog
    2. Your post is so fun, I forgot i was getting mad LOL!!!
    3. thanks for making me laugh.
    4. the last time I pulled my hair off… yesterday when i called one of my BIL…he is so…shallow, i don’t even know why I called him!!!

  36. Avatar

    last time I pulled my hair out was the beginning of July when my older sister dropped in from out of state knocked up and a BF straight out of prison, not jail PRISON…GRRRR
    asking to stay with me.. HELL NO……sent her packing back to GA.

    Happy Scrapin’ Kat

  37. Avatar

    Darlin’ I’ll give you a run for your water weight money –
    like the time I went to WW and gained 6 lbs in one week and the lady said to me, “honey, what did you DO?” (got lead dentures lady, what do you THINK i did?). My scale goes up and down on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so much it looks more like a see-saw than a scale.
    So if you want to come join me at Camp Bloat-a-Lot, you’re welcome to join the party. We offer an all chocolate menu, weepy chick flicks and complete lack of rugrats.

    Those are adorable magnet tins, maybe you’ll inspire me to make something out of the thirty-bazillion tins I bought on clearance last year that are sitting in a tub in my living room (yes, the craft room is full)!

    Hang in there, dearie!

  38. Avatar

    Can I anticipate a time? Because my husband left this morning for a boy’s weekend away backpacking and left me at home with our 3 boys ages 9, 7, and 4. Although I don’t have a moment fresh in my mind, I’m sure there will be multiple times this weekend that I’m ready to throw myself under the nearest bus and buy a wig.

  39. Avatar

    Yesterday at the splash park, I was going bonkers. My two year old little crazy man was running away from me towards a huge canal of water as fast as he could…my nearly 8 month pregnant belly just could not keep up with him. Every time I said STOP he ran even faster! Needless to say as soon as I got my hands on him…he was strapped down in his car seat and we headed home. AH!@!@

  40. Avatar

    The last anxious-ridden activity I participated in was trying to get my work email working again…it was MIA for almost 2 full weeks!

  41. Avatar

    I worry too much–about too many things. I was really got hair pulling worked up during recent school rezoning meetings. Apparently, adults throwing fits changes it all for everyone. The fit throwers are happy and the others are left with the changes. JOY!

  42. Avatar

    I have been proficiently and constantly been pulling my hair out since my son was born…he’s six now. I may never have hair again :: sob ::

  43. Avatar

    i’m stressed and want to pull my hair out everyday i work!!! I’m a nurse in a super busy Emergency Room. I want to pull my hair everytime someone checks in for something stupid ex) ingrown toenail and even better we have had patients call ambulances for tooth aches and constipation!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    love the tins,

  44. Avatar

    Nice magnets. I hope I win.

    The last time I pulled my hair out was when my son, 17, lost his cell phone and made no arrangements for a ride home from a volunteer job and sat there for 1 1/2 hours waiting for me without making any effort to borrow a phone. Meanwhile, I don’t know what time he is done and I am waiting for him to call, but he doesn’t, so I go to pick him up and he isn’t there because he just then decides to walk home, only when I drive all over the freak to find him I can’t find him anywhere and when I finally give up and decide he is probably home by now so I go home he isn’t there and I finally get worried and start to freak out a little and then 20 minutes later I see him walking down the sidewalk…

  45. Avatar

    Hm…the last time I pulled my hair out? Well, I am a high school history teacher, so you KNOW I use the summer months to regrow my hair as it has been pulled out during the school year. This year was particularly bad as I had a 6th period class with 19 boys and 6 girls in it (did I mention I teach 16 year olds??). One of the last incidents of the school year was when one of the biggest problem-causers in that class – in the midst of a rant from me – said, “you know, I’ve heard that teachers that don’t yell have better relationships with their students.”

    I nearly killed him then and there.

    I love the magnets….would love to win the giveaway!!!

