Who wants an eargasm? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!

In case you haven’t been hanging around here for the past several eons and don’t know me from Adam, I am obsessed with all things Harry Mason.

If you have no idea who … hey, wait a minute! What do you mean, you haven’t been hanging around here? Why not? Is there something wrong with me? Why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you?

Did I enjoy it, at least? Hopefully one of us did.

By the way, who the hell is Adam?

I love Harry Mason and if you have no idea who I’m talking about, Harry Mason is a former disco dance instructor/hippy/slalom-skateboarder-turned-jewelry-designer hailing from San Francisco who creates gorgeous, innovative, funky and unique earrings that make your ears moan and shudder and pass out from sheer ecstasy.

Did you know that if you click on his ad in my sidebar over there  ———————> you’ll find a coupon code for $5 off? Well, of course you do. Because I just told you.

How much do I adore Harry? I’ve sung his praises HERE and HERE and HERE.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do sing off key and makes ears bleed all over the globe. What’s your point?

Harry doesn’t make ears bleed. He makes them gorgeous. His claim to fame are his earspirals which twist into your ear. Well, not your ear per se, but the pierced hole in your ear, but I’m betting that if I said that he makes stuff that twists into your hole, I’d have three tons of spam, courtesy of PORN ‘R US.

Oops. Too late.


Some earspirals are simple and classic … just like me!

Except, not really.


And some are slightly more … shall we say …  involved? Off the beaten path? Marching to the beat of their own drum?

Totally like me!

I make my own drums because I can’t find any that are whackadoodlish enough for me. I use tires, plastic wrap, duct tape and cheese. Because I’m an artist, in addition to being a blogger.

Just call me a jack of all trades!

Or, jack-ess of all trades!

Not to be confused with jackass. Of anything.

Which I certainly am not.

Except, not really.


You can go small.


Or go big! Like they do in Texas!

Not that I have any idea what they do in Texas because I don’t live there. I live in New York where we do things expensive and then tax the ever loving shit out of it.

Know what I do know?  I KNOW I HAVE THESE SPIRALS!


When ears have eargasms, they made weird, high-pitched noises, just so you know. Be prepared.

Nate bought these spirals for me when we were in San Francisco for our tenth anniversary and when I wear these, my ears have the Big O and yell Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful in forty-three languages.

Kelly LeBrock, eat your heart out. Or your ears. Whatever.

For those of you who don’t know who Kelly LeBrock is and have no idea what the hell I’m yammering about … are you old enough to even read this blog? Go ask your mother.

Speaking of mother …


Would you believe my mother has these?

My mother, who cannot call my land line without reaching my cell phone because she’s technologically impaired, who still refers to jeans as “dungarees” and who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century, bought these for herself and wears them out to dinner or to the Thee-Ah-Tah (theater, for those of us who are normal) and gets so many compliments on them that she finds it necessary to call me on my land line and reach me on my cell phone and brag about them.

My seventy-eight year old mom wears these and hence, is cooler than me.

Stunned disillusionment, party of one? Your table is ready.




Don’t tell my mom about eargasms because as far as she’s concerned, I don’t have any gasms WHATSOEVER.



Can you hear them?



Can you hear them now?

You know, when I wore black rimmed glasses, I sounded a lot more like the Verizon guy on the commercial when I typed that.



On the left is an ear cuff. On the right is an ear fancy.

I don’t bother with all the different names. I just call them yummy.



How pretty is this? It’s like someone drizzled liquid gold all over your ear lobe.

Wouldn’t that feel nice?



You can even mix and match from Harry’s arsenal. I will take one of everything and pair it up with two of everything else.

Thank you.


I’m kind of liking these threads. I’m considering piercing my ears 22 times and creating a macrame sculpture out of these.

This is what I like about Harry’s stuff … it’s different, it’s unique and it gets you noticed and I when I say it gets you noticed, I mean that in a totally good way and not in a HEY, IF YOU WEAR YOUR PANTS ANY LOWER, I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A PAP SMEAR kind of way.

So … what’s up for grabs?

I thought you’d never ask!

A $100 shopping spree to Harry Mason Designer Jewelry, at his online shop or at any of his stores!

All of our other body parts get pampered, right? We get pedicures for our feet and then dress them in Uggs and Jimmy Choos, we spend hours at the salon to get our hair done and then cough up more money on hair product to make it appear as if we just woke up that way, we get our boobs lifted or, if we’re on a budget, we slap on a wonder bra from Victoria’s Secret for the same effect at a fraction of the cost, we go to Sephora and make our face look ten years younger, we go to the gym and tone our arms and abs and thighs and butt or go to Kohls and buy some Spanx that essentially does the same thing without sweating.

So why not pay attention to our ears, ladies?

Why should our nether regions corner the market on all the gasms? Don’t our ears deserve a Big O every once in while? I mean, they’re the ones that actually have to listen to all of us and if your ears are anything like mine, they’ve probably had it up to their eyeballs with all the whining and complaining and yelling and lack of bipartisanship and worst of all, all the damn Miley Cyrus-ing or, as she’s known in our house, OH MY GOD, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, BEFORE I STAB MYSELF WITH A SHOVEL.

Do ears even have eyeballs?


.The scoop:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me one thing you hope to get for the holidays this year. I’ll go first. I hope to get busy. Quick, someone tell Nate, before the moon leaves the seventh house and I come to my senses.
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. I was eighteen once. I was older once too. Lots of times, actually. Too many to count.
  • The shopping spree expires thirty days from winner notification.
  • Winner must confirm notification within 48 hours or I’ll have to choose a substitute which will make me sad and I’ll probably cry. Have you seen me cry? It’s not pretty. There are bodily fluids involved.
  • If you have trouble setting limits, like me, you can spend more than $100 and simply apply the $100 to your total due.
  • No entries after 9:00 pm eastern time on Sunday, November 29, because that’s when I will be outside examining our Christmas lights and making sure they are uniform and symmetrical. Coincidentally, this will also be when Nate is standing stoically by my side, biting his tongue and reminding himself of our wedding vows, specifically that pesky “’til death do us part” bit.
  • I will use to choose the winners. Yay! Yippeee! Whoo hooo! Am I the only one excited by the possibilities?
  • One entry per person. Entering more than once leaves me gobsmacked. I have no idea what that means, but I always wanted to say it.
  • My blog theme Thesis is still messing with my comment numbers. It numbers all the way to up comment #300 and then starts back at #1 again. It’s infuriating but I’m aware of it so go ahead and post your comment and don’t worry if there are duplicate comment numbers! It’s under control, which is more than I can say for my temper whenever I even mention this.
  • I’ll announce the winners on Monday!


That’s it!

Good luck!



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585 thoughts on “Who wants an eargasm? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    I’ll go first, since no one ever wants to go first when is in charge. As I said above, I hope to get busy. I’m off to go chase Nate around the house.

    Now, go forth and enter!

    1. Avatar

      I love wearing anything that I have bought at Harry’s. I particularly like to combine
      Mickey Mouse stuff with your earrings as I am a huge Mickey nut. The convertibles
      work well in this regard.

      When I was in San Francisco, I got soaked because of a silly umbrella and the
      ladies at Harry’s rescued this poor damp Canadian.

      You guys rock! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Canada

    2. Avatar

      I hope to get a house for Christmas… or at least know that we can buy the one my fiancé and I want. But if that doesn’t happen, I would LOVE to be able to buy myself, and my mother some of Harry’s AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, BREATHTAKING, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL creations.

    3. Avatar

      I hope to get a pair of ear fancys. I love my Harry Mason jewelry and I really need another pair of ear fancys!

    4. Avatar

      I hope to get lots of harry Mason jewels for Christmas! Just discovered the store in October and what’s not to love??? I could be a real embarassment with an extra $100 to spend there….

  2. Avatar

    I hope to get SPBFSSEGF
    Earspiral with a small Butterfly with 5mm Sapphire color bezel set dangle. 14K Gold-filled. 1-7/8″ long. September Birthstone.

  3. Avatar
    Kathryn the Great


    My husband discovered your blog.
    You are so wet and wild!
    What a sweet inspiration you are!

    And oh yes, I too wear Harrys’ ear-gasmic, orgasmic luscious sculptures of lust!
    Forget foreplay. Let’s ear-play! Yes, baby, yes!
    His newest design is called SPINFINITY. You MUST get it on your blog site!
    OMG! And it comes in 3 sizes. I wear the big ones! I must have them BIG!

    What I want for Christmas is to be swinging around my pole wearing my Santa mini dress and Harrys’ SPINFINITY earrings and letting my inner Goddess out to sensational, sensual, sultry music that demands the eruption of my volcanic passion to escape the depths of my very soul! Chaa!!!!!!

    Wow, Andrea! I needed to say that! Was it good for you?

    Kathryn the Great

  4. Avatar

    I am hoping to get more FTE from my job so I can afford to buy more of
    Harry Mason’s cool designs!

  5. Avatar

    We just bought our first house so that is kind of my Christmas present. I am hoping that someone will get me Pioneer Woman’s cookbook (which I found out my mom is getting me), so I guess all that is left is chocolate. 😀

  6. Avatar

    For christmas this year I am hoping that my brother ca make it home, he was in a bad car accident last week.

  7. Avatar

    With all the talk of snow and cold weather in the forecast I’m hoping to recieve lots of snow but no cold temps (I’m sorry but anything below minus 10C is just “minus stupid” in my books). And if that wish doesn’t happen then I hope I don’t get frostbite because that would totally suck rocks.

  8. Avatar

    I’d like to get some peace on least on the little patch we call home…peace between my kids and a tad bit of quiet to go along with it…

  9. Avatar

    I am hoping that there might be some sort of a job out there that would enable me to earn some money. (I have a health issue which precludes some forms of employment). I also hope that I can keep on learning and enjoying knitting.

