Pssssssssssssst … quick, go put some socks on

I’m having a giveaway here tomorrow.

That would be Friday, August 21, 2009.

Casual dress, bring a dish to pass but please, no artichokes. Blech.

Oh, and make sure you’re wearing socks!

Because how am I going to knock ’em off if you’re not wearing any?



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10 thoughts on “Pssssssssssssst … quick, go put some socks on”

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    You *know* I’ll be here.

    Even though hates my gelatinous bod and will never, ever, ever, ever choose me.

    It will be lucky for the person right above or below me though, as *they* tend to be the winners. Le sigh.

    I’m gonna mention this in my pre-vacay blog post tonight. Assuming I get to it. I mean, I’m about 18 hours away from leaving for a 10 day trip and I haven’t finished the laundry yet, much less started packing. But blogging takes precedence, does it not? 😀

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    So kind of you to organize a giveaway for my birthday 🙂

    As I won one of your fab magnet sets recently, it would seem only fair to let someone else win this time, but I’ll be there to have a “nosey” at what is going on.

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