Let’s bring on some bling, shall we? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!

Once upon a time, I lived in a small condo with a four year old daughter who, at the time, was into all things jewelry, specifically beads and when I say into, I mean it in a totally MOMMY! LOOK! I GLUED THEM ALL OVER MYSELF! AM I PRETTY? kind of way.

One day I apparently suffered either a massive case of stupid or a brain aneurysm. I’m not sure which, because for some reason, I carried one of her large, acrylic storage boxes into our bathroom. This particular box contained 10,003 microscopic beads of every color under every sun of every planet known to God and all His friends. And then the box was inexplicably attacked by gravity and plummeted to the floor, whereupon it exploded, sending 10,001 of those suckers flying everywhere. The remaining two were inadvertently inhaled by me as I was screaming SHIT SHIT SHIT ON A STICK twenty-four times.

My bathroom floor looked as if a herd of pygmy bunnies had gorged themselves on glittery Crayola and then turbo pooped all over it.

So, I have bead issues. If I ever fully recover from the post traumatic stress, I might be willing to entertain the thought of allowing them in the house again. But until then? Not for love or money or a quickie with Anderson Cooper.

Kidding! I just threw that last one in there, for effect. I love you, Anderson! Call me.

You know who doesn’t have issues with beads or gravity or restraining orders from hottie silver-haired news anchors who don’t return messages?

Who does some pretty awesome things with freshwater pearls and semi-precious gems and glass beads and Swarovski crystals and wire?


bracelet_amathyst_moonstone_ plus


Hi Cheryl! ((waving))

Cheryl’s got herself an Etsy shop called Ample Goddess Jewelry.

She designs jewelry.

I love it when I can state the obvious!

I can’t stop staring at this bracelet. It’s so dang pretty.

I’m trying to clean up my potty mouth, but holy shit, it’s hard.

Cheryl likes to cuss too. I believe her favorite is Oh Heeeeeeeelllll No. Isn’t that sweet? Although I think I need to school her in the more colorful vocabulary that comes spewing out of my mouth upon occasion.

It makes life much more interesting.


anklet_ fuschia_ pink_pearl_reg

This is an anklet. You wear it around your ankle.

See? Stating the obvious is fun!

I like the twisty things Cheryl did with the wire stuff in between those beady things.

And I’m sure she totally appreciates my technical know-how when I describe her items.

You’re welcome, Cheryl!

If I didn’t think it would scare the bejeebers out of all my neighbors, I’d wear nothing but this anklet and risk yet another indecent exposure citation. But my neighbors like their bejeebers and who am I to suck the joy out of their lives?

It’s not like I’m their mom, you know.



These earrings make me happy. Cheryl combined two of my favorite colors on this planet – fuchsia and lime. I remember one time I asked Nate to paint our bedroom these very same colors. Nate probably doesn’t remember it though. It’s hard to remember stuff with all that hyperventilating and seizing going on.

To this day, our bedroom remains a seasick cookie monster hue.

I can’t talk about it.



Here’s another bracelet. You may now commence “oohing” and “aaaahing.”

You know what’s special about this bracelet? It’s plus size, for the larger woman. That’s because Cheryl makes bracelets and anklets for the average woman and the plus size woman. She’ll specify the size of a particular piece and then indicate whether the piece can be shortened or lengthened, depending on your need.

Isn’t that nice? How many of you have worn an anklet only have it snap off the nanosecond you move, causing it to burst off your ankle, ricochet around the room and wind up somewhere north of the YucatΓ‘n Peninsula? Or fallen in love with a bracelet only to discover that it cuts off your blood supply when you wear it? What’s the sense in looking all pretty when you’re trapped in an ambulance on your way to the hospital to get your hand amputated? Where’s the fun in that, I ask you?

Did you know I have skinny wrists? I do. They are the only skinny thing on me and look pretty much out of place on the rest of my landscape. I think God got distracted by a wayward angel 42 years ago and confused my purchase order with that of Charles Schulz, just long enough to attach my hands onto my arms with twigs from Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. The second I step through the pearly gates, I’m determined to ask Him why he did this, right after “The seventies? Seriously? What was up with that?”


anklet_red garnet_all

Here’s one of Cheryl’s anklets that can be worn by anyone, so long as they have ankles. So if you have average ankles or large ankles, you’re all set!

Or if your average ankles occasionally suffer an identity crisis and think they’re the Hoover Dam by retaining more water than Lake Mead, you’re good to go!

I’d be good to go.



Cheryl also makes necklaces. Isn’t this gorgeous? I’m not sure what those copper bead things are called, but I’d like to hot glue them all over my computer. Maybe then I’d think twice about flinging my computer out the window.

I’d really miss those beads.



Here’s another necklace with copper beads. Scrumptious, no? I’m falling in love with copper. Especially when it’s paired with red. The combination is just so … elegant and sophisticated.

Just like me!

Except not really.

Which reminds me … did you know that pennies are technically not made of copper? Their guts are made of zinc and then they’re coated in copper to make them look pretty and shiny.

Just like me!

Except not really.

My guts are just … guts. And the last time I was shiny was when I was wearing a placenta.


earrings_stamped_copperSpeaking of pennies, don’t these earrings remind you of them? I love these. My fifteen year old daughter wants them for Christmas. I know this because she glanced over my way as I was writing this post and yelled OH MY GOD, I WANT THOSE FOR CHRISTMAS OR I WILL DIE.

Isn’t she subtle? She gets that from me. I am the walking personification of subtlety. That’s why I call up my brother every few months and holler FOR SHIT’S SAKE, TINO! WHY AREN’T YOU MARRIED YET? INQUIRING MOMS WANT TO KNOW. Because my mother knows she can depend on me to be discreet.

By the way, Cheryl also has a fifteen year old daughter.

It’s amazing we’re still alive, isn’t it Cheryl? Did you get your combat pay yet? I’m still waiting.

Stupid bureaucratic red tape.



Can we just take a moment to appreciate the I WILL SELL MY FIRSTBORN FOR THIS-ness of this bracelet?

This one is plus size but can be adjusted smaller.

Hey Cheryl – I’m going to Fedex my thighs to you. See what you can do, OK?



I think I’m in a yellow-green stage in my life. I’m just drawn to it because it’s fun and cheerful and whimsical and goes so well with all shades of purples and pinks.