  10. Avatar

    I’m hoping to get some Professor Layton games for my DS and I am really hoping to find a cyber deal on a DS Lite for my youngest. I’d love a Kindle too but that seems to be unlikely

  11. Avatar

    My wife and I found the Harry Mason store on our first trip to San Francisco a few years ago, since then I’ve brought my daughter out twice – my daughter doesn’t have pierced ears AND is allergic to many metals used in jewelry BUT Harry Mason’s beautiful creations work perfectly because those lovely designs (even I love them) work perfectly on her non-pierced ears and there has never been any allergic reaction!

  12. Avatar

    I am hoping for a little longer on this earth for my dear dear friend who has battled cancer for 7 years.

  13. Avatar

    I’m hoping to be accepted into a program so I can move to S Korea and teach ESL next year! And for lots more Harry Mason jewelry…its fabulous!

  14. Avatar

    OMG I love love love these!! How do you pick just one when they all cry out for you to take them home??
    I hope to get the time to finish my Goddess course, and do some drumming, and a massage would be just wonderful too.

  15. Avatar

    I hope to get willpower to stop eating all that crap that tastes so great but makes those damn numbers on the scale keep goin up and up!!!

  16. Avatar

    I’m hoping for a puppy that can help fill my empty nest, now that my baby has gone off to college. Oh, yeah, and world peace.

  17. Avatar

    I hope to go back to San Francisco. It’s my favorite city! Every time I go, I make a trip to the Harry Mason store for a new pair of earrings, threads, cuffs etc…

  18. Avatar

    My hope is that the brave young men and women serving our country can return to their families and loved ones soon. My hope is that the educators of America hold strong and remain dedicated to shaping the minds of our future. My hope is that caregivers for ailing family members or friends keep their faith and compassion. For all those who unselfishly share their gifts, who provide the avenues of hope, thank you.

  19. Avatar

    I am hoping to get some of Harry’s earspirals, but none of my family is savy enough to go on line and order me some. I am now living in South Carolina and miss the time when I lived in the Bay Area. So for Christmas I will ask the family for a speaker dock for my ipod and use the cash my Mother gives me to purchase my own earspirals. Merry Christmas and good luck to everyone!

  20. Avatar

    I leave the Harry Mason flyers around the house every year at Christmastime, hoping my hubby will notice. I even bought myself some HM earspirals for my birthday one year. I just hope that this year, he pays attention!
    I had my ears double-pierced this year, just for the sole purpose of wearing the threads (of which I still have NONE!).
    Please, Santa, please bring me some Harry Mason ear art!

  21. Avatar

    I’m hoping my oldest son will be able to come home for the holidays….so far, looking good. It will be wonderful to have the whole family together again. That is the only thing I want for Christmas.

  22. Avatar

    I hope to get into the spirit of the holidays. Last year I was a bah-humbug and boycotted the holidays entirely. This year I’m starting out on a good foot by hosting a holiday cookie swap the first Saturday in Dec. I hope that trend continues.

  23. Avatar

    Haven’t had a new eargasm in a while. Would love to win just so I can justify buying more. I always get oohhhs and ahhhhs when I wear my spirals…..I often have to take them out and play show and tell…..

    Seasons Greeting’s from Boston!!!

  24. Avatar

    Your posts crack me up! I am hoping for some wonderful funky necklaces for Christmas, and some warm sweaters for my freezing classroom!

  25. Avatar

    I’m hoping to be with my loved ones. That’s always what I want and so very often get the chance. They all love my enormous collection of Harry Mason cuff earrings and i love them…what a great combination.

  26. Avatar

    All I want for Christmas this year is another year of health and happiness for all my friends and family. I have what I need. I am blessed with friends and family and wish for them to be blessed also.

    I am a Harry Mason fanatic – I have so many of those little purple boxes on my dresser, but I could always use more. I visit his store on Pier 39 every time I get to SF.

  27. Avatar

    I want new underwear for Christmas because I peed in mine while laughing at your blog. After that I want the regular classics ear hooks in sterling.

  28. Avatar

    if i win i hope to go to San Francisco and pick out my first pair of ear wraps at the store on Pier 39, after i have a batch of fresh mini donuts downstairs, they’re so yummy!

  29. Avatar

    Those earrings are GOR-GEOUS! Gorgeous, I tell you! I would wear the hell out of them.
    To answer your question I’d have to say an unattainable and unreasonable amount of weight loss. A close second would be continued good health, surprisingly.

  30. Avatar

    Love your site… the fancies and all. All I want for Christmas is my honey to be well and all our kids happy !!!!!

  31. Avatar

    This may be the only way I get some new eargasns this year. We both are just getting back to work for the first time in months. I guess we already got our real present
    Love the blog and some of the new designs. Wish list going to Santa

  32. Avatar

    I hope to retire after 30 years and then I can play. I hope to visit Harry’s again since it has been several years and I have several of the ear pins and spirals and hope to add to my collection.

  33. Avatar

    I am hoping to come up with some money to buy Christmas for my boys before Christmas. That is all I really want.

    I do love you site.


  34. Avatar

    I’d like a huge bar of chocolate, perfume, make up, clothes, chocolate, jewellery, a new Ipod, chocolate, shoes, books, chocolate, CDs, oh, and did I mention chocolate?!


  35. Avatar

    For Christmas I would like to go back to fulltime at work. That would make me a the creditors extremely happy

  36. Avatar

    I hope to get something, a new pair of Harry Mason designer earrings would be nice,
    what a great way to wake up and have coffee, with a free drawing for a shopping spree at Harry Masons.

  37. Avatar

    I am hoping both my son and daughter-in-law get full time jobs, so they can move into their own home.

  38. Avatar

    I would like my family to all come out and enjoy the time we have together. Everyone including my sons and their gf’s and my grandson. Looking forward to some time off.

  39. Avatar

    I’m a Harry Mason fan. I live in CT and have found nothing like these designs. Thank God for the World Wide Web, or I’d still be looking for a real pair of threads. Bonus, Spirals!!

    If anyone knows of a shop on the East Coast, NY or Boston, please post!

  40. Avatar

    I am hoping to spend some time around Christmas with my boyfriend who sadly lives three hours away from me on the other side of the state!!! I am also hoping for some Fake Books so I can expand my music library even further.

  41. Avatar

    Well, other than a $100 shopping spree for some new Harry Mason earrings, I want the choirs I direct to sing beautifully for Christmas (I’m a church musician–December is heavy stress time for more reasons for me!)

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  43. Avatar

    For Christmas, I’m hoping that my family and friends are happy and that our daughter does not have to go back to Afganistan.
    And I hope to be able to have a shopping spree at Harry Masons, how exciting.

  44. Avatar

    I’ve been telling my husband very directly — I learned long ago that hinting doesn’t work — that I want a webbook/notebook computer with MS Office. I’ve given him Harry Mason’s URL more than once and even told him specific earrings I especially like, but the only ones I have I bought myself on a business trip to SF. A $100 Harry Mason spree would be fabulous!

  45. Avatar

    This has been a particularly rough year so what I want for Christmas is for my mom’s passing to be peaceful and for my daughter to find the answer to her question – that’s it and thanks for asking. 🙂

  46. Avatar

    I love the variety and creativity of Harry Mason designs. No matter how many I have, I always want more!

  47. Avatar

    WOW. Those earrings are amazing.

    Im hoping that everyone is happy and healthy in my family for Christmas this year (my grandpa hasnt had such a great year, but hes on the mend!) I also hope to find a job that I love because Im not happy where I am right now.

  48. Avatar

    This Christmas I have my eye set on a Kindle. It’s actually what I wanted for my big 3-0 in August, but unfortunately new tires for my truck totally trumped that idea. Poor me, who gets tires for a big 3-0 present? Now ear art as a belated 3-0 present, I could totally get on board with that!

  49. Avatar

    I want my husband to find a fabulous job in NC so we can move back home. We moved away for dh’s work, and although we’ve looked and looked, the economy hasn’t been good enough in NC for dh to find a suitable position. Hopefully that will change this year.

    These earring designs are fabulous! I need to show them to my husband. He has fabulous taste in jewelry, and I love having unusual pieces. My favorites so far are a pair of earrings made from roman glass–ancient pottery that turned to a gorgeous Mediterranean sea blue glass from the pressure of being buried for millennia. The rectangular pieces are surrounded with sterling silver and hang from french wires. These designs are the types of pieces that I can’t create myself but would love to wear.

    Thanks for sharing!

  50. Avatar

    hey andrea — i too am a junkie — all i ever wear is harry (i think that my rick is jealous!!!) but what the hell, he does buy them for me too!) i have about 30 plus pairs AND cuffs & wraps! my motto is: don’t leave home without harry!
    thanks for the blog & the opp to win! happy everyday & merry always,

  51. Avatar

    I hope Santa brings me the blue Mother of Pearl earspirals! (ESPOP14B) I’ve wanted them to go with a pendant I have, but he just isn’t getting the hint!

  52. Avatar

    I have loved Harry’s earrings since I first visited his shop on the 39th Pier. I always get comments when I wear one of his earrings.
    For Christmas and the New Year, I hope to loose another 40lbs to get down to my goal weight. So far I’ve lost 90lbs.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  53. Avatar

    Just love ALL of your earrings and never fail to be asked – “how’d you get that in your ear?” They are so much fun and will be coming for more and more!!

  54. Avatar

    I just wish for a peaceful holiday. My family has has had some major issues lately and I just wish that we could all get along for Christmas with no fighting or bad incidents.

  55. Avatar

    I’m hoping to wear real shoes again by Christmas, a foot injury has me wearing fugly post surgery boot. A pair of Harry Mason’s in my ears would move focus up to my smilin face,as would waking up next to the love of my life bringing me coffee and hugs and (R rated) Love that man and Harry Mason Designs. Merrieist of Christmases Ever Tracy

  56. Avatar

    I’ve been a Harry Mason junkie for about 15 years. I keep adding the husbands of my friends to his customer list.

