What time out might have looked like if the Sopranos had knocked off Dr. Spock

This is a photo I took two weeks ago. I’m calling it A Viable Alternative to Driving With Two Kids Who Are Hell Bent on Yelling Each Other to Death as They Ignore Me While I Threaten to Stop the Car That Instant, Move to Budapest and Make Them Walk Home. DON’T THINK I WON’T.



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14 thoughts on “What time out might have looked like if the Sopranos had knocked off Dr. Spock”

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    I’m so using that line next time my three reach their fevered pitch of screaming and yelling and fighting in the van while I try to navigate through rush hour traffic (which I could avoid since I’m a SAHM) in the pouring rain.

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    My father once followed through on the “don’t make me pull over” threat. He pulled over, walked around to the way back of the station wagon, pulled open the door and put my middle sister and me out on the shoulder of the road. Then he shut the door, walked back to the driver’s seat, got in and pulled away with my mom and youngest sister still in the car. When he came back, we hopped in, hugging each other and chanting “I love my sister! I love my sister!” And peace reigned in the way back – Mom was still steamed and yelling at him the rest of the way home. (He only drove around the block and apparently my mom was screaming bloody murder at him the entire time for actually leaving us.)

    I will tell you something: we never doubted my dad’s threats ever again. *shudder*

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    one of the few downsides of driving a mini-van – there is no trunk. I could put her back there….but she’s find her way out which would defeat the purpose.

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    I saw one of those in the car loop the other day while picking my daughter up from school. I wondered if Mommy just got one too many letters home about little Johnny’s bad behavior. 🙂

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    The old hand out of the trunk is a classic one. We use to have a pair of st icky fingers that you could attach to the trunk hood, made it look like someone was in the trunk trying to lift their way out.

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