It’s all about the color, baby!

The more, the better!

That’s my motto.

I’m married to a man who’s all about color too, provided the color starts with the letter “BEIGE” and ends with the letter “BEIGE.”

We have issues.



I think these whimsical earrings would look much better dangling from my ears than from this pale white vase.

Then again, I haven’t been tan since I hit a tanning booth the week before I got married which was over a decade ago so it’s entirely possible no one would be able to tell the difference.



I think the play of teal against copper here is fun. It’s just a fun necklace, don’t you think? My mother might refer to this necklace as delightful or lovely or MINE, ALL MINE.

Now, since you’re probably wondering what I’m giving away, let’s get on with it, shall we?

We shall.

Up for grabs:


An item of your choice from Cheryl’s Etsy shop, up to a maximum value of $50.

Need I remind you that the holidays are coming up?

And for those of you interested … there are only 98 days until Christmas. Don’t hate me. It wasn’t my idea to have the big guy born that day. Go yell at his mom. It’s always the mom’s fault.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick something up for someone special? Or, if you’re anything like me, screw everybody else and get something for yourself!

Just kidding!

Sort of.


Here’s the scoop:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me what color you would paint your walls, if you had your druthers. I don’t have druthers anymore. Instead, I have Nate and thusly, will never have Smoked Eggplant walls in my family room.
  • If someone has some extra druthers laying around, I’ll take them.
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. Age does have its benefits! Deal with that, gravity.
  • No entries after 9:00 pm eastern time on Sunday, September 20, because that’s when I fully intend to be comfortably ensconced on the couch and beseeching Nate to turn the channel because football sucks. Yes, I’m assuming that a football game will be on since it’s a day that ends with a “y.”
  • You know the drill. Now, come on. Don’t be hatin’ on The alternative is me choosing a winner and then you’re left to the mercy of my hormones and that is just all kinds of stupid crazy OH MY GAWD. If you don’t believe me, just ask Nate. He’s hiding around here somewhere.
  • Please, one entry per person. PLEEEEEEEASE, with sugar on top? I promise, your comment will show up, if not immediately then soon thereafter. Kind of like my period.
  • Despite my flogging it with a wet noodle, my blog theme Thesis is still messing with my comment numbers. It numbers all the way to up comment #500 and then starts back at #1 again. It’s infuriating but I’m aware of it so go ahead and post your comment and don’t worry if there are duplicate numbers – I’m on top of it!
  • That’s what she said.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Monday!


That’s it!

Now go forth and paint one of your walls fuchsia pink with lime polka dots.

And think of me fondly.

Good luck!



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315 thoughts on “Let’s bring on some bling, shall we? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    Cheryl’s jewellery is fab! When I finally stop living in rented beige appartments, my walls will be eggplant, with citron, fuschia, and navy blue soft furnishings. In the meantime, I’m working on the soft furnishings. Yum! But like the Beach Boys “Wouldn’t it be nice” it seems the more I talk about it, it only makes it worse to live without it… Oh wouldn’t it be nice?…

  2. Avatar

    OMG thats what she said HAHAHAHAHAHH
    Ok, i would paint my walls red. I love red walls. I used to have a red kitchen/living room combo, back when I was single. But now all color purchases have to be screened with the honey. Who only loves grey and beige. And sometimes I want to turn him in for a more colorful model.

  3. Avatar

    French blue with eggshell trim. We have a 3 bedroom condo currently the guest bedroom is painted seaglass green, every other wall in the house is beige and the carpet is beige. I need color help.

  4. Avatar

    I am planning to re-paint my living room and kitchen (they blend together) a dark mustard color. They are sunny yellow right now and it’s just too bright. I like warm, cozy colors!

  5. Avatar

    I can say with some degree of certainty that some day, my walls will be “Soft Linen” or “Garden Moss” because I have a few five gallon bucket of Soft Linen and Garden Moss paint taking up a lot of space down in the basement. (Which, by the way, is Dayglo Canary Yellow. It hurts my eyes to go in the basement, so I don’t.)

    I’m not sure *when* the walls will transform, as they’re presently covered in 44 year old, Laura Ashley Had a Bad Acid Trip and Died Here wallpaper. This wallpaper needs to be removed, then the walls scrubbed down, sanded, wiped down, primed and painted. I know this will happen someday because of the hundreds of dollars worth of aforementioned paint – Hubby would shit twice and die, as the saying goes, to waste that much money on paint that goes bad before we used it.


    In the meantime, big props to Cheryl for making jewelry for the less skinny gal, like myself. It’s embarrassing to have to wear belts and necklaces as anklets, y’know?

    See you soon!

  6. Avatar

    I already painted my walls 3 weeks ago. I have a dream blue room with white ceiling and trims, a pale pink room with a hole wall in red and another room with peach tons. Hope this helps!

  7. Avatar

    We are hoping that a certain house will be ours soon…just waiting to hear! (And waiting…and waiting…) Anyhow, the bedroom needs to be repainted because of the new windows, and I am thinking of staying with the same color, which is kind of a caramel color. Wow. That sounds sort of disgusting, but it actually looks really pretty.

    Maybe I’ll get to walk around the new house with the new bracelet! πŸ˜€

    Thank you!

  8. Avatar

    I want to paint my kitchen navy blue – at least one wall – i have white cabinets and greyish counters and think it would really pop – maybe some yellow accents – who knows but i am sure the husband will never go for it.

    Love the shop of jewelry!


  9. Avatar

    if i were bold enough, i’d use tiffany blue in more than just the bathroom… with touches of warm browns and reds for accents…. but i’m not so bold. gosh what beautiful goodies – love that teal and copper necklace!

  10. Avatar

    If my husband could tolerate ANYthing but flat eggshell paint, I’d paint the family room barn red, the kitchen/dining room amber, the living room sage and the bedrooms lavender (my DD), sage/brown stripes (my DS), and olive and taupe (mine!).

    Alas…I feel I am destined to be surrounded by beige carpeting and eggshell walls till I am buried in a FIRE ENGINE RED COFFIN. It’s in my will.

  11. Avatar

    Love those bracelets! We painted our living room walls, 9 years after moving in, a warm yet pale color of golden yellow. We waited 9 years because DH is afraid of color & lives in fear of hating the color once it is on.