  57. Avatar

    And here I thought I was the most devoted Harry Mason fan….no matter, every woman deserves eargasms, as far as I’m concerned. As far as Christmas goes, there are priorities after all, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a couple days off to be able to visit family on the West coast for the holidays!

  58. Avatar

    Besides those earrings? I hope to get stacking Tupperware containers. Yes, in my wildest dreams, all I really want, is an organized plastic container cupboard. It’s wild in my house . . .

  59. Avatar

    I love Harry, too. First met him on a trip to Pier 39 in San Francisco and have loved him ever since. I’m hoping for a nice trip to Europe to see my adopted sons in the Summertime.

  60. Avatar

    I’m hoping for a life-size, bright red Pontiac Solstice. I have to specify, otherwise my darling husband might think I mean a Hot Wheels or something like that.

  61. Avatar

    Thank you for this introduction …. and prize pack! I saw your post at 2Ps … and didn’t know you there is you here — !!

  62. Avatar

    I’m hoping for a Christmas filled with true sense of God’s presence and love, more quality time with family and friends, a less frenzied more peaceful pace this year where we all take the time to appreciate all the gifts God has already provided like life, health, love, food on the table, a warm hospitable home, and passing along some of the blessings to those who have not.

  63. Avatar

    Well I want something shiny and pretty and dangles on my ear! Infinity edge spiral I am thinking!

    I like the blog… I will have to come back 🙂

  64. Avatar

    This year I hope that I can find a way to get in the Christmas spirit!

    I’ve started off slowly, but placing my recent order certainly helped get me off on the right foot!!! (or stocking – so to speak)… I’m on my way now!

    (A nice little pair of earrings might help!) C:)

  65. Avatar

    I hope to see my old friends from high school! If we are talking about STUFF, definitely lots and lots of earrings 🙂

  66. Avatar

    I would love to get more of harry masons earrings for Christmas! I found the store while in SF and have been in love! Bought my daughters earrings and mu cousin. More please!!

  67. Avatar

    I’m going into menepause. And I need a eargasm. That my xmas wish. I love all the items in Harry’s collection.

  68. Avatar

    My daughter is handicapped and rarely does she get a thrill like she did with Harry’s ear cuffs this year, something she had never tried. By the way, they made her feel so beautiful!!!!!!! For all she’s been through, my wish for the new year is that she would have a healthy and happy 2010 – and be able to wear lots of Harry’s styles!

  69. Avatar

    OH. MY. GOD

    Where in the hell have I been? Those earrings are absolutely goregous!! I so want one of these. Hmmm…. got a new man that wants to impress me. Maybe I’ll send him a link to the store.

  70. Avatar

    I’m hoping to have my husband make it home safe from deployment and in time to share Christmas with him. Then I can top it off with more then an eargasm! 😉

  71. Avatar

    I have loved Harry Mason jewelry for years! Especially the ear cuffs. I always have compliments on them, no matter where I go.

    Christmas, Christmas…I don’t really need anything. Well, maybe a job. Yeah, that would be nice.

  72. Avatar

    I happened on Harry Mason’s SF store a few years ago. I LOVE the earrings, have a few pair. I also like mixing them up. I enjoy wearing a heart on one ear and butterfly on the other, etc. Sure causes some interesting comments and lots of fun.
    I hope that everyone has FUN through the holidays. Don’t stress out – it’s not worth it. So what if the dinner isn’t perfect. Next time let the complainer cook!

  73. Avatar

    As a former Dance teacher this, now Parrot Lady, adores all the beautiful, fun, sexy, ear wear. Most I have gotten for me, and I have to tell you the Parrots are facinated, some for gifts and have brought many friends to the show who are also fans now.
    If someone is going to whisper in your ear it should be georgeous… your ear… well the whisperer too I guess. Wearing Harry Mason ear decor is more facinating then the queens jewels.. Just ask my Parrots they will tell you.

  74. Avatar

    This is the first time I hear of an eargasm and think it would be lovely to have one.
    Four friends and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Harry’s SF store, and had a great
    time buying different pieces for ourselves as well as our daughters. The staff was in-
    credibly helpful and friendly, and for once my daughters were actually thrilled with
    the gifts their (old in their eyes) mother brought back for them. Thanks again for the
    great time.
    As for Christmas, my heartfelt wish is for peace on earth, food and shelter for those
    who are lacking in these and an upturn in the economy would be a blessing.

  75. Avatar

    I love my HM earspirals … I have many … course every time I visit my family, I have to give at least ONE sister (I have 3) a pair. All mama wanted after leaving the hospital was a pair of red earrings … she got earspirals with red little droppies on them … and she even SLEEPS with them on …

  76. Avatar

    Ohhhh I love all of his stuff! Have been drooling over them since you first started talking about them. What I want for Christmas? The mans job to calm down, so he can be less stressed, & he can be home for more than 2 days out of the month. Oh, so we can get busy more than once a month too lol

  77. Avatar

    World peace would pretty much sum it up…but I would settle for knowing that all of my loved ones are safe, healthy, happy an drama free (that includes myself). I would like my 1-year old carpets shampooed as my beautiful himalayan had become incontinent before he passed of old age. She favored my closet 🙁 I would like a new camera to take pictures of my grand baby and the one on the way. And last but not least, I own only one pair of Harry’s earings. I love them so much that before all the family drama ensued I had contacted Harry about selling them. Friends were selling other cheap looking junk jewelry and I wanted to show them what elegance, creativity and uniqueness were really all about! So it my first wish is granted, I may follow thorugh with that plan. At the very least finally add to my lonely collection.

  78. Avatar

    Well Hello, This is just the most FAB site ever. As I write this I am waiting for my first pair of
    Harry’s to wear at my Sexy @60 Birthday Party on Dec. 6. I am wearing a close copy of my hot pink one shoulder Jr. Prom dress. This one is made of matte jersey with a sparkle applique at the side waist, courtesy of my “boyfriend” who is also sexy@ 60.My heels are like the ones on “Dancing with the Stars “and sparkly . I am re-inventing myself now that the kids and ex hubby are on their own. I may even get married again next Summer on a Carrbean beach. I’ve lost 20 lbs and am trying to look like Tina Turner. Yep, I’m gonna be “Hotta than July” My grandchildren are my life and I am giving them dancing lessons, Salsa and Chicago Style Steppin’.So I hope to win this and show my grandkids what youth is all about. Thank you

  79. Avatar

    I would to split myself in two so I could (1) get work done more efficiently and (2) be able to live nearby both my sister and my father, being as they inconveniently moved to separate states. Failing that, I’ll settle for chocolate and books.

  80. Avatar
    Deborah Holden-Grogan

    I love Harry Mason ear spirals and threads and ear cuffs. I have only two pairs of each. I always get comments when I wear them. They are good to wear with jeans or with that little black dress or with anything in between.
    What do I want for Christmas? More of Harry’s ear spirals, of course. I like the vine and the wrap that you’ve pictured. That’s what I want.

  81. Avatar

    All I want for Christmas is for my fractured family to come back together: my wayward son to be at the dinner table, my nephew and his wife to reconcile, and my sisters to all be friends again. That, and a Lucky Brand leopard coat and some fab Harry Mason earspirals.

  82. Avatar

    What do I want for Christmas?


    I’m not sure you want to know….

    Okay, feeling brave so here it goes….

    I want a divorce.


    Fingers crossed!

  83. Avatar

    This year I am hoping to get a nice long visit from my daughter, and perhaps some Harry Mason ear threads!

  84. Avatar
    Marilyn Mittelstadt

    I LOVE my Harry Mason earspirals!! I first met Harry at a Harvest Festival in So. Calif. many years ago when my husband bought me my first pair of earspirals …. the simple 1SGF. I have visited Harry’s booth at the Harvest Festival every year since then and my collection has expanded with the addition of many more earspirals (both simple and complex), ear cuffs, convertibles, etc., etc. etc. One of the things about Harry that has really impressed me (besides his flair for design) is that even though I only see him once a year, he always remembers me and that my preference is silver.

    For Christmas this year, I’d love to receive a Vermont Teddy Bear and, of course, a new pair of Harry Mason earrings.

  85. Avatar

    Me, me, me!!!!

    Have just discovered you can buy stuff in the store for NON-pierced ears – perfect for the coward that I am.

    If I win I promise to phone you and talk in my “norn iron” accent 🙂

  86. Avatar

    I am hoping to get something I didn’t expect. I have been to the Harry Mason store and have been having eargasms ever since. Love the spirals and the ear cuffs!

    Ok then…I am hoping to have a year full of eargasms – how’s that for a gift?!

  87. Avatar

    My cousin went to San Fran for a holiday and she bought a pair of Harry Mason ear spirals and when she got back to Texas we all had to have a pair. That being said I would like any little pair of Harrys.

  88. Avatar

    I pray I find the funds to buy Christmas presents for my 10 grandchildren and if I accomplish all that, I definately will need an eargasm.

  89. Avatar

    This summer I had my ear piercings surgically repaired (which meant I was unable to wear earrings for 3 months while the scar tissue healed,) I found a pair of sterling silver ear cuffs to wear until I could have my ears re-pierced (single hole on each side.) While my earlobes were healing, I loved wearing the cuffs. They did not irritate my earlobes, and I also was able to add dangling earrings to the cuffs. I plan to buy more earrings in the future, since they are so light weight. My new piercings will not stretch out as a result. Thank you Harry Mason.

  90. Avatar

    I’m hoping to visit SF again to actually go to Harry’s and drool over the wonderful
    earrings I will purchase. Not only are they fabulously creative, Harry et al believe in helping Third World people and should be supported! What can I say? I’m a social worker! 🙂

    PS – I vote for Joni . . . Sexy@60!! LOL

  91. Avatar

    Hi Creative Junkie! It does not feel right calling you that when you have such wonderful writing skills. This blog pretty much states how I feel everytime I am on Harry Mason’s website. For the first time in my old life, I can say “I have a jeweler!”. One thing I wish for soon is for my wedding to occur. This is my first time getting married (age 47 gasp awwwwww!) but don’t feel sorry for me. It’s because of the man I am marrying that we discovered Harry Mason while he was on a business trip in San Francisco.

