Taking the bull by the horns is not all it’s cracked up to be

I need to learn not to sweat the small stuff.

So what if I broke down and inhaled a dozen cupcakes for lunch yesterday, thereby exceeding my Weight Watchers daily points allowance by 23.7 weeks?

Who cares that I balanced the checkbook and celebrated a $2.43 mistake in our favor by dancing around the kitchen for a full five minutes, only to be informed by Nate immediately afterward that the brakes on the Durango were going to cost upwards of $750?

What’s the big deal if we own three cordless phones but yet I am forced to shout CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? WAIT, I’M MOVING INTO THE LINEN CLOSET. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? into my cell phone because I can’t find any of them?

Does it really matter that despite our best efforts, our puppy Oliver continues to greet our guests at the front door with pee and/or a dirty pair of underwear?

Or that one of my boobs is bigger than the other? But only on Wednesdays?

What’s the big deal if my period arrives without calling first and I’m totally unprepared and have to run to the store with a wad of paper towels shoved up my bahoodle doodle?

Is it any biggie that my kids, who never see eye to eye on anything, finally found common ground in that they’ve mutually agreed to spend their summer screaming at, bickering with, and hurling insults at each other instead of, say, swimming in the pool?

No big whoop.

I need to keep it in perspective because somewhere out there in this world …




Image from

.… someone is standing in a much bigger puddle of Sucks to be You.



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43 thoughts on “Taking the bull by the horns is not all it’s cracked up to be”

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    Oh. My. GOD. That is the most horrible photograph I’ve seen in a while. *gag* That poor toreador. Though I suppose it is the risk one takes when one decides to dress up all fancy-like and prance around a ring enraging large, horned creatures. (I’m talking about bulls, not myself, though with the humidity and my PMS, I am rather a large, horned creature this week. The difference is I have unruly eyebrows and a mustache and that bull doesn’t.)

    Why the cupcake feast? Some sort of celebration, I presume? When can we have lunch, and can we have a lunch like that? Okay, fine, I’ll settle for Panera…..

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    Damn. Does suck to be him far more than to be me and I had a hellacious 24 hours of really really sucking as a parent.

    I could do with some of those cupcakes. I’d call you to get together with them but I cannot find any of our portable phones & have no cell signal at all at my house

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    I hope the cupcakes were at least good! There is nothing worse than eating all those calories and it not even being worth it. A dozen Sprinkles cupcakes are far more worth it than a dozen Hostess cupcakes.

    As far as the bullfighter photo, I have no sympathy for him. It’s a cruel, horrendous “sport” and he knew going in what the risks were. When you taunt a bull, and stick things into him to get him riled up, and basically tourture him for entertainment, you are sometimes going to get a horn to the face. Of course, this is just my opinion.

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    Uh yeah, a picture like that sort of puts life into perspective doesn’t it? I guess he didn’t escape and evade as quick as he thought he could!

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    Way to keep it in perspective! It can be tough but I think I should hang that picture from my wall to remind myself at least I don’t have a bull horn in my THROAT today. LOL

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    Thanks for bringing me back to reality! There is always someone out there having it worse that you – that guy in that photo DEF. is!

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    Is it strange that I just got a bad case of heart burn by the time I got to the picture?

    Never the less, you’re right, as bad as our day, week, month seems to be, there’s always something totally worse going on out there.

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    “bigger puddle of it sucks to be you” that’s great!!

    And that is disgusting with the horn!!

    What is up with the kids and summer whining?! Is it back to school yet?

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    LOVE this post…I think we all need to remember this from time to time and I so totally am right there with you never knowing where the cordless is because I NEVER do!

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    Thanks for that bucketload of perspective.

    In our house in the summer,
    if the squabble or bicker….they can stop or get a chore
    if the say “I’m bored”…. They can choose to not be bored
    or get a chore …

    Ps – now all caught up on your posts, having commented on my iPhone, while still in bed, without my glasses, with one eye closed and the iPhone about 2 inches from my face! Enough already!!!!

    I am such q fun mum to live with in the summer 🙂

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    I saw the video of this a few weeks ago. Pretty freaky.

    Poor bull, that guy really shouldn’t be biting his horn.

    (the man was OK after BTW)

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    My girl dog, Coco, always wets the floor with excitement when she sees someone she really loves, like the plumber [don’t ask, I think it’s because of how his pants smell…]. I didn’t know boy dogs would do it, too. Last male dog we had used to like to sleep on the tile floor in the entrance hall with his loblolly hanging out for everyone to admire. That’s why we haven’t owned a male dog in a while, frankly. LOL

    BTW, I was grown before I realized “loblolly” is not a medical term. How sad.

    Bullfighting is SICK. That guy needs to have someone poke a sharp stick at him! Ugh.

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    NOW THAT’S A SUPERLATIVE LOL!!! really sucks to be you, you right there and in that ‘life-changing’ pose! didn’t your mother tell you to be kind to animals????

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    I was laughing hysterically through most of it, simply because I can relate … but good god almighty is that his TONGUE sticking out of his mouth! grrrrrrrr…

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