    Apparently local ordinances only allow you to paint the walls once & then you are stuck with that color for life. At least in his mind anyway

  12. Avatar

    we’re going to repaint- eventually. i want to paint the hallway a cafe au lait color, and i’d love a tree branch silhouette on the long wall, with owls.

    dh doesn’t understand the owls, though.

  13. Avatar

    First of all, may I say I just found your blog and you crack me up! Wow, you even talk like me!! (Tho shit on a stick is a new one I may have to start using) Ok, back to wall color. Luckily, my hubby does NOT paint and what’s he gonna do when I whip out a can and say “Look honey, this is going to be the new livingroom color”? They are a terra cotta color (2 tones).
    When his mom, (who can never figure out why more than one tone–the lightest–on a paint card is available) walked in right after I did it, these were the exact words out of her mouth…”Oh myyyyyyy.” At that point, I KNEW it was perfect!!

  14. Avatar

    Geeze I think you’re my new girl crush – love enjoying your blog with my morning cup of coffee!

    I just painted my laundry room a greyish blue – hoping that it will help relax me so I don’t whine so much when I do 7,000 loads of laundry per day.

    I’d love to paint my living room walls granny smith apple green with one black wall – but I can’t talk my DH into that one yet.

    Love the jewlery – thanks for sharing!

  15. Avatar

    Hmm, I wouldn’t care about the color of my walls if I had one of those bracelets to stare at all day long!

    Ok, I would just like the colors of my walls to match the damn color we painted the living room. It seems getting the same color would be too much to ask and, instead, it’s a color that makes my eyes hurt. (see, I really need to stare at something other than my walls!)

  16. Avatar

    My bathroom is currently #1 on my to-paint list, and I’m going back and forth between a deep, dark, lovely grey and a chocolate brown . . . with ‘chocolate’ in the name, brown will probably be the winner πŸ™‚

  17. Avatar

    One color…white chocolate mocha. I want to take my next Starbucks WCM frap to my paint store and tell them I want this color. I love it!!

    Off to wipe the drool from my mouth…I soooo want the first bracelet you showed, and the anklet, and the other bracelet….SERIOUSLY!! Why’d you do this to me!!

  18. Avatar

    I have all different colors in my house… my kitchen is red, the dining room is a mustartdy yellow color and the living room is dark brown while the family room is a sage green. I painted my daughters bedroom lime green (I love it it is so bright and cheerful!) The only color my husband won’t let me paint is pink. I would love to do a room in bright pink and orange someday!

  19. Avatar

    I live in an apartment that has boring eggshell walls…if I could my office/scrapbook room would be painted purple…or lavender with purple and green stripes…really anything but eggshell!

  20. Avatar

    What a well timed question, the almost-wifey and I are moving into a new house in two weeks and the entire house is painted khaki. Actually, I believe the contractors call it ‘desert floor’ which is SAND…and makes me parched just looking at it.

    So we need color. I would love an entire house of grassy and peridot greens, robins egg blue, crispest of crisp white with a bit of orange and red thrown in for fun.

    Talk to me in a year, maybe I’ll have it…(but until then a lovely, colorful bit of jewelry would be nice).

  21. Avatar

    If I was braver i’d paint my walls lime green with black accents. I love the color combo. But i’m a chicken. Love the jewelry, it is beautiful!

  22. Avatar

    Red. Gorgeous, stunning red. I love red walls. I also really like grey walls. And caramel walls. And anything but fugly ecru walls. Ecru is bad. White is even better than ecru. Just say’n. Oh…and her jewelry is freaking amazing!!!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Buttery yellow or Robin egg blue. I am not a ‘blue’ fan as a rule but I would love that in a room…haven’t decided which room.

    Your blog is hilarious btw.

  24. Avatar

    sometimes i want to paint my bedroom walls a rich chocolately velvety brown, so it’s like i’m sleeping in a cocoon of chocolate pudding… mmmm…

    and then other times, i’m like “RED!! RED RED RED RED RED!!!” and then throw in some orange and yellow pillows, and a sultan’s bed, and some billowy curtains….


    warm chocolatey deliciousness, or RED RED SEXY SULTAN RED!!

  25. Avatar

    Luckily hubbs will let me paint whatever on the walls. WE’ve had eggplant and grey bedroom walls, lime green laundry room walls, 50’s turquoise and peach bathroom walls and sky blue living room walls. I LOVE color!

  26. Avatar

    I’d like my house painted in Restoration Hardware colors. Don’t care which rooms have which really, I just love them. UNFORTUNATELY I don’t know anyone who can poop gold (YET!), so I have to go with the colors that were painted when we moved in. Not bad (rust, sage green, maroon), but not what we would’ve picked.

    LOVE the jewelry – sparkly and dangly, my favorite! πŸ™‚

  27. Avatar

    I have a Behr color I love.. it’s called Wild Honey. It’s a buttery tan. It’s not the perfect neutral, but the name of it makes me love it! It makes me think of frolicking in a meadow.

  28. Avatar

    I love this jewelry! And I’m new to your blog and love that too! Why oh why can’t I have friends like you with a sense of humor? Or neighbors? I’d take you as a neighbor. Mine just sit on their porch and drink coffee and wait for the FedEx guy to come to my house to intercept my packages and tell him I’m at the office and then grill me on what was in them. I need to order something more interesting than craft supplies. I owe it to my neighbors.

  29. Avatar

    Oh most definitely fuchsia !!! I am with you…it is a fabulous color !!!! What a great way to wake up every morning to that color…..hmm…thinking now that I’ll soon be a single woman….it’s time to paint the bedroom my color !!!!!

  30. Avatar

    Oh Crap. I forgot to answer the question. I’d like a deep blood red wall. Red makes me happy. I suppose I should have it in the kitchen to help hide all those spaghetti sauce splashes around the stove.

  31. Avatar

    We have a problem in our house of agreeing on a color and then having the courage to apply it to the walls. It took 3 brands of paint to get the red we were looking for in our living room. The swatches looked great, but totally different story when spread on the walls. Someday (soon, I hope) we will agree on a green hue for the remaining hallway areas and downstairs rooms (they all flow from one into the other). I would like a pretty blue or lavender for our master bedroom/bath.