  46. Avatar

    Love the blog Andy! Last time I pulled my hair out was when I did a full system backup to an external hard drive, and then went to my iTunes and most of my music was GONE. Now, I knew it was somewhere, but couldn’t for the life of me find it. Eventually, finally, a couple of days ago I did find it. Moved it all back into iTunes and disconnected the hard drive, so it doesn’t happen again. Still pulling my hair out because I don’t know how else to keep it from happening again. My computer and I also have a fairly rocky relationship.

  47. Avatar

    so glad I found your blog — you’re funny AND you retain water. Now I don’t have to hate you. I’m doing a little dieting/gambling right now via an Herbalife-shilling diet contest. On the week off between two 12-week contests, I put on seven pounds and two inches on each thigh. I recently came close to pulling out my eyelashes when I lost my phone for 2 weeks in my own home. I finally bought a new one, knowing full well I’d find the oldie as soon as I did. Yup. On floor of my daughter’s closet. And last week I spent an hour grocery shopping, over-thinking a million purchases. Then I was halfway through having them rung up when I realized I had no money, no credit, nada. And I was nowhere near home. Sometimes its hard to be me.

  48. Avatar

    Well as a mother of 9 ranging in age from 18 and just graduated to 2.5 and on her way to preschool in the fall, I have no hair to speak of. I pull it out on an hourly basis it seems! However today my eldest daughter who is newly graduated and off to college 5 states away next month, got a check for $500 for a scholarship she won. And called me from the mall telling me she was gonna buy summer clothes…let the hair pulling begin!After we had a long chat about priorities and our need to spend conservatively until she is in her dorm in LA, she began to see things my way. No bloodshed at all…

  49. Avatar

    Boy, the last time I pulled my hair out? You have to have hair to pull it out in the first place right? Stubble doesn’t count does it? Because thanks to my 5 year old– who has the energy of a mouse on speed and the attention span of a narcoleptic gnat– my noggin stays bald, theoretically speaking. My hubby fills in on occasion. . . both as ‘parent-on-duty’ and also as the source of my wanting to pull my hair out. I think we are probably all a little bald around our house. Hey, if we can’t add to our own family’s neurosis who else is going to put up with us?
    Hope you’re feeling better! And love the magnets.

  50. Avatar

    I think the question should be when was the last time I wasn’t pulling my hair out? My three boys live to watch Mom lose it! Seriously, they get a thrill out of making me scream and stomp around. I try not to do that but it seems they know the combination to unlock my crazy, lol!

    I can totally relate to the feeling bloated thing too!

  51. Avatar

    I’m driving all the way to Michigan over the next few days with my six youngest kids loaded up in the fifteen passenger van. It’s something like a 22-23 hour trip. I have it scheduled to begin ripping my hair out 14 miles from my front door. Can I still enter the giveaway if my hair-ripping episode is pending, or must I enter the giveaway with an already established hair-ripping episode? I didn’t see this situation specifically addressed in the fine print of the giveaway rules….


  52. Avatar

    Hay Andy…I ripped out my hair almost yesterday. having to be assertive about how I want my house decorated. A lot of the stuff won’t work that we had back in Mississippi. Like wire chickens, gali pittmen plate because the paint scheme is slightly different. Though in the end it worked all. Thank Goodness no one..messed with my kitchen yet..or there would be hell to pay.
    Even my DH made a compromise after I told him I hated where he put a piece of furniture..good boy!

  53. Avatar

    i’M BALD. mY KIDS CAUSE ME TO TEAR MY HAIR OUT ALMOST DAILY. tHERE’S NOTHING LEFT. Oops sorry about the caps. I need more coffee.

    My kids leave for 5 weeks of summer camp tomorow!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™ that means we need to do lunch. no, wait. cocktails!

  54. Avatar

    So sorry to admit that I had a really good belly laugh! Cause I can so relate with the technical ignorance!! Your blog looks great, btw!!

  55. Avatar

    That’s easy – last time I ripped my hair out was Wednesday when I was driving home from CT with two kids in the back seat fighting over the DVD player and then fighting when the DVD player stopped working halfway home!

