Super Bowl Sunday Regurgitation a/k/a UGH. Is it Monday yet?

The Super Bowl is on today and I can barely contain my excitement.

Hang on a sec while I wake up.




Oh my God, I think I just swallowed a bug in mid-yawn. That’s probably at least one Weight Watcher point right there.

Reason #236 why I hate football.

I like Sundays in general but Super Bowl ones? Not a big fan. As far as I’m concerned, the best things about Super Bowl Sundays are:

  1. The food
  2. The commercials
  3. The food
  4. Did I mention the food?
  5. When they’re over

Instead of regurgitating a prior post of mine as I typically do on Sundays, I thought I’d hook you up with a commercial from Super Bowl Past. I have no idea what year this particular ad was aired. It’s sixty seconds long, the ending made no sense to me, I had to watch it twice before I even realized the name of the advertiser and still, I have no idea what Pro-Line is or does. And what’s more, I don’t care enough to find out and once I finish writing this post, I’ll most likely forget their name.

I’m not sure that’s the reaction Pro-Line was going for when they hired an ad agency and bought air time, considering the prices for Super Bowl ads. They probably spent an amount equivalent to the gross national product of a small country. Or maybe even a government bailout, if prices were sky high that year.

Did they get their money’s worth? Once they stop bending over and clutching their ankles, we should ask them.

That being said, it’s still a pretty funny commercial so even though I have no idea who or what Pro-Line is, I do know they have a sense of humor.

As someone who has taken her fair share of muscle relaxants, it was like looking in a mirror. A big, fat, bloated, sweaty, hairy, grotesquely distorted mirror, but a mirror nonetheless.

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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9 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday Regurgitation a/k/a UGH. Is it Monday yet?”

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    Oh Crap it’s Super-Bowl? Now I have to go to the store. That video was weird. Funny, but weird. Maybe proline is gambling of some sort?

    By the way, I think the gross out dance you do after swallowing a bug is worth 2 activity points. So really, you’re one ahead.

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    The commercials are totally my favorite part of the Superbowl. I’d never seen that one before, but I LOLed. My favorite Superbowl commercials from years past are the Cat Herders one and the “When I grow up….” one that did a few years back.

    The only time I ever even bother to feign interest/enthusiasm for the Superbowl is when the Bills are in it. Which hasn’t happened since I was in college, as far as I recall. This is only because I’m married to a diehard Bills fan. *yawn*

    I’m way more excited about the season premiere of The Amazing Race which is next Sunday. WOOHOO PHIL KEOGHAN!
    .-= Heather @ nobody-but-yourself’s last blog post is here ..Stuck =-.

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    The Super Bowl is on today?

    Thankfully hubby doesn’t watch it.
    The only thing good about it is watching the players @sses in their tight pants LOL.
    Come on ladies you know that is the only reason we would watch sports with our spouces.
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post is here ..taking care of dad =-.

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    Another non fan of Superbowl. The tight pants these athletes wear is about the only reason why I would watch Superbowl.

    Pro Line is a lottery here in Ontario. It is basically legalized sports gambling betting on different times and by how much they win or lose. I know a lot of guys who play it, for soccer, hockey basketball and of course football. Not sure how it works or what you win if you win.


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    Love your list. I agree, the food is the best part. And the third best part. And fourth. I do actually enjoy the half time shows too. Usually. Depends on who is performing.
    .-= Janet’s last blog post is here ..Exhibit A: =-.

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    HAHAHHAHAHH! That was the BEST two minutes of fun this morning!

    I could really go for some jalapeno cheese dip with some pringles right now. I think my thighs just grew…

    What? I TOTALLY get it! You could totally win the lottery, or totally get drugged out on muscle relaxers during your most important football game of your life and pee your jock strap!

    Why couldn’t the real game be like that? I would totally watch that!


    BTW the linky thingie isn’t my most current post…just sayin’
    .-= Insanitykim’s last blog post is here ..A Valentine’s Day Giveaway Full of Hugs and Loves that are So Stinking Sweet You’ll Want to Scream! =-.

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