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  33. Avatar

    I’d paint my office walls a lovely shade of green and accent with rose colored accessories….well that is the plan.

    BTW, I know Cheryl. She ROCKS…and so does her jewelry. And I am sooo glad to have found YOUR blog…love it too:-)

  34. Avatar

    That’s a hard question and my walls remain the greenish sort of silvery sage color they were when we moved into the house. That doesn’t sound bad, right? Silver sage. Sounds pretty. Except that EVERY WALL is painted that color. I’m not even kidding. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, half-bathroom, entryway. Every wall. Everything except the interior of the closets. Those are white. But they’re disguised by all the crap in the closets and you’d be hard-pressed to catch a glimpse of wall in any closet so for all practical purposes, all of my walls are the silver sage color.

    Do I lose my entry for indecision? I can’t figure out what my druthers are.

    How ’bout if I would touch up the scratches, scuffs, chips, and problems from when I thought it would be cute to tape up Christmas cards around the doorway and then took them down carelessly leaving scars and just used more of the five-gallon bucket of silver sage? Does that qualify even though it is a druthers-free answer?

  35. Avatar

    I would totally paint my walls shades if blue, green, and lavendar…. Oh and a yellow kitchen! I love color like you πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance! Cheryl’s designs are amazing!

  36. Avatar

    I would love to have relaxing colors on my walls like sage green and ocean blue because I need to de-stress. All of her jewelry is beautiful and I understand how you feel about her Peridot, Aquamarine, Pearl and Prehnite Sterling Silver Bracelet! Thank you!

  37. Avatar

    In our basement our fireplace juts out from the wall, and I’ve always wanted to accent it with a deep radiccio (hope that’s spelled right) colour. I always have good intentions, just have difficulties with the follow through…..

  38. Avatar

    If I had the guts to paint my walls any colour I wanted, I’d paint the kitchen a soft yellow, my craft room a rich purple, and my DD’s room with different shades of pink in stripes! Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve found a few things there that I just had to put in my faves. If I don’t win I just might have to buy them anyways, they are gorgeous!

  39. Avatar

    If I could paint my walls any color I’d pick bright apple green. In fact I’d do my whole house in shades of green if I could. Oh and the 20th is my birthday so I’m really hoping I win. πŸ™‚

  40. Avatar

    My husband and myself love natural wood! So only 2 rooms have paint, my bathroom,the clean on is white with tin ceiling and creamy tile floor! I love it I can put any color towels! I love red violet blue green. With the natural wood anything goes! Love the copper jewelry!!!!!!!!

  41. Avatar

    I just LOVE Cheryl’s jewelry, and this blog for that matter!

    My walls? TEAL and light brown!

    Good luck everyone!


  42. Avatar

    My bedroom is desperately in need of a new color. And I am really liking the idea of a light smoky bluish gray (is there a technical name for that somewhere?). Sounds so relaxing, and easy to coordinate with. Oh, I am LOVING the jewelry, and your blog is a riot!

  43. Avatar

    I would paint my kitchen walls Apple Green. We just remodeled and I hate the neutral color I reluctantly agreed to. It NEEDS to be Apple Green. I am currently trying to convince the husband, but he is anti-any-shade-of-green-but-especially-bright-green.

  44. Avatar

    I would totally decorate and paint my house to look like a Starbucks. I love the coffee house look. In reality I’d say our house looks more like “modern garage sale” with a side of “none-of-this-goes-together” and a pinch of “we-must-be-colorblind.”

    I love the beautiful green bracelet. I could look at it when the house is so bad that even trying to cross the living room means risking your life. (And she wouldn’t even have the change the size. πŸ˜€ )

  45. Avatar

    We just got new furniture and it is black with a silver swirl~So I would love to paint the walls a Bright Silver with Black Trim! My Honey is not too cool with the colors but I think I will just give him that look and then it will get done~MY WAY!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win~I was window shopping and she sure has beautiful jewelry!

  46. Avatar

    There’s so much there to love! I love the swirled copper earrings, the freshwater pearl necklace (what a neat clasp/copper swirl), and I also love the Hot Pink Fuchsia Crazy Lace Agate and Hoop Link Silver Necklace. GORGEOUS!!!

  47. Avatar

    I would paint my walls Hemp Seed by Benjamin Moore – because I love it in my basement, and there should really be more hemp seed in this world!

  48. Avatar

    And then I forgot the colors. I would do a brick red on one wall and celery on the rest. Very, very light green, so light you can barely see the green. That’s what I’m doing with my living room.

    Sorry, the jewelry distracted me.

  49. Avatar

    White. Always white. Why? No imagination. Or maybe because we’re lazy. I’m not sure. But I’ve ALWAYS had white walls!

  50. Avatar

    My living room is mustard and my foyer and upper hallway are Persian Blue. I wanted to paint the dining room Eggplant – an almost black purple – but DH kibboshed that. He said it was just too dark. So, I think I am going to go with a green, maybe the Laura Ashley Moss green I recently saw in a pea’s scraproom. Not sure yet, but I want it to fit with the Indian themed colors in the rest of the house.


  51. Avatar

    wow they look much better than the ones I’ve been making,

    And I”m in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and DH said I can paint any color I want.

    i picked burt orange!

  52. Avatar

    I’ve already got yellow walls and apricot walls and a reddish wall in the basement (aka DH’s man cave). DS’s walls are Buzz Lightyear blue and green and DD’s are turquoise and brown. So I think I need to paint some walls a soft green since it’s my favorite color.

  53. Avatar

    I would paint my walls pink. I’ve always wanted a pink room and I considered it for a small bathroom. My husband said “I’m not telling you that you can’t do it, but I would HATE it.” So I haven’t. But I really want to.

  54. Avatar

    Fun giveaway!

    Hmm…if I had my druthers, I would paint my walls the color of an iced caramel latte. (Wow, that sounds boring, huh?)

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Avatar

    I would paint (and desperatly want to paint) my walls a light coffee color (like coffee with a touch of creamer!) in the living room.

  56. Avatar

    I’d paint my walls *pink*

    All of them.

    Just because I’m in the process of getting rid of the husband and need to girly the place up!

  57. Avatar

    If I could, I would paint all my walls a pretty pink. My husband and sons wouldn’t appreciate it much, but I’d like it!