    I have already decided Harry’s ear spirals will be my wedding earrings. If the economy recovers and my fiance or I can get rid of one mortgage, then there will be a gorgeous wedding happening in 2010. My wish, Harry Mason is still around when the big day happens! Ok…back to reality.

  92. Avatar

    This year we are going on a lovely family vacation, which involves two days (each way) in a car with a 5 and 8 year old. For Christmas, I want to live through the trip!!!! I know I won’t be getting anything big for Christmas this year, so these earings would make a lovely gift!

  93. Avatar

    Maybe I shouldn’t mention this here but, here goes. *deep breath*

    Until now, I had NEVER heard of Harry Mason. NEVER. How sad is that?

    His creations are amazing! So pretty, so feminine, soooo cooool!

    Hopefully this shopping spree will be the beginning of my collection. 🙂

  94. Avatar

    Hmmm, I hope to get a cordless drill for Christmas, and to get my house all spic & span. Love these earrings!

  95. Avatar

    I hope I can also get something good for my daughter to make her day special. I have been sick for 3 years and Christmas is getting pretty skimpy! lol

  96. Avatar

    I hope I get my Girlfriend to come around and realize we are meant to spend our lives together.
    (I already got her some ear spirals, maybe another set will do the trick)

  97. Avatar
    Cleveland Atkinson

    I hope to get a jewelry amoire to put all my beautiul Harry Mason earrings in! And I hope I am in the right place for the drawing!!!

    Cleveland from Texas

  98. Avatar

    It’s been a while since I have shopped at Harry Mason’s. Here’s hoping that I win the gift certificate, so I can start shopping NOW!!

  99. Avatar

    I am hoping that everyone gets a clean, comfortable, safe, pleasant environment to live in while they enjoy life.

  100. Avatar

    What I want for christmas is.. Hmm.. A big hug from people I care about.
    And perhaps som new ear spirals as well..! 😉

  101. Avatar

    This year I’m just hoping for another year of health, laughter, and an increased social life. I have a jewelry obsession so I’d love to win the $100 and be able to add to my Harry Mason collection! Happy holidays to all!

  102. Avatar

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm…….I have several things on my wish list this year!!!

    An airbrush is probably top of the list – for decorating cakes with.

    But fancy bling for my ears? That’s a pretty close second!!!

  103. Avatar

    Everyone comments on my Harry Mason earrings and since I can no longer wear pierced, they make me feel like my look and jewelry are very unique!

  104. Avatar

    WOW. creativity for the ears. beatiful craftmanhsip and unique. OHHhhhh…Pick me, please. Happy holydays.

  105. Avatar

    I hope to get a little peace and quiet but with three rowdy boys, I have no chance of that! Some earrings would also be fantastic.

  106. Avatar

    I’m hoping everyone gets what they want for the holidays. That would be a great gift!!!!

    Hugs & Brightest Blessings to everyone

  107. Avatar

    This Christmas I hope to not spend it in the hospital like I did last year. I’m also hoping for a set of Mac makeup brushes and for my husband to get me a couple of pairs of Harry Mason threads!! I love the 4 pairs that I already have!

  108. Avatar

    My Christmas wish:

    A fun-filled and happy day with my family that doesn’t break me or leave my checking account overdrawn!

    And some chocolate!

  109. Avatar

    I am hoping to get a large stand alone jewelry box, to hold all of my Harry Mason jewelry and a few good books to keep me busy once the weather gets bad.

  110. Avatar

    I hope to get lots of Harry’s earrings. My birthday is Christmas Day so get 2 of everything and hope I have dropped enough hints to family


  111. Avatar

    I would love to have some celtic ear sprials for Christmas but since my husband is unemployed at present, that most likely won’t happen. If I won the $100.00 shopping spree, he could buy them for me and then I would get them. I’d be oh so happy!
    I got my first Harry Mason ear spirals this summer after a colleague came back with a pair and I ordered several pairs online; then hubby lost his job so no more of online shopping for me. Oh well…..LOVE your blog….sarcasm IS a 2nd language you know so now you must speak something like 45+ languages, right 😉 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Kwanza, Hannakuah – and everything in between!

  112. Avatar

    I want a cool steampunk-style necklace from Etsy, but I have a feeling my family has not picked up on my hints and I’ll be buying it for myself (along with a new ear cuff from Harry Mason =D).

  113. Avatar

    This Christmas, I would love to have a trip to San Francisco, so I can shop at Harry Mason’s in person! I first met Kathryn when she brought Harry’s spin-tabulous designs to Seattle’s Harvest Fest, almost 20 (y)ears ago. I’ve been buying jewelry from them ever since. Every time they came to Seattle or I managed to visit San Francisco, I’ve always bought something from them. I especially love niobium pieces that Harry makes. And that they are willing to mix, match and customize.

  114. Avatar

    Wow – what a fab giveaway! I am hoping to get my figure back! You know when you have a baby and you get all …..mis-shapen? Well my son is now 9 – and its getting a bit old to keep blaming him for THIS! Now, whats the definition of madness? Oh yeah – doing the same thing again and expecting a different result! Yep, thats why I am only HOPING for my figure back! I cant quite go that extra step and change my diet!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving (hey at least you had one, think of us in UK!) – anyway, we only say it to be polite – we are really just twisted up inside with jealousy – or is that just me?!!!


  115. Avatar

    I’d really like to just be able to relax and enjoy the holidays like I could as a kid. A new pair of Harry Mason earrings couldn’t hurt either. I made a wishlist and passed the word along, here’s hoping….

  116. Avatar

    My husband and I spend the weekend in San Fran every Feb. The first place we go is to Pier 39 so I can go to Harry Mason. I love the store and most of all the earings. I have a lot of pairs and enjoy wearing every one. I have also told a lot of women about his web site. I am looking forward to the visit this year to.

  117. Avatar

    There are many ‘things’ I would like for myself for Christmas, however, choosing only one thing, I wish for my daughter to find peace, happiness & purpose in her life.

  118. Avatar

    Wow! This is a great idea, I have been in love with Harry’s jewelry since my Mom got a pair when I was 14! Well mostly for Christmas I want to see my family but in all honesty doesn’t everyone?! So materially speaking, I could say a new pair of spirals, or some new Uggs. But mainly I want to graduate college in one piece!!!

  119. Avatar

    Ooooh, I hope I win! I hope that I get some real time to relax for the holidays. Life has been way too stressful the past couple of weeks. Rest and relaxation sounds wonderful.

  120. Avatar

    This Christmas I hope to see my grandson. They just moved away (about 300 miles) and his birthday is 12/26. He’ll be 3 years old. My best friend and I went to San Francisco a few months back and we were introduced to Harry Mason’s jewelry. I hope get anything from Harry Mason for Christmas.

  121. Avatar

    I’m looking for a Honeymoon. Hubby and I got married 3 years ago and still haven’t gotten our act together for a tropical getaway.

    Of course with earrings like that I would feel exotic as if I just came back from an amazing trip 🙂

  122. Avatar

    Love, love, love Harry and Katherine….

    Wishing for all my friends who are out of work to find jobs they can love soon.

  123. Avatar

    I want anything with diamonds, but particularly the earspirals from Harry that have diamonds. I’ve been asking for them for about 15 years, but alas, they have not arrived in my stocking. In the alternative, I’d take a trip to New York City (I’ve always wanted to go there for 31 years – my parents deprived me). This one I know I’ll get, time with my family – I live with them, but we all work so much, we don’t ge to spend time together and I miss them!

    Merry Christmas!

  124. Avatar

    I love Harry Mason’s earings and have worn them for years. But could always use more for the holidays. Oh and wishing for an ereader to, haven’t decided which one!

  125. Avatar

    I just sprained my ankle, and was supposed to dance in the Nutcracker this year. So I am hoping to get a healed ankle, preferably BEFORE Christmas. Preferably before I am supposed to step onstage and look like my left ankles is stronger than an overcooked noodle.

  126. Pingback: Who wants a $100 shopping spree to Harry Mason Designer Jewelry? - The Creative Junkie :: Contests & Sweepstakes

  127. Avatar

    I am hoping for a Nikon DSLR (not sure which one yet…I can’t make up my mind!) to take pics of our new baby that we’re adopting in March! Yay! So after wishing and hoping and trying for a baby for 12 1/2 years, I’m going to be a mom, so really…my Christmas gift is complete! 😀

  128. Avatar

    OMG, the pearl ear fancies and jacket are amazing! I just emailed Harry with a request for a CZ version since I don’t do the Thee-Ah-Tah. That’s really what I want for Christmas, but may have to settle for the AXS2405CZ or AXS2710CZ fancies alone and hope for the jackets to come later. Hint Hint

  129. Avatar

    My Christmas wish is that I will get motivated to work out and get rid of the fat that has invaded my body. Black Friday shopping, trying on clothes in dressing rooms, and poor lighting all contributed to the realization that my stomach and legs REALLY need more attention!

  130. Avatar
    Susie Szczepanski

    woah! To be the owner of my first Harry Mason jewelry ever…that I have admired and cooed about for so long….Husbands don’t even get hints when you tell tham EXACTLY what you want! and of course lots of love from my great nieces and nephews!

  131. Avatar

    Well, I was asking for a Cricut Expression with scal, but after seeing this post, screw ’em! I want the ear threads and wraps and many other fancy doodads and geegaws!

  132. Avatar

    I’m thinking I’ll have to give Santa a hand and purchasing the “V” ear-cuff in white gold that I’ve been looking at on Harry’s web site for while… It will go *perfectly* with the diamond ear spirals I wear all the time… 0-; 0-;

  133. Avatar
    Linda Ackeramnn-Berman

    I hope to get time – time with my kids, time with my husband, and time with the rest of my family and friends. If I can’t have that, I’ll take any gift certificates I can get for a housekeeping service! And a new pair of earrings wouldn’t hurt.

