Sunday regurgitation for 5/24/09: May it rest in sheer turmoil

For those of you wondering why Sunday is throwing up, fear not. Sunday Regurgitation occurs every Sunday, when I link to a prior post of mine, because I am trapped under something heavy and am unable to write anything original or riveting. Hopefully someone will notice I’m missing, remove whatever is suffocating me and I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. But just in case you never hear from me again … think of me fondly.



I didn’t actually buy a tombstone for my cast iron skillet. I’m not totally certifiable. I simply gave it a eulogy comprised of every curse word known to man and some I just made up, ran over it with the Durango 34 times, beat it with my shoe, spit on it, had the neighbor’s dog pee on it and then flung it into the garbage.

I hope and pray that my garbage man’s groin does not sprout a hernia after Tuesday or if it does, that he has the decency not to present photographic evidence of it at the civil trial.


All I’ll say about the whole ordeal is that my mother-in-law whupped that cast iron skillet’s ass once and I tried to carry on her legacy but failed miserably and the burnt, blackened and scorched deaths of hundreds of potatoes will forever be on my conscience.

My family, on the other hand, are eternally grateful that they no longer have to quietly eat their cereal while witnessing the utter, complete and irrevocable mental breakdown of their matriarch in the kitchen on a weekly basis.

I leave you with links to the back story:

The bane of my existence (at the current moment) …

Remember the bane of my existence? I need to find a new one …

May the spuds who cross the threshold of our house breathe a collective sigh of relief.




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9 thoughts on “Sunday regurgitation for 5/24/09: May it rest in sheer turmoil”

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    Thank the Lord for Teflon I say. And if it’s slowly poisoning us so be it. At least the chips, eggs and anything with cheese is edible and I don’t have to wrestle a pot that ways 50 kilos and needs to be seasoned. Food is the only thing that should be seasoned and then only with a healthy dose of salt and pepper and a little chilli (optional).

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    LOL!! My cast iron collection hangs on my wall! Not cause I don’t WANT to use them but cause my smooth top stove would promptly have to be replaced the second I tried.

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    See, there’s the reason I don’t have a cast-iron skillet. Besides the fact that I have no clue what one actually looks like or what the heck to do with one. So good for you on getting rid of yours….you don’t need one more thing in your life causing you a headache!!

    I borrowed Sunday Regurgitation again…..hey, you should just make it a weekly meme with a Mr Linky!! Okay, I’m just saying that so I won’t feel horribly guilty every single time I borrow it from you.

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