  56. Avatar

    When was the LAST time or when have I taken a BREAK from ripping my hair out?? πŸ™‚
    Well…for the most recent one…not only did I decide to BACK into a TREE, braking the back glass out of my car, but it POURED rain yesterday and the tape wasn’t holding the plastic on over my window. (yes..this was just my luck.)

  57. Avatar

    Thanks for the laughs — am so glad I found your blog.

    When I just had one kid, I was a mom. Now that I have two, I’m simply a referee. Even though I tear my hair out and scream till I’m hoarse with some regularity, I wouldn’t want anyone else to do my job.

  58. Avatar

    Actually it was today! I can’t even put a humorous spin on it yet…. but let’s just say there was a last straw and the camel then fell on top of me and all the children have been sent to their rooms for the rest of the summer. Does that qualify?

  59. Avatar

    Your blog is beautiful, your sets are a lot of fun. Don’t worry about me winning, I don’t think anyone can afford postage to Switzerland. Last time I was pulling the last of my hair out was just today, when (keep up there with me) my dh screamed at our oldest (8) who shouted out loud, as I helped her out of the dress and yanked her hair by accident, and he was having a go at her for overreaction and dramatization, as he screams like a girl if he meets me in the corridor after lights, claiming *pay close attention* that he forgot he was not alone… It will be 10 years we are married this year!!!!. So there…. I have said it out loud, and I feel better now… I will go to my bedroom now announcing my approach in the beep-beed mode, so that God forbid, I didn’t scare him again! LOL!

  60. Avatar

    COOL! The last time I wanted to pull all my hair out was when I was pet sitting. I came in to my friend’s house to find dog poo on the carpet, went on the hunt for cleaning supplies and walked in on her dog peeing on her cat! To make it worse the cat just stood there and let the dog pee on it!!! UGh! It’s funny now but at the time, not so much.

  61. Avatar

    Saw you on Twitter and freaked out because I thought you were talking about chemo or something. Now that I know you’re going to live, I guess I’ll see if I can grab some swag on my way out. Those magnets are stinkin’ cute! I am typing this on DH’s PC because I’m tired of tearing my hair out over mine that has totally decided not to cooperate. As soon as I can get 5 minutes to string together, I’m going to run out and get a new one. So there!

  62. Avatar

    Pulling my hair out…how about right now? I just pleated an enormous, heavy skirt to a waistband, and then realised 1) I forgot to line it, and 2) the hem is all wonky.


    On the bright side, your blog really cheered me up, and those magnets are waaaaaaaay too cute! I am dying to have the “blah, blah, blah” ones on my fridge!

  63. Pingback: A bathroom makeover is in my future |

  64. Avatar

    oh i so needed to find your blog this morning. goody. love it when the sun shines. hair pulling umm…just yesterday i had a mental and emotional breakdown..yes thats it, was honest with someone i love or tried to be for that matter and it didn’t go well. i really wanted to pull my hair out…but had to get dressed to attend a fashion show with friends with said hair still on my head! does that count?

  65. Avatar

    The last time I pulled all my hair out would be last night. I have to go back to work tomorrow (I’ve been off on family leave), and my husband said he was going to start helping around the house, since I won’t have as much time anymore. Awesome! So I made a list of all the chores that need to be done every day: load the dishwasher, make the beds, wipe down counters, pick up toys, etc. There were about a dozen daily chores that I came up with. My husband looked at the list and said, “well, maybe I could load the dishwasher.” Wha??? You’ll MAYBE be able to do something that takes all of 5 minutes? Thanks, Sweetie, you’re a huge help!

  66. Avatar

    Pick any day of the week that ends in the word -day. I love my kids, but seriously – the bickering – it HAS TO STOP. I don’t know how my mom did it when my brother and I were young. God love her.

  67. Avatar
    Creative Junkie

    TIME’S UP!

    Thank you so much everyone! I’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

  68. Avatar
    Creative Junkie

    Still fighting with my comment issue and trying not to cry. I’ll announce the winners as soon as I fix this issue or beat my computer to death, whichever happens first.

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