  134. Avatar

    I would like a small nice gift…something unexpected.
    What I need is money to pay off some bills. Either
    woud be great!

  135. Avatar

    I fell in love with Harry mason my first trip to SF. I had to take my Mom the next trip. She loves him too. I am wishing for a pair of Harry Masons for Christmas.

  136. Avatar

    I want to have this Christmas be a really positive time for my family; a clean report for Amy’s cancer; continued great health and growth for our beloved Elliot as he celebrates his first real Christmas; strength and continued good health for their husband and father, Robert; and a successful recovery for my husband’s ankle surgery. Family is precious–never forget that! As for Harry’s great earrings–I started a charm loop for my best lady friend, Donna, and hope to keep adding charms for her to wear at work and play. I can add some to my collection as well, hopefully! All of this goes well in a world with peace and understanding! GET THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!

  137. Avatar

    I’m hoping for return tickets to USA this year 🙂 I would love to return for another holiday and do yet more shopping at Harry Masons!!! – nothing like that over here in NZ.

  138. Avatar
    Jennifer Heistand

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Harry Mason jewelry. This Christmas I want to enjoy spending time with my grandparents who may not have much time left.

  139. Avatar

    The only thing I want for Christmas is a full time job, again. With that, everything else can get back to normal! And who knows, if that happens soon, maybe I can celebrate Christmas this spring sometime! Then again, I consider Christmas as much a state of mind as a date.

    Happy Holidays!

  140. Avatar
    Elizabeth Brenner

    Love earrings, love Harry Mason earrings.

    In addition to earrings, I wish someone would give me the DVDs for Waiting for God…

  141. Avatar

    I’ve been ogling these for quite sometime…just not quite in my budget. They’re stunning!

    What do I hope to get for Christmas? Well, I already know! My boys are coming for Christmas…the best gift I could ever ask for. 🙂

  142. Avatar

    I was first introduced to Harry Mason Jewelry at the Harvest Festival in Sacramento. I love the designs and have bought many. People always stop me and wonder where I got my earrings… no matter which pair I wear. Thanks for the great jewelry.

  143. Avatar

    I bought a pair of spirals when we visited San Franciso a few years ago and loved them so much that I bought them for my daughter and daughters-in-law for Christmas and now we are all “spiralling” out of control….love em

  144. Avatar

    I’m sincerely hoping to win this drawing. I’ve been hooked on these earrings for at least 10 years and I love,love,love them.

  145. Avatar
    Lori Wilbur-Martin

    Love Harry Mason Jewelry, I’ve had many of their earrings and two necklaces for many years and have given the website to many friends, now that I live in St George, UT I really miss the store in SF CA. I have to go back at least one a year when I head back to Ca.

  146. Avatar

    Before I saw these earrings, I wasn’t sure…….now I know. ROFLOL Those are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing this website.

    I’m actually hoping that for Christmas my DH will tell me I can get new kitchen cabinets next year. 🙂

  147. Avatar

    OMG! I want you for an extra daughter. Your blog is hilarious! I feel like you could be part of our fun-loving, crazy family, too. The day my 4 year old grandchildren told me “Bye, crazy Grandma” was the day I felt like I had “made it in her eyes!” I love your word “gobsmacked.” We stopped giving adult gifts last year due to all of our economic difficulties here in the Bay Area. We all have more than we need anyway. All we need is each other and LOVE. I do fill as many shoeboxes as I can each year with gifts for children around the world through Samaritan’s Purse and their Operation Christmas Child program, though. And buy my 6 grandchildren a gift or 2. I didn’t want anything for Christmas until I saw the beautiful Ear Fancys here. I also love the silver earspirals with the turquoise. I bought my first Harry Mason earspiral at a Harvest Festival, too, years ago. I have had SO many compliments on them. I’d love to have a new eargasm, so I hope I win your shopping spree.

  148. Avatar

    I hope to get more harry mason ear rings and a hol back to san francisco. all my mates in scotland love my ear rings fab xx

  149. Avatar

    some great ear doo-dads!!! I’d love me some, but I still want a new digital camera for the holidays too!

  150. Avatar

    Some rest and relaxation is what I am hoping for. Thanks for the article and giveaway! I love the earring designs and am so glad those of us not living in San Fran can still buy the stunning earrings online!

  151. Avatar

    I’m going to get a Cricut and 5 cartridges I really want from my cute husband. There is no need for me to hope because I purchased them myself and gave them to him to wrap. He has a month to get them out of the shopping bag and into wrapping paper, we’ll see how that goes.

  152. Avatar

    I hope I get a new soldering iron for my stained glass projects, the other one wore out after about 20 + years and after seeing the Ear Fancys I would add them to my list.

  153. Avatar

    awesome blog! ur a gifted writer and I luv the R rated slant! 🙂 I also luv my Harry earrings, cuffs and ear pins! I need more! Thanks for the 🙂 !!!!

  154. Avatar

    I am from Australia and when I was in San Francisco last year for a holiday I found Harry’s at pier 39 and fell in love. 🙂 I now just have to purchase all my lovely goodies online. The problem is with postage and when our Aussie Dollar is lagging behind it can get quite expensive. I have had a gorgeous pair of snowflake earrings in my wish list for quiet a long time (THQSNOW08SSIR) so I would be so so happy to get these for Christmas.

    Happy Holidays from Oz

  155. Avatar

    I hope to get a set of flippers so I can ride my boogie board out in the surf. I am also a huge Harry fan. Between my mom and myself we have many, many earrings from Harry, but since moving to HI we have missed going into his stores and seeing him at craft fairs.

  156. Avatar

    I am not a big fan of jewelry but am very impressed by the unique style of this jewelry. The detail in the lines are fabulous and have a very elegant touch to them. I could see myself wearing any of this jewelry for work or play, casual or fancy.

  157. Avatar

    I discovered Harry Mason last fall when I spent a few days in San Francisco after a trip to Japan. So unusual and beautiful. The only earrings I still have complete pairs of.

    This year I hope to see my family. Aside from my brother’s wedding weekend last summer, I haven’t seen them in 8 years. I think I’m due.

  158. Avatar

    I love these earings SO much, I may have to buy a pair, regardless of whether I win a gift certificate or not!

    I am hoping to get a Wii for Christmas, then I will buy Wii Fit and Wii Active, and get fit and active before my 25th high school reunion in August (hi, Andy!!!).

    I am also hoping having my mother and sister and I all in my little one bedroom house for a week doesn’t cause any of us to kill each other. That is actually what I am really hoping for this Christmas.

  159. Avatar

    Gorgeous stuff!!!! I don’t think I have any wants right now. I spoil myself too much throughout the year, I don’t really want anything. 😀

  160. Avatar

    I have never seen anything like those earrings before – they are Gorgeous!!!

    I hope for a new camera for Christmas. Or some lipo, but a camera would be cheaper.

  161. Avatar

    I love my spirals. I dropped one of my favorite ones on the floor and stepped on it. I sent Harry an email for how to send it back and received them back in about a week. I get compliments on mine all the time.

  162. Avatar

    I want a diet that will work, helping me to improve my overall health. (It’s not fun when you start to creak!) I would love to spend time with my family. Lastly, I would love more earrings from Harry Mason (my patients at work love them!). Best wishes to all for the season and may you each receive to love and time from your friends and family!

  163. Avatar

    With the way the economy has gone, I’m thankful to still have a job (despite the pay cuts)! What do I want for the holidays? To spend time with family and friends. Please don’t forget to help out those less fortunate so they can have a Happy Holiday, too!

    By the way, even my doctor complimented me on my Blue & Green Opal Earspirals. Don’t you have to laugh when someone is staring at your ears and trying to figure out how you put those on but are too embarrassed to ask!

  164. Avatar

    I hope to get lots of delicious compliments while wearing my beautiful earspirals on my vacation in INDIA! =)

  165. Avatar

    I can think of so many things that my daughters need….but for me not much I guess I would like a subscription to audio books I enjoy listening to books on cds…

  166. Avatar

    Found your link at Harry Mason’s site! I just love his jewellery! I had quite a collection until my house was broken into and they took every piece of jewellery that I owned 🙁

    I have been a HM fan for over 10 years having first encountered him on a trip to San Francisco…. would love to win the $100 so that I can replenish my supply!

    Great site… will now go and spend a little more time reading your other posts!

  167. Avatar

    I am wishing for christmas, so win a pair of Harry Mason earspirals. so when I am out with the girls drinking and showing alittle classiness, mixed with a little sexy devil side with my awesomely sexy earspirals that will seal the deal a midnight!!!!!!!!!! I will leave the rest up to your imagination ?????????????? Peace Love and much Happiness to all !!!!!

  168. Avatar

    I am hoping that I do well in all of my college classes. I pray that I do well on my flute juries. I hope to get some part time job once the new year starts. I hope to be able to read some of my cheesy romance novels. But even if none of that happens, I am glad that I have friends and family that care and love me.

  169. Avatar

    I hope that everyone in my entire family and my husband’s family will see the light and be loving to everyone else.

  170. Avatar

    I’d really, really like to retire. In the realm of the possible, I’d like an Ipod Touch!

    Love, love, love Harry’s stuff!!!!

  171. Avatar

    I really hope to get blue hair. Or rather approval for blue hair. I am capable of dying my hair myself, but knowing my kooky relatives, I would be rapidly disowned and although they are migraine-inducing and must be visited in small doses, I do love them dearly and would hate to lose them over one of my artistic acts that never fail to confuse them.

  172. Avatar

    I’m honestly hoping to get a laptop and maybe one pair of these elegant earrings for New Year’s Eve party.

