Ode to Bear

He’s been a permanent fixture in our house since day one.

Day one was eight years ago.

He’s a blankie with arms and legs and a head that is barely hanging on.

He’s your constant companion, your source of comfort, your object of amusement and your best friend.

He’s been tossed around, tossed aside and tossed out.

But only by mistake.

He sneaks into cars, restaurants, sleeping bags, and suitcases.

We think he was a covert spy in a previous life.

We are concerned that he will somehow find his way under your graduation gown.

We won’t be a bit surprised to see him peeking around the podium when you give your valedictorian speech.

Or when you’re sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice.

Well, maybe a little.

He aspires to be a world traveler.

In the meantime, he’s been to Virginia, Boston, Lake Placid, Washington, North Carolina and even made it across the border to Canada and back.

He’s found his way into the washing machine numerous times.

And the toilet once.

But only by mistake.

Sadly, no more Maytag baths for him lest he disintegrate.

And he’s been banned from all bathrooms.

He’s dirty, tattered, ripped, faded and, at times, emits a funky odor.

Febreze is a good thing.

He has a rattle inside which warns me whenever he tries to escape outside.


He’s pretty stealthy.

We’ve caught him playing on our swing set when he thought no one was looking.

And hitching a ride on your bike.

And playing in leaf piles.

He’s always the first one at the table for dinner.

He lets out a squeal of protest when I toss him into the family room because he knows he’s not allowed to eat with humans.

He’s well aware of the rule that he is only to leave your bedroom to watch TV.

He flagrantly disregards this rule.

Every single day.

He is the first thing you seek when you rush into the house after school. Or after shopping. Or after playing.


I’m worried that you are incapable of walking from one room to another without him.

I’m worried that you are incapable of existing without him.

He’s happiest when he caresses your lips and cheeks with his paw.

Your happiest when he caresses your lips and cheeks with his paw.

We’re wondering if he’s going to accompany you on your first date.

We won’t be happy if your first date caresses your lips and cheeks with his paw.

At all.

We mean it.

Maybe we’ll let Bear accompany you.

But only if he reports back to us exactly what transpires.

In excruciating detail.

But for now, he’s worse than crack and I see detox in your future.

Wherever there’s Bear, there’s you.

Wherever there’s you, there’s Bear.

It’s frustrating for us.

It’s security for you.

So people tell me.

But every night, long after we’ve tucked you both safely into bed, we’ll find him clutched tightly in your arms.

You look utterly content.

And it’s hard to argue with that.

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29 thoughts on “Ode to Bear”

  1. Avatar

    Of all things, my brother!!! had a Cabbage Patch boy doll. It was his best buddy too. He did grow out of it but it was a member of our family for a long time.

  2. Avatar

    We have “Syrup” here – a maple colour bear, of course – who is still happy to sleep with my 12 year old daughter. He has had very similar adventures as Bear. 🙂

  3. Avatar

    My daughter loves her stuffed animals. All 83 of them. She knows their names. She knows who got them for her. She wants a different one each night.

    The love of a stuffed animal is a powerful thing. We should all have such happiness in our lives!

  4. Avatar

    Oh, that’s a great reflection! I think your daughter will treasure your thoughts when she has children of her own. My son has a ducky that is no longer yellow. I have to admit, I love watching him sleep with his duck. so cute.

  5. Avatar

    We have a “doggie” here who has the same funky smell. lol

    He just recently went with us to a party suppy store and had to try on several tiaras and princess hats while we were shopping for birthday stuff. lol

    I so treasure this stuffed animal and will keep it for her forever.

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    I have a bunny named Fontelroy whom I have had since I was a very tiny girl. He has accompanied me through life and I always use his ears to dry my tears. Even now when I’m 26 years old. He accompanied me on my honeymoon to St. Lucia and he sleeps in my bed with my husband and I and I kiss him goodnight every night.

    I know it’s a little ridiculous but it’s part of me. Let your son keep his bear, he’ll still turn out alright. I promise.

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    Blankie is now just a bedtime attachment and is even let go when sleeping now. We didn’t do anything to force the issue and were fine with her taking it anywhere. When she went to preschool she left it it in the car on her own and little by little, Blankie became less important. I won’t ever let it go though and save it for her, and maybe for me too…

  8. Avatar

    Lol! I was planning on posting “Mr Panda Bear” this week. Glad to see that there’s another bear friend out there for another little one.

  9. Avatar

    Oh Bear! Oh Bear!
    We love you so much!
    It is a beautiful thing to see Helena with her Bear.
    It is awesome to see the love that has been steadfast and growing over her 8 years.
    I am so glad I have this child as a granddaughter.

  10. Avatar

    Awww, that is such a sweet post!!! There is something so sweet about a child sleeping peacefully with a tattered old bear next to them! My kids all have special blankies and I expect they’ll be just like your daughter with hers!!

  11. Avatar

    What an adorable picture!

    This sounds just like me and my blankie.

    Here’s my secret… I’m 25 years old and that blankie is still in my bed. I share my bed with a 31 year old man who I will soon marry, and a 25 year old sack of thread named Mr. Blankie.

    Thank god my man loves me anyway!!!!!!!!!!

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    You could’ve written that poem about my DD’s Moocow (who is so beloved by all of us she is the mascot of my blog!). We joke that when DD gets married, the florist is going to have to design the bouquet so that Moocow can be in the middle! 😀

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    I have blankie. He’s 26 years old. I commandeered him 22.5 years ago when I was born. He still goes everywhere with me. Assuming it’s PC to have a blanket. As I type this I am sitting in my living room, covered in my blankie.

    She’ll get over carrying him everywhere soon enough and you’ll wish for the days when that’s all it took to keep her happy.

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