  58. Avatar

    I would love soft blue and/or green walls. I have always loved these colors and will always love these colors. Don’t ask me why my house is done in burgundy and gold. I do all the painting, I have no explanation.

  59. Avatar

    Well Cheryl is totally gifted!! Love her designs! My last name is Druthers so I think that makes me an automatic shoe in to win (kidding) I would paint my walls a soft pale something… blue or pink or sand or something beachy, shabby chic. They are carmel right now and I am over it….
    Thanks for the opportunity!! May the random gods of intergers smile on me… need some bling!

  60. Avatar
    carol in seattle :)

    I’m having a love affair with chocolate and lime – I’d like everything in my life to be chocolate. Or lime. Or both. but not stripes. Cuz that’s just weird. Thanks!

  61. Avatar

    No wild colors here. I think Bob would have a stroke.
    I am looking into getting the kitchen and the hallways painted before the holidays though. Maybe BLACK so I don’t have to scrub the handprints from around the light switches every 5 minutes….what’s that about????

    Seriously, the kitchen will be white with a painted stencil and I haven’t decided about the hallways yet. I have time…after all, Christmas is 98 days away, you said so yourself!

  62. Avatar

    Since i was a little girl, i’ve always fantasized about brown walls. and that color stuck up until now. i know, it sounds horrid, but i cant help. im going to paint a wall chocolate brown very very soon πŸ™‚

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  63. Avatar

    I wish I had the nerve to paint at least one wall RED. Like Fire Engine Red. I *love* the color red. But I’m afraid of it when it comes to painting walls. And if I had the insane luck (which I don’t) of being the winner…that red bracelet would be ALL MINE!

    I’m going to try and stop buying miniature horses and spend some money on Cheryl’s jewelry!

  64. Avatar

    You really crack me up, girl! πŸ™‚ Your blog is so fun!

    My walls would definitely have to be RED!!! Love, love, love RED :-D, but hate, hate, hate burgandy! πŸ˜›

    That jewelry is awesome!!!

  65. Avatar

    I would love to have blue painted walls, like a lighter shade of navy, with white framing. Blue is so calming to me, not to mention my favorite color.

  66. Avatar

    Blue and grey walls, to go with the border.

    Love the blog and the jewelry! My 17 yo dd was just drooling away looking at the gorgeous photos of the all the jewelry.

  67. Avatar

    Why couldn’t I have married a color blind guy??? If I had I’d paint my bedroom turquoise and have a big bold pattern on the bedspread that had white, turquoise, navy and yellow. That would be a much nicer start to each day rather than Putty!

  68. Avatar

    I just painted my kitchen earlier this year. I forget the actual name of the color, but I just like to think of it as “colonial blue.” I love blue. I am starting to think about painting the living room now. It’s currently sage green and while I would like to change the color completely, that would require new furniture and carpeting, so I may have to stick with something green. Or at least something that coordinates well with green. And I sort of suck at that sort of thing. So it may go neutral. Or just stay as is, dirt, scratches and all…

  69. Avatar

    In my dreams i would change the color of the paint every month but it would be orange or dark pink or teal and black or lime green…
    im a terrible desicion maker

  70. Avatar

    Love your blog and love Cheryls jewelry too! As for my walls, if I had my way and didnt hate to paint, living room -chocolate brown. Kitchen – red. Bathroom – light silvery blue. Bedroom – sage green.

  71. Avatar

    My walls would be that beautiful light blue that you would envision in a beach house. All my appliances and furniture would be sparkling white and there would be tranquil beauty all around. I also see long white drapes blowing in the cool breeze. But, alas, I have 5 kids, and anything that was once white is now a lovely shade of PB&J.

  72. Avatar

    I have two walls in my kitchen that i would love to do a deep shade of red. Hubby agrees…we’re just not real motivated people. πŸ™‚

  73. Avatar

    We just moved into home (rented for now) that’s Cape Cod style. Robin egg blue’s, green’s & white accents. Really pretty & fun to get out of my “beige” rut but having no choice to try something new.

  74. Avatar

    I’d paint my walls a bright, lime green color. Actually, Ben Moore has a color called Margarita which is perfect. With black and bright white accents. Love it!

  75. Avatar

    When I have a house, I will have a room with red walls, deep perfect red, and chocolate brown and lime green accents. Or maybe i will have a room with chocolate brown walls. Or pretty robins egg blue walls. I’m indecisive. Maybe I’ll have rooms with all those colours!

  76. Avatar

    I would paint mine a nice, warm, cozy orange color, instead of the pylon color it turned out to be the last time I tried, although it was nice to save on electric bills when it was so bright you could see without turning a light on. (I went with off-white after that, too scared to try again.)

  77. Avatar

    I’m liking that eggplant idea… but I also have a magazine picture I saved with a beautiful burnt orange/terra cotta walls that is very tempting.

  78. Avatar

    I want to paint the walls in the bedroom warm taupe….yes, I know that sounds incredibly DULL, but it is actually a beautimous muted lavendar color. I already have the bedding that will match perfectly. MUST. DO. THIS.

    BTW, love your blog….even though it made me spill my diet Orange Crush and wet my pants and I may have ruined my chair.

  79. Avatar

    Well, I actually got some guts and painted my main bath bright yellow-green. It’s called Zesty. And my powder room is about to be painted a lighter bright green called Green Grape above a white chair rail, and chocolate brown below. It’s just a bathroom. If I hate it and it freaks me out I can change it right?

  80. Avatar

    Okay. This jewelry is gorgeous. I want it all!

    But I also want to paint my living room, I just can’t decide which color. I did, however, just paint my kitchen Cornelian Red. Does that count? It was definitely my druthers to do so.

  81. Avatar

    Hello πŸ™‚
    First, you’re hilarious and I’m so glad I found your blog.

    Now, I’d do different rooms in different colours…
    I’d use garnet symphony 3 by Dulux, it’s like a dark cranberry….pretty~for one

    A beautiful goldy autumnal orange in another…like maple leaves in the autumn

    and some soothing blues and greens in the bedroom…I love so many shades of both of these that it would be hard to choose…think water

    darn it I want to paint my apartment now…it’s not mine…damn it!
    thanks for the laughs~

  82. Avatar

    We recently painted the living room chocolate brown and brown sugar. I’m loving it. Want to redo the bedroom in the same colors, but hubby likes the green color in there (I think he just doesn’t want to paint ever again)

  83. Avatar

    All of that jewelry is so flippin pretty!