  173. Avatar

    I would love to win these earrings for my mom because she has problems with the regular wire earrings and I know that this are very unique and would stay nicely on her ears. I would love to make my mom smile for Christmas 🙂 God Bless ^A^ and Thank you.

  174. Avatar

    I Love those ear pieces , I Would Love to have one. Coolio, I may add.
    For Christmas i would love a new top set of exquisite dentures.

  175. Avatar

    I leeerve HM earrings, but after reading so many of these things, I realize I’d like lots of other crap too! I’ll add a house, a new car, a husband, and a Keurig Platinum edition single serve coffee maker, which now makes ICED coffee! W00T! Happy Holidays, y’all!

  176. Avatar

    I would love to get more Harry Mason earspirals for xmas, especially the inlayed ones. Love the long ones. Would also like to get the Vitamix machine.

  177. Avatar

    My husband & daughter went to San Francisco & of course, Harry Mason without me (I was out of vacation time due to surgery). But, they brought me back Harry Mason presents! I would love to see the place sometime myself, but until then I’ll have to be content with shopping online. A $100 shopping spree would certainly be helpful!

  178. Avatar
    Janice K. Sturgill

    My mom purchased my first pair of ear spirals on a wonderful ‘girls only’ trip to San Francisco about several years ago. We had so much fun that day and I will never forget the store and the great time I had with my mom. She just went to Hospice House as her time is near. I will always remember our travelling adventures..

  179. Avatar

    I am not so sure that I even know what a blog is, but I sure know a bargain and a great and famous business man and his wife, who own the greatest, unusual jewelry site on the entire Internet.
    I rec. an advertisement in the mail the other day, and they were selling jewelry similar to Harrys,. but I looked at it and promptly threw it in the trash, no one and I mean that intensely, has jewelry as neat and beautiful as Harry Mason and even if I do not win the shopping spree, I will always go to him for the rest of my life if I want to purchase beautiful, gorgeous jewelry and be so proud of all the compliments I get when wearing it!

  180. Avatar

    Maybe Santa could help me find the perfect house or condo. A handsome and kind boyfriend would be great also. You never know it could happen!

  181. Avatar

    I’d love to win a $100 shopping spree to Harry Mason Jewelry. A friend of mine has been ordering for sometime and had shown me her pretties. I’m planning to order some ear spirals for myself and my two daughters. There spirals are for Christmas. Sssh! Don’t tell. Thanks for entering me into your sweepstakes. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  182. Avatar

    I want Santa to find a full time job for my husband . . . the economy downturn has left us struggling with part time jobs.
    On a trip to San Francisco this spring (timeshare and plane tickets from the kids!) my husband and I were totally impressed by the sales people at Harry Mason. We had such a great time we came back 3 days in a row! Yes! Purchases each day and I’m enjoying them everyday since coming home . . . I did leave my heart in San Francisco at Harry Mason on Pier 39.

  183. Avatar

    I’m hoping to get our business to the next level of success! How else can I go about buying one of everything/every pair of anything made by Harry Mason? I stumbled upon the HM shop on the Pier at SF..and it was love at first sight! Hopefully Santa will be nice to me this year and bring me some spirals that will make my ears go – “Ooooouuuu LALA”….I don’t ask for much – just anything from Harry Mason!

  184. Avatar

    I LOVE Harry’s ear spirals! I have some 40+ pairs, myself. 🙂

    What do I want for Christmas? World Peace, of course. Or, in the absence of that, then I’d love someone to help me clean and organize my messy office and crafting space. Or, for something simply tangible, a nice riser unit for my computer so the screen is up at the proper ergonomic level for me. And, of course, more of Harry’s earrings. 🙂

  185. Avatar

    Hi Andrea!
    OMG you are funny as hell!! Makes my day to see someone speaking their mind. Polictical correctness is overrated. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be sensitive to the situation, it’s just seems to be taken too far. That said….
    I would love to experience a lovely eargasm-something with a tinge of Aquamarine as I’m a March baby. I like you have seen 18 many moons ago and I’m holding onto my 29th anniversary when it comes to birthdays!!
    I have been able to visit the San Francisco store while on vacation many years ago, and then at the craft fair here when Harry & Co. went on the road to Las Vegas. A lovely piece would make my 2010 in my search for a new job!!
    Thanks for making me laugh!!

  186. Avatar

    I hope that the children that I met at my hotel the past few weeks who lost their home to a fire last month get their new home by Christmas and that someone gets my letter so that the 2 children have a good Christmas with their parents since they lost all their toys and pets in the house fire!!! That is my wish for Christmas this year!

  187. Avatar

    I would like a pair of purple low top chucks. That is it. I’ve got everything else I need. Healthy kids, a great husband and an awesome house. I thought I might keep it simple this year!

  188. Avatar

    Harry Mason ROCKS! My husband has bought me a ton of his designs and I am always telling other folks. $100 would be awesome but SOOOO easy to spend! I collect my faves all year in an email and send it to my hubby for birthday, Christmas and whatever gift ideas!

  189. Avatar

    I want my four sons to all make it home for Christmas this year. Especially the Sailor who is over serving in the desert right now (his youngest brother (a Marine) made it home safe and sound and I’m hoping for the same with my Navy son)!

    Anyway, a nice Christmas with all the kids at home would be really great! (It’s been years since that happened)

  190. Avatar

    My favorite pair of Harry Mason earrings are in shapes that dangle into horses. They are great and I wear them every year in Saratoga Springs for the first week of the racing season. Compliments galore on them.

    I am hoping that my children will be able to spend the holidays with us.

    Your blog was great – thanks for the laughs!

  191. Avatar

    My turn….I love those ear rings!!

    For Christmas, I want to enjoy my 18 year old for one last Christmas at home! I’m going through withdrawls, and she hasn’t even left yet!

    I would also really like to get in to see the neurosurgeon, and begin the journey toward surgery…hoping to stop the pain, and the deterioration.

    I guess that is 2 things! Oh well.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and is looking forward to an wonderful Christmas!

  192. Avatar

    Wow beautiful earring, It is weird to actually say what I want, I am thankful for so many things this year, I have a healthy family, a warm home, but an unsecured job, hopefully that will change this upcoming year and my job will be safe.

  193. Avatar

    I would love to find in my Christmas stocking this year those gorgeous torquoise and white gold ear spirals–they take my breath away! Thank you for this fun opportunity to win with Harry Mason! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  194. Avatar

    This year, I’m hoping that all of the people who think that climate change isn’t real or that there is nothing they can do about it all get some enlightenment for Chanukah.

    Harry Mason earclips have been known to make my daughter spin around with glee, and now that her ears are pierced, I’ll be getting some other designs for her


  195. Avatar

    I’d love to find a million dollars under the Christmas tree. Failing that, I’d settle for some scrapbooking supplies. 🙂

  196. Avatar

    I want to come back to San Francisco and shop and eat! I love my Harry Mason earrings and wish to get more soon. $100 would be great!

  197. Avatar
    Karen Manastyrski

    My husband and I went to San Francisco about 5 years ago and found Harry Mason’s store on Pier 39. Loved the unique jewelery! Haven’t been able to find anything that comes close to the styles he offers. I would love another trip to San Francisco for Christmas!

  198. Avatar

    Love Harry Mason.. esp the ear spirals… Been buying them for years now.. 🙂 Always hope to get more…

    What I want to get for Christmas…. Lucky… Lol.. kind of hard to get when I’m between those who would contribute…

    On the pratical side I want to get my stuff together this year and get the to do list completed…

    Now who believes in miracles???

  199. Avatar

    I am hoping that my family stays happy, healthy and cancer-free, however I wouldn’t mind some new earrings!

  200. Avatar

    I am hoping to get more sleep by the time the holidays are here – I have a newborn at home. The thing I hoped for is going to happen – going home to visit family.

  201. Avatar

    I would just LOVE to get a pair of dancer earspirals for Christmas… And maybe a nice new outfit to go with…. and some shoes wouldnt hurt either… to go on a date with my fabulous husband;)

  202. Avatar

    I hope I either to get a bike for the holiday or enough money to purchase the bicycle so I can exercise more.

  203. Avatar

    I want a shelter for our rescued standard size horses (a shipping 40′ container), because the wind and micro bursts have destroied 4 and we need a bomb proof one now to keep them safe and out of the rain and snow.

  204. Avatar

    I want to not look pregnant- at 59!! Sigh. I do my best at World Peace, feeding the hungry, donating all my little bits of money. I just want to get rid of this FAT BELLY… or have my 1st pair of Harry’s spirals. In all gold, please. Really. Thank you for your sympathy.

  205. Avatar

    I live on the East Coast and everytime I wear my Harry Mason earrings I get way too many compliments. That is why I have asked for more Harry Mason designs this Christmas.

  206. Avatar

    I want my favorite HM earrings fixed (since I totally twisted the crap out of them while trying to take them out one drunken evening :0 ) and the heater on the house fixed cause it’s cold.

  207. Avatar

    Oh those are BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen them before now. This is also a way generous prize they are giving away. So the one thing I’d love this year is some ankle high slippers (UGG Style I guess) because in the basement it is C-O-L-D and that is where we’re staying at in his sister’s house and my piggies need to be warm ha!


  208. Avatar

    I hope to get a nice wide angle lens for Christmas. Pretty sure it’s not going to happen, but it’d be cool. 😉

  209. Avatar

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Wait…what? It’s RANDOM you say? -_- Fine. One thing I’d like for the holidays is to win lots of money to get out of debt. But I’d gladly settle for ANYTHING from Harry Mason. (=^.^=)

  210. Avatar

    I really would like to get the octpus earcuff! But I would settle for a pair of roller blades for christmas…

  211. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! What beautiful jewelry, and the ear spirals are to die for. I’ve got fingers, toes, and everything crossed that I’m the lucky one to be picked.

