Same shit, different diaper

Remember back in May of 2008 when I first started this blog and we were living in a barn and my kids were dropping trow all over the place and I was a wee bit frustrated and asked why my family didn’t just rip out my eyelashes one at a time and be done with it already?

And I posted this photo of our powder room?

Guess what?




My eyelashes overfloweth.



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16 thoughts on “Same shit, different diaper”

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    LOL! Well ours looks like that too! IF the tp actually makes it to the top of the empty roll like yours is..mostly “whoever” leaves it on the edge of the sink next to the toilet..sigh

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    Drat! For a moment there I thought you were going to declare me obviously right in the over/under thing, because it goes OVER for cryin’ out loud!!!!!!!!!! I was probably 30 before I realized that it’s just as easy and just as difficult to put the roll on as soon as the other one’s gone than it is to wait until next time when you’re in the bathroom and don’t really feel like doing it then EITHER. So…I think there’s probably still hope for everyone in your house except Nate.

    I have less hope for the older/barn post – so, so, so familiar!!!!!!! Egads. Especially the stolen ear rings. Seriously. If I moved something, it was because it was somewhere it didn’t belong, not because I went into your room to MOVE it away from where it does belong! Ack. I’m glad it’s not just mine making wild accusations though. I can’t really say I grew out of that at any certain age, because I would have dead the first time I accused my parents of anything like that, so I really wouldn’t know when I would have grown out of it if it hadn’t been lethal to begin with.

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    Hey but this time, you have an empty roll on the dispenser, which means, at one point, a roll was actually hanging on it! That’s progress!

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    If I had a dollar for every time my lazy children did that I would be so frickin rich. I cannot stand someone being so lazy they can’t even replace the TP roll…grr!

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    It’s been 25 years with the DH and he’s yet to put the roll on the holder…I gave up on that fight! I also have the same clothing issues! My God…the hamper is only 3 feet away. There is only one 60 year old kid in this house but all the issues are the same.
    He is great at cleaning up in the kitchen, though!

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