    I would paint my walls anything but the ugly, boring-ass white that they are. DH loves white walls.

  84. Avatar

    ahh…what color would I want my walls??.. hmm… well what I’d really like to do is the main wall in my living room and maybe the main in the entry a warm chocolate brown with the other walls a coffee/cream color.. sigh.

    Maybe in 100 years when the kids grow up and go, when I can have something that’s not “Technicolor” anymore πŸ˜‰

  85. Avatar

    Well, I think a Lovely Bright Lime would do it for me — in a room with lots of windows and white woodwork.

  86. Avatar

    Id paint it all neutral and then throw in splashy colored accents…calm peaceful and funky!

    VISIT MY GIVEAWAY TOO IF INTERESTED and win a tutu for your lil princesses!

  87. Avatar

    I would love to paint my kitchen sage green (and get new pretty white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, etc etc etc) – I have an obsession with all things green πŸ˜‰

  88. Avatar

    Would love to paint my walls Baked Scone. Totally tired of off white. DH said it would look like I painted them with dirt. What does he know.

  89. Avatar

    Sadly, my husband isn’t very brave in the paint colors thing either!! We JUST had our living re-painted (I mean YESTERDAY) and guess what the the color is?? Yup: Tan/beige/oatmeal/toast. Exciting huh?? *I* wanted to do a beautiful ICE BLUE with lots of white trim!! It would have been be-yu-tee-ful with the red oak floors, as well as the gorgeous chocolate brown sectional, the gleaming mocha tables and TV stand, the stunning mirrors and candles and rugs and all the other amazing stuff I have every intention of buying for the room. When my ship comes in. (eyeroll) But did I get the ICE BLUE?? Nope. Back to plain old wheat/almond/cardboard box/basket color. *sigh*

  90. Avatar

    The same color as the green bracelet. Hmmm, come to think of it my wall ARE that color now. Well a watered down version. Lovely in the morning, and the evening and midday.

  91. Avatar

    I do the painting at our house so I pick out the colors. For my bedroom I picked brown, kinda chocolate. Which I thought was beautiful and when I painted I got a small spot on the white ceiling that I have not cleaned up yet. My Granddaughter saw the spot pointed to it and yelled “POOP”. I’m now thinking of painting the room a nice seafoam green.

  92. Avatar

    ha ha! Your post cracks me up! I would love to paint my walls Antique White, except the wall behind my couch I am thinking of painting greyish blue. But’s it’s waaaay to much trouble to paint so I think I will leave everything the tattered eggshell it currently is!

  93. Avatar

    I love those so nice, and I totally need them all, so a free one would be nice;)
    Now if I could paint my walls any colour, HMMMM, I think I would pick a sort of eggplant and lime green. Sort of like the item up there, I think that would be so cheery, but not too crazy cheery, because we don’t need crazy on the walls when we are trying to sleep

  94. Avatar

    I am pretty much a white / off white walls kinda girl… gives me the option of changing my mind about the colors of everything else πŸ™‚

    But if we could paint in the home we are renting, I would so repaint the PINK horror that is the guest room

  95. Avatar

    I would like to repaint our office – chocolate brown with turquoise accents….or maybe lime green accents.

  96. Avatar

    I painted our TV room teal – that’s my favorite color. My husband hates choosing colors, so I get to pick what I like!

  97. Avatar

    If I had my druthers, my entire house would be painted in various shades of green…and be filled with green plants. Guess what my favorite color is?! Tough question, huh? πŸ™‚

    Thank you.

  98. Avatar

    Freakin hilairous post! I would paint my walls idk, cherry red? Not really. I think I like the white. Yeah. I would stick with white!
    You almost made me feel sorry for Nate, except not really!

  99. Avatar

    My husband would be scared if having my druthers meant even more color! My kitchen is already lime green and our half bath is a startling shade of teal. I am jonesing to paint our office a deep nearly navy, though.

  100. Avatar

    Bedroom needs some serious paint job. Love to paint it in Chocolate brown and a teal. But looking at all the colors of the jewlry I might change my mind.

  101. Avatar

    If I had my way, our dining room would have a burnt burgundy colored wall. Too bad my hubby has other ideas!

  102. Avatar

    I’m moving into a Starbucks phase–I want to paint our bedroom mocha and chocolate brown. Then use a Tiffany blue for accents on the bed/curtains.

  103. Avatar

    cookie monster blue.

    KIDDING!!!! Light limey green with dark eggplant purple accents…..or maybe cocoa brown walls with grass green or light cherry red accents……or maybe dark chocolate brown with orange accents…..oh the possibilities are endless!

  104. Avatar

    First time I’ve read your blog…and I read every word. I will absolutely be back again.

    I have a deep avocado wall in the living room and a royal red wall in the bedroom so, ….maybe stipes in the hall…..hubby loves color over here.

    Thanks for the great read.


  105. Avatar

    I would paint my walls deep red if I knew I could get away with it. The royal plum in the dining room was pushing it.

  106. Avatar

    I’m another fan of deep red walls. I have ALWAYS wanted to paint a room that color. Wonder if I’ll ever gather the nerve to actually do it?

  107. Avatar

    I would absolutely love to paint my walls hot pink with white polka dots all over it. In different shapes and sizes. I think that would look great. Now if I could just convince my boyfriend it would

  108. Avatar

    All of my walls are fairly colorful. I learned years ago to take risks with color and have enjoyed the benefits eversince. If I had my druthers, I would try painting some stripes or doing a bold accent wall. I am liking the eggplant color choice πŸ˜‰

  109. Avatar

    I too love color. I would choose a deep terra cotta. Warm and relaxing. I would also choose a necklace with copper beads. They are so pretty! So, please pick me Thanks!!!!!

  110. Avatar

    hey, my bathroom in the basement is Eggplant, you can come over to use it if you want. i would paint a room WHITE. yes WHITE. a WHITE that would never get fingerprints, never need to be washed & with baseboards that don’t collect dust, too.