    My daughter is getting married 8 days from now!! If I’m the lucky winner she’ll be picking out beautiful earrings for her wedding. I’ll even drive to San Francisco to pick them up if need be.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!! Debby

  212. Avatar
    Rozzella Kolbegger

    For Christmas, I would like the gift of being as funny as you are!!

    Okay. If I have to choose something that’s actually possible, then I’d like a really cool karaoke system.

    Love your blog!!

  213. Avatar

    Actually, I was talking about the wrong contest. Grippando’s book is what I want for Christmas; that and Stephen King’s Under the Dome. The only thing I love better than jewelry, shoes or spaghetti is books. So please remove my previous entry. Because this is the one that answers your question. Hope O helped with my gobsmacked definition. Thanks for your help and a great giveaway.

  214. Avatar

    One thing I hope to get for the holidays this year is Urban Decay’s Book Of Shadows Vol II. I’ve been wanting that eyeshadow kit for quite a while. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at)

  215. Avatar

    ohhh last time I asked for peace and quiet for christmas, the family threatened me with a pair of chihuahuas named Peace and Quiet!! so i’m thinking a nice gift card to target or White house black market would be fine!! 🙂 thanks for the chance to win such gorgeous jewelry!! yay!!

  216. Avatar

    Besides hoping that picks my # 😉 hoping for a few ‘simple’ things– happy kids, organized space, a job for the hubby.

  217. Avatar
    Heather Colon-Smith

    I hope to get a new job. No really, I do. It’s not something you usually hear people say, but it’s really all I want from Santa this year. I was laid off the Friday of Labor Day weekend and haven’t been able to even get an interview anywhere. Sparkly things would make my Christmas immeasurably better though! Even if Santa doesn’t find me a job! 🙂

  218. Avatar

    Enjoyed your blog! For Christmas, my altruistic self would like a cure for AIDS and an end to world poverty, but my selfish self would settle for a pleasant, moderately attractive, NOT CRAZY man. 😉

  219. Avatar

    I would love that shopping spree. Those earrings are ridiculously unique, and I’m pretty sure nobody in my middle-of-nowhere city has anything like them. Not that I’m a trendsetter or anything.

    For Christmas I would really love an iPod Touch, but I know that’s not happening. I think my Mom bought clothes from Old Navy for me during the Black Friday sales, so that’s exciting :]

  220. Avatar

    I first came into contact with Harry’s jewellery when my friend was getting married and she wanted to buy earrings for her bridesmaids and I tagged along for a second opinion. Needless to say I didn’t go home emptyhanded and ever since I’ve had my eye on a pair of the turqoise spirals in silver. The spirals I already own are great, but when you try on several, something always catches your fancy so that you’ll just have to come back for more.
    For Christmas I so hope to be done with my thesis. It could be done, with a bit more backbone, so maybe that’s what I really wish for. Or to have the ability to shut out all the pre-Christmas fuss and just concentrate. Or to be struck by an all-consuming inspiration, that could work, too.

  221. Avatar

    I hope to get a new iPhone and lots of cute accessories. I also hope my son gets a job after being Mr. Mom to our new grandaughter . He got laid off one month before she was born and needs to go back to work so they can enjoy life again rather than struggle and stress all the time. The new baby brings them so much joy and happiness, they should be able to enjoy that stress free.

  222. Avatar
    Jennifer Warnement

    Those are some beautiful earrings!
    As for what I hope for for Christmas, a full-time job with benefits.

  223. Avatar

    I was introduced to Harry and his ear spirals when in SF on my honeymoon in 1993. I am on the mailing list, the email list and get brochures in the mail. I don’t always buy something, but I love the ear pins, haven’t seen the beautiful ear cuff with pearls, but in Oct. 2009 when we were in SF, my husband bought be a gorgeous necklace from Harry’s at the Wharf. For Christmas, I would love to have my whole family together. However, would love to win a shopping spree at Harry’s so I can give some of the females in my familly ear spirals, ear cuffs, threads, which I love, and of course I have some granddaughters who would love “Joey”. They want mine, but he is too sentimental to part with.

  224. Avatar

    I’d really like to see an end to cancer. I’ve just seen to much of it way to closely lately.

    I first saw Harry’s earspirals at Pier 39, bought a pair and wore them home. My mom fell in loove with them so I had to order more…TG for the internet. I just ordered her another pair for Christmas…should be delivered early next week…oh yes and some for my BFF and some earthreads for me….and a pair for my little sis.

  225. Avatar

    I hope to reach an agreement with the bank and keep my house. And after that stress is gone, I can throw myself in the best activity in the world: earring shopping and shoe shopping :). Happy Holidays to everybody and may your wishes come true.

  226. Avatar

    OK, I really did want a nice pair of earrings for Christmas. Something “wearable” like conservative diamond studs or a slightly fancy pair of pearl earrings. But after seeing Harry Mason’s earrings, forget it. I want to fo flamboyant! I want Ear Fancies!

  227. Avatar

    I’ve been wishing for a particular pair of Harry Mason topaz earspirals for the longest. It would be so nice to have that itty bitty box under my tree this Christmas. Please make my wish come true!

  228. Avatar

    This Christmas, I’d love a few new books … and another trip to San Francisco as I love buying earrings from Harry’s store at PIER 39! Actually, hubby & I look for every work opportunity we can to return to California whenever possible! So when I win this gift certificate having a 30 day online shopping spree will be just perfect for me! xoxox

  229. Avatar

    what a lovely word! eargasm… it makes me smile.
    for this holiday I’d like to spend time with my boyfriend… which is impossible as he is in the US and i’m in europe….gah… I’ll hafta wait till summertime when we’re going to italy ^^
    happy holidays from denmark 😀

  230. Avatar

    I’m hoping for children who don’t whine for Christmas. I’m not holding my breath though. It’s the little things that make a mom happy.

  231. Avatar

    I bought the first earrings from Harry Mason’s in 1984 (still like them a lot). Last time was in 2007 on a trip to San Francisco. I live in Europe now and still get the catalogue, nice service – and big temptation every time.
    Really liked the blog – can’t quite figure out why it is considered R-rated (But then again, I live close to Amsterdam…).
    My holiday wish: Time! (for the garden, hobbies, weekends away, friends, and the right side of the brain).

  232. Avatar

    Love the earspirals…i already ordered some for gifts for christmas…but for christmas I would love the diamond pair!
    Thanks and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

  233. Avatar

    I love Harry’s ear cuffs and threaders – so many complements and ‘Where did you get those?’s”
    All I want for Christmas is a long quiet vacation (a nap would do!) and of course Harry Mason Earrings!

  234. Avatar

    I’d like some peace of mind–seems like times are tough all over right now, including in my house. Thanks for the chance to win, though. Some pretty jewellry might cheer me up a bit.

  235. Avatar

    I’m wishing for a laptop for Christmas, but I’d love to have a pair of Harry Mason earspirals as well.

  236. Avatar

    One thing I want more than anything for Christmas is enough money for a deposit on a house. Sadly that’s very unlikely (although I’m keeping my fingers crossed), so instead I’ll wish for some of Harry’s Threads because they look stunning and I’m sad that I didn’t see them in the shop in August when I was there.

  237. Avatar

    I love the Harry Mason jewerly and it is the best reason to visit San Francisco. What I want for the holidays is a new job and of cause more of Harry Mason add ons for the sprials/threads as the choice is so great that one pair will then have millons of different looks. Happy Christmas to all.

  238. Avatar

    I would love to win this shopping spree! The only jewelry I’m going to get this Christmas is what I buy myself and since my kids and my high-maintenance pug take all my money, this is my one chance for some bling!

  239. Avatar

    I have been a long time fan of Harry’s. I was going to say I wanted world peace, too, for Christmas – really – think big. But, hopefully I will have a good kick-off to my business year 2010 in my freelance writing career.

    And I would LOVE some new Harry Mason earrings.

  240. Avatar

    Wow! Harry Mason! I got one pair of his spirals at an art fair in Madison, WI. Looked for him the following year, but he wasn’t there. 🙁 I’d love another pair or two of ear spirals! How fun!

    For the holidays? I’d love the inspiration and willpower to get healthy. That’s what I’d love.

  241. Avatar

    I’m actually wanting a new vehicle – a toyota four runner is my current “I want one so bad….” Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get one this holiday season, but a girl can dream, right?

  242. Avatar

    I’m hoping for a lot of time to visit with my son and his new wife over the holidays. They’re very busy, working and grad students and it’s very hard but that’s what my husband and I would really love. Of course I’d also love some of these eargasm earrings; just gorgeous! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you! Good luck with the lights!

  243. Avatar

    “I’ve been wearing Harry’ on my ears for years”, travelling across the united states and Canada, I’ve stopped so they could look at my earrings, my ear pins, and/or my ear cuffs and/or spirals, and people just say, OH I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS, then I mention the brand name of HARRY MASON, just go on line and find his site. I’ve been in the store in San Francisco and went a little mad. Buying his earrings makes my ears very happy and people just stop me in a store, shopping or anywhere I might be. Since I found Harry’s fine, wonderful earrtings, I never bought anything else.

  244. Avatar

    What do I wish? I wish to WIN THIS GIVEAWAY!! I am soooo with you on the Harry Mason lurv. Stunning designs and so ME!! We often forget to treat ourselves in the rush and stress of the holidays, so this would be a TERRIFIC gift to myself!

  245. Avatar

    I would love to get at least one night of uninterrupted sleep. However, that probably isn’t going to happen because of my baby so some Harry Mason earrings could definitely make up for my sleep deficit. One look at the earrings and I would completely forget about my lack of sleep!

  246. Avatar

    Love the blog! So funny. 😀
    Love HM! Gosh ran into his stuff at an art show many many years ago when I lived in CA. Been a fan ever since. Now my daughter is wearing his art. yay! Another convert. 🙂

    What do I want for Christmas? Gosh, I’m so fortunate I don’t need a thing. So my wish is for our boys and girls to come home from over seas to be with their families ASAP. I can’t imagine anything better than that. You hear me Santa?!?