  111. Avatar

    OMG…that jewelry is awesome….must not go to the bead store. I would love to paint a room Tiffany blue/aqua. It would be so pretty, but it matches nothing in the rest of my house.

  112. Avatar

    I have always wanted a pink bedroom, but sadly never had the opportunity to while I was single. I would be satisfied to paint the living room a pretty, pale “spa” green, but that’s not looking very likely either.

  113. Avatar

    Buzz Lightyear yellow. It’s on the walls in my boy’s room. It’s happy, bright and cheerful. When the sunlight shimmers in the windows, the walls glisten. I’d love to have every room in the house this color…

  114. Avatar

    It’s almost lunch time and I’m hungry so I’ll use “food colors”:
    I’d paint my walls in deep saffron, asparagus, mustard and champagne colors πŸ™‚

  115. Avatar

    What pretty jewelry! If I’m lucky I won’t win, because how could I pick just one? They’re gorgeous pieces.

    Anyhow, most of my rooms are colorful so I don’t know what I don’t have yet. Oh wait, yes I do but it’s going to sound insane. I’d really like an orange room. Kind of a deep orange with some darker tint. Pretty, bold and oh my gosh, I think I have a room that would look great in this color!

  116. Avatar

    Ooh…gorgeous jewelry!! πŸ™‚

    Ideally, my rooms would all have their own colored walls. My living room will (hopefully) be painted soon, in a lovely shade of coffee creme. My bathroom just got painted icy blue – love it! Daughter’s walls are a beautiful creamy yellow. Son’s walls need to be brought out of childhood and into teenager-dom with a single color – got any ideas? πŸ˜‰

  117. Avatar

    When our children were small, I told my husband we needed bright walls to make them happy. I once had an orange kitchen and a tangerine laundry room, a boys’ bedroom that was half yellow and half blue, and a girl’s bedroom in pink with the feather duster swirls. Then the kids got old enough to tell their dad how much they hated those bright colors and wished their walls were white or eggshell or something. I still get moderately creative in the bathroom or a hall these days, but that’s about it.

  118. Avatar

    I would paint them a fun slightly subdued lime color. I’m not sure if I could get up the gumption though!

  119. Avatar

    I’d paint my family room a medium green. Right now it’s dark paneling and I’ve hated it for 10 years, but my husband is a MAN. MEN think wood is too beautiful to paint for some reason. One day he may come home to the smell of KILZ……bwahahaha!

  120. Avatar

    I saw a Craftsman interior painted in a beautiful sort of turqoisey sea foam green on HGTV. It looked wonderful against the dark wood moldings. I wish I could remember which episode it was so I could look up the shade online! Agh!

    The jewelry is beautiful.

  121. Avatar

    I would have to pick a blue…relaxing and tranqul! Now if I had my druthers I would soooo go for a pink and brown room, with pink walls! πŸ™‚

    Love the jewlery! Stunning!

  122. Avatar

    Been dying to paint some walls purple, something soft & sophisticated– but not stuffy! My hubby would just raise his eyebrows and say, “Did you do that on purpose?” lol

    Beautiful jewelry Cheryl! And Andy, your write up is oh-so-funny, as usual. I can always count on you for several smiles.

  123. Avatar

    I would love to paint a child’s room white with multi-colored bright polka dots. Wouldn’t that be fun? I don’t know that i would ever take the time to actually stencil polka dots all over four walls, but I would love to have someone else do it…for free! πŸ˜€

  124. Avatar

    I have keylime green in one bathroom, yellow in another, blue in another, red in the kitchen/dining/living, blue and green in the baby’s room and white with big black polka dots in the teens room. LOVE SOME COLOR!!!

  125. Avatar

    I am planning to paint the walls of my office a fabulous Kiwi color in about a week. I may even be brave and paint my trim Espresso!

  126. Avatar

    I love shades of gray. I’d love to do one room in a grayish slate blue color and an adjacent room in a grayish plasticine green. They remind me of a foggy mountain or beachside. I miss New England.

  127. Avatar

    I would paint mine Sky Blue. I didn’t get my way in the bedroom but my hubby paintrf the dining room blue for me πŸ™‚

  128. Avatar

    I’d love to paint the walls a khaki green throughout the house with white trim as an accent.


  129. Avatar

    I would paint my room in Turquoise and Brown…….oh wait, I DID have my room painted in Turquoise and Brown, but my DH decided not to finish it. So my room is mostly T & B. Guess I should have specified that it needed to be solid T&B.

    I did my own closet, and the walls are gray with pink trim on the crown molding, window and door. Gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Also good for keeping the boys out.

  130. Avatar

    Hands down the BEST giveaway post ever!

    I have always wanted a bold orange wall. Or maybe turquoise. Or maybe even orange AND turquoise. Now THAT would be a happy wall. Right now most of my walls are celery green (which I love) or off-white (which I hate).
    Ample Goddess Jewelry has TOO many gorgeous pieces! The prices are amazing too! I think I would lean towards the Labradorite and Teal Apatite Sterling Silver Pendant because I have a thing for wire-wrapped pieces and labradorite. Big love for a seller who caters to us curvy girls!

  131. Avatar

    I’ve wanted to paint my bedroom walls a nice deep peach for a long time. They’re still the off white color they were when we built the house 12 YEARS AGO!!!!! Think they need an update? My sister-in-law had paint swatches taped up on her bedroom wall that were deep peach, and ever since I’ve wanted deep peach bedroom walls myself! Thanks.

  132. Avatar

    If I had it my way the walls would be deep violet and not the “OMG! The walls are covered in nicotine!” color we have now……..

  133. Avatar

    Pumpkin! with dark green trim.(then i would be justified to make snide remarks about being kept in a pumpkin shell. well, maybe not) but i like these colors.

  134. Avatar

    I am grooving on chocolate brown right now. If I still owned my own house I’d have my dining room chocolate brown and it would look a-freaking-mazing with the white trim and molding. Oh, I miss it so!

  135. Avatar

    We just bought a new bed set, brown and blue. So I’d probably use a light color of both. Like one brown wall and the rest blue…But then, I tend to change my mind on decor.


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  136. Avatar

    I’m not sure if I would ever actually do it, but I always thought a very light blue with all white furnishings would be peaceful and happy!

  137. Avatar

    I would paint mine aqua because I have had the beach on my mind so much lately. I think it would be a refreshing color to paint a room.

  138. Avatar

    Ooo, I’d paint my bedroom Robin’s Egg Blue, and then change pretty much everything in the room but my white bedding set! It’s so dark and warm, and I’m ready for a cool change of color.

  139. Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about painting my dining room a deep chocolate brown, that room needs something to warm it up a bit

  140. Avatar

    Wow, that lime green bracelet thingie… *drool* And I don’t even wear jewelry! If I could have my walls any color, they would be white… and I would be armed with massive Sharpies (black), and I could draw on the walls and it would be gorgeous. =) That’s my dream.

  141. Avatar

    I have no idea what the time is over there now. So I’m just taking a chance. I’d paint my walls green…what else. It’s my favourite colour. Stunningly beautiful jewelry. I’m off to check out all her other beauties.

  142. Avatar

    Hi there! First I want to say to Cheryl that her Ample Goddess Jewelry designs are just spectacular, gorgeous and so unique! I am in love all the elements that her pieces encompass from the elegant designs to the color combinations that she uses in each work of art!

    Okay, now for my walls, I adore sea glass so my walls would be a pale blue that has hints of green in the blue, and the trim would be a very pale green with lots of white in the green. The walls would give the room a peaceful, calming, serene feeling which is the type of environment I need to have surrounding me because my life is sometimes so chaotic! Now you have my inspired to go out to Home Depot and have them mix me up some gallons of paint so I can get to it!

    You totally rock for hosting not only this wonderful giveaway, but making it so much fun to enter!

  143. Avatar

    So happy I found your blog!!! Great mind and all that crap…

    I would love to be ABLE to paint my walls!! ANYTHING! But alas, we live on post (Army family) and are stuck with dirty-off white-cause-it’s-cheap paint. In.Every.Room. Blech! I “cheat” and tack up wallpaper border to add SOME color. What can I say? I’m a rebel, lol!

    Oh yeah, the giveaway…
    I’ve seen lots of Etsy sellers but you found a real gem (pun intended!!) Wowsers!! Pick me, pick me! We’re broke and her stuff is luscious!

  144. Avatar

    If I could have my way – I’d paint my hubby right out of the house. I love color on the walls – he likes bland ecru or white walls. YUCK! I want to paint my master bedroom a very dark navy blue. I want it really dark in there. I’d also paint my living room a dark red and a caramel color. I would add touches of brown too.

    Whew . . . . I’m getting all excited thinking about it – wonder if I can send hubby away for a few nights so I can get on this . . . . .


  145. Avatar

    Purple. I’d paint my walls purple. It’s my favorite color. My DH would die, though. He already died once when I painted the bedroom a rich gold color. That’s what he getsfor not going to the paint store with me.

  146. Avatar

    In my dream house, I want a bathroom with burnt orange walls. In my real house, I live in on-post Army housing, with very white walls:)

    The jewelry is beautiful! Now…on to the subtle suggestion that one of these necklaces needs to be under the Christmas tree!!

  147. Avatar

    They say that colors of the wall would influence your moods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red would keep you irritated>>>>>>>>>>> etc……>Oh well , my color would be a light aqua with a border where the tiles meet the wall!
    I love the jewelry…………….beautiful colors!

  148. Avatar

    The walls in my house are always painted different colors. Each room it’s own color. My FAVORITE ‘all around’ color is Tobacco Road, but that’s in the beige catagory. My scraproom is pink, bedroom is red, living room also red, half bath a light blue, etc….

    I LOVE color and Cheryl’s jewelery is breathtaking….

  149. Avatar

    I use to have my master bath painted and decorated just like a VS store. Light with the lighter pink stripes with black accent rugs and towels. That was before the economy slumped and I had to sell my house. Now I’m looking at getting married next year and I just got the ok last night that I can go to town redecorating my boyfriends home. I feel another pink bathroom, this time with a fancy black chandelier, coming on =)

  150. Avatar

    Love, love, love your posts! I have had beads all over the place too…but you say it so much better!

    I would paint my walls if I could a deep red, at least one of them. Still deciding on what to go with the red…

  151. Avatar

    Since I do indeed have druthers today, I must admit I wish I could paint my walls a nice deep rich chocolate brown, with teal accents. But I have one of those husbands who feel cream is a big crazy diversion from the ‘norm’, so it ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime! khasi78@ hotmail. com

  152. Avatar

    This post was cracking me up, I’d like to fed-ex my thighs to Cheryl as well! I just painted my new condo and the walls in my bedroom are black! Well one of them.. it was scary painting them but I love it.. I love black and white everything!

  153. Avatar

    I am currently paint a bedroom wall COuntry WHite! That way it’s a blank canvas.
    I thought I would hate it but I am loving it.
    I have hung a black mirror on a closet door white a cast iron cirle(black) with a red star above the mirror.
    I am putting down a grey /white marble press & stick tile that sometimes looks a little blue tinted.
    It’s starting to look very 1950 coffe shop like & I think that’s how I am going to do the rest.
    I am going to paint the hallway a soft seude color & later my bedroom in Golden (Brownish) Mustard kinda a dark gold.

  154. Avatar

    My favorite color is red. I would love to paint my bedroom wall -somehow I have to persuade my husband to let me mmmmm

  155. Avatar
    Christine Sarkauskas

    Princess Pink. I was a tomboy at a young girl and didn’t get to experience all that girly girl stuff. Now at 33, I am so much a girly girl I want a pink room to match!

  156. Avatar

    I would go all out with sunset. I know that’s not a color, but I just love the whole palette of sunsets (orange, teal, pink, purple, etc) that I can’t pick one…and besides, the artist who can pull it off will make a fortune when my friends see it.

  157. Avatar

    Restoration Hardware has their own line of paints and they have this teal color that I really like. I would like to use that to pain my kitchen, I think it would look good with the dark espresso of my cabinets.

  158. Avatar

    Black! I know its crazy but I was watching a design show and they had a really nice room with 1 black wall as an accent color.

  159. Avatar

    I hope I get this in on time! The jewelry is all so gorgeous! I want to paint my living room wall a very light yellow.

  160. Avatar

    We just found out we’re having our first child (but we’re not going to find out the sex) so I think we’ll paint the nursery green and yellow.

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