    Have a great Holiday funny lady. 🙂

  247. Avatar

    I’m hoping to get a truck driving experience day! I’ve driven smaller trucks before, but i’d love to try an artic/juggernaut. It feels amazing, gives you a real buzz. Well, it does for me anyway, and the look on guy’s faces when they see a girl getting out of one is just hilarious! 🙂

  248. Avatar

    All I want for Christmas is the safe return of my husband from Kuwait. He is able to come home for 2 weeks and then he will finish out his 1yr deplyment!

  249. Avatar

    I hope to get sometime to read and scrapbook, things I can’t do all semester because
    of all my homework and other commitments. I also hope to get my whole family
    together 🙂

    And some eargasmic earrings would be nice too 😉

  250. Avatar

    Hi I live in Canada and happed to be in San Francisco awhile ago and went into Harry Mason’s. What a blast, I spent about 4 hours in the store the people, both the people that worked there and the customers, where great. I had ladies trying on stuff for me and ending up buying it for themselves. I bought some ear spirials and a necklace and my friend loves them. Now when I go to San Francisco my first must go to is Harry Mason’s and my friend loves it to because she always gets nice earspirials and necklaces. I love shopping at the store because it is wonderful.

  251. Avatar

    I asked my daughter to get me a new sports bra for Christmas, but now that I see those earrings, I might reconsider.

  252. Avatar

    I would love to have a kindle but since we don’t know how we’re getting gifts for the girls, that’s out of the question. lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  253. Avatar

    I’m hoping to get jewelry! I don’t normally wear jewelry and hardly ever buy it, but I do want to feel dainty and girly every so often. Thanks for this giveaway!

  254. Avatar

    Lets see what do I want for Charistmas? I want our Military men and wemon to be safe, no matter if they are at home or on a ship or on the ground in Iraq or Afganistan.

  255. Avatar

    I would really love to get a car starter for my car — I hate getting into a cold car in the winter!!!

  256. Avatar

    I love, love, love these. I have never heard of Harry, but he sure is talented!!!!!!! I real just wnat to spend lots of time with friends and family this year. I don’t need anything, but I wouldn’t turn down a pair of these earrings.

  257. Avatar

    I’d like common courtesy to come back into fashion. (And some more Harry Mason earrings would be fun, too!)

  258. Avatar

    I would love to have my daughter accepted into medical school and my son promoted at his job. A nice bottle of wine and some great earrrings would complete my wish list for Christmas.

  259. Avatar

    First of all – Great work on describing Harry’s! Couldn’t have said it in a better way!

    What I want for the Holidays – Continued Happiness and spunkiness with increased sexiness – nothing a new pair of Harry’s can’t help with!

  260. Avatar

    When my children and grandchildren come over for Christmas, I would LOVE to show them my new Harry Mason earrings!!!

  261. Avatar

    Those earrings are just gorgeous!! I have never seen his work before. I just added a few things to my Christmas Wish list.

    I would love Santa to bring me a new camera and bag for Christmas. Realistically, I
    be happy with a new pair of boots and to find a hot NYE outfit that will make all the
    friends I havent seen since last NYE say “Wow! Have you lost weight?” LOL

  262. Avatar

    This Christmas I would love to get a WII!!! These earrings are so cool, I’ve never seen any earrings like these before. I’ll definitely be checking them out!!

  263. Avatar

    I am hoping for Santa to either bring me to my handsome, talented, sexy, future husband here in California or fly me back to him either at his home in North Carolina or someplace tropical so we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Of course I’d love a pair of Harry Mason earring too, that would just be icing on the cake. I love his designs and truly think he’s a genius for creating the backless earring where you never have to worry about losing the backs .

  264. Avatar

    First saw Harry Mason earspirals on a friend at Scottish Country dancing. Just had to ask her where she got them and when she told me about niobium earrings from Harry Mason, I went online and got a pair for my daughter and another for my sister. They both can’t wear jewelry they say because they are allergic to metal. So far my daughter loves her niobium earspirals and I’m giving the ones for my sister to her this Christmas. If I win the shopping spree, I will buy Harry Mason earhook earrings for a friend who has a split ear lobe so needs the kind to cover up this problem.

  265. Avatar

    I live in New Zealand, and for Christmas I hope to have a great visit with my daughters in the States (wearing Harry Mason earrings of course).

  266. Avatar

    What I want for the holidays is one quiet day with no papers to grade…who am I kidding!? I’m a high school teacher with 2 classes of AP Gov and a 5 year old at home (who is wonderful and loud)

    I just hope to sleep in one day! And, in the spirit of Miss America, world peace and and end to hunger…

  267. Avatar

    Those earings look so elegant! For Christmas I would love to get a trip to South Africa to dive in a SHARK CAGE! The adrenaline rush I would get from having a Great White Shark stare at me with his beady eyes……and it would be a bonus If I came home with all my fingers cause I couldn’t help myself but to try and touch its tail!

  268. Avatar

    This summer I was practically known at Harry’s Pier 39 Shop. I was in there so much, Olga & David knew who I was. If I didn’t make it in there for over a month, I’d come back to the “Where have you been?” questions. Ofcourse, then I ran out of money (aka Found out Hubby and I are pregnant). So I officially have 6 months left, before the earspirals only get to come out for special occasions (although, the lifetime replacement Harry offers will probably keep me wearing them with a little monster running around). I NEED more ear fancys. Yes, NEED. Not would like, not want, but NEED! By the way, I’ll tell the Pier 39 Staff you said Hi, since I will most likely be down there in a week or two. It’s been way too long for me!

  269. Avatar

    I guess the one thing I would like for Christmas is a Full-time job. I recently graduated from a great University and still have yet to land a full-time position in my field. I know there are millions of others in my same situation and trust me all of you are in my prayers. Just have to hang in there I guess. Happy Holidays to everyone.

    oh and I also would love some Harry Mason earrings =) I live on the east coast and get millions of compliments on the pair I bought in San Fran two years ago. They are my favorite earrings.

  270. Avatar

    Thank you for giving me a moment to reflect on what’s important to me. All I want for the holiday season is for our wonderful 23 year-old son to be able to continue his dream of becoming a firefighter…he is so close only to have hit a “bump in the journey” with Stage 3 melanoma which he is fighting at the moment. Happiness to all! And thank you Harry and Kathryn for providing that “sparkle” to our lives!

  271. Avatar

    I hope to get a passing grade in my Educational Psychology class from the world’s craziest professor.

  272. Avatar

    I LOVE Harry’s ear cuffs. I have a few. I bought one out of my price range for my son’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. It was a hit because it was slightly windy in Santa Barbara, so my ear cuffs glistened, as did my eyes, in joy! I also have some of Harry’s wild earrings too, but as of late, my poor little ears swell up and cry when I insert the earrings, so I’m HOPING for my ears to be able to wear all of the wonderful earrings I will buy when I win! Otherwise, I see more ear cuffs in my future. Thanks.

  273. Avatar

    What great jewelry! How about a pair of HM earrings – that’s what I’ll add since I haven’t even thought of a list yet. I do hope to beat my recurrent infection and get healthy so I can begin working again! Crazy aren’t I? 😉

  274. Avatar

    I love, love, love the instructions on how to remove all ear spirals. I love, love the looks of jealousy I get when I wear my ear spirals. And, I love to tell people how they can own a pair of ear spirals for “them own selves.” (I am a transplant to Mississippi and that’s really how they talk. Sometimes when I hear deep southern idoms, I think to myself that they may have been native born in Mississippi, but you can overcome it.)
    Lee Rhoads
    Madison, Ms

  275. Avatar

    I’ve been lusting after a new digital piano. I think the employees at the local Target are starting to wonder about me. Must be the sighing and key-stroking… ;P

  276. Avatar

    Beautiful Earrings. What do I want for Christmas – A clean house and no fighting !! HONESTLY !!!

  277. Avatar

    I hoping for christmas that I pass all my classes! So close to graduating college I can taste it!

    As for Harry Masons, my girlfriend came back from cali one trip and showed me this brochure of her “new favorite jewelry place”. As a joke she said “you should get me something from here for christmas!” so I did, she didnt expect me to take her seriously (or even pay attention haha) but she LOVES them and wears them whenever we go on a date. I’ll be adding another ear spiral to her list this year 🙂

  278. Avatar

    I would like to give my hairdresser a pair of Harry Mason earrings for her wonderful work and friendship over the last 20 years. She always admires mine whenever I wear them. I also would like to give a pair for our Silent Auction.
    Happy Holidays to everybody!

  279. Avatar

    I’m honestly hoping for cash. I love cash. Never have enough cash. And I would buy earrings with the cash or something gold and shiny!!

  280. Avatar

    I just want every one of my family, kids, gran and great grans to be home of Christmas this year. Short of getting snowed in I should get this. Oh, and to win this giveaway so I can beautify my ears, too. Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  281. Avatar

    Just visited Harry Mason last week and bought my 10th pair of Hookers. My husband travels frequently to San Francisco and loves to visit Olga & Roxie with the greeting “this is the best place in town for hookers!” Would love another hooker for Christmas!

  282. Avatar

    My daughter and grandaughter both have spirals and we all love them-I would really like a WII for Christmas–

  283. Avatar

    I’d like to wish for something noble like world peace, but let’s be honest. I want a really big winning Mega Millions ticket!

  284. Avatar

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry Mason and all things Harry Mason! Have been a huge ear spiral fan for a number of years now, not quite as old as your mom, but damn near so I say hooray for her!!

  285. Avatar

    Love your blog! This Christmas I hope to get some fun….the last few Christmases haven’t been very much fun.


  286. Avatar

    For Christmas I would like to just get SOMETHING! I am so tired of having to buy my own presents from the dear husband. However, if I could buy myself some of those earrings I don’t think I would mind so much!

  287. Avatar

    You hope to get busy? Why … I hope to get the whole day off. I need rest, a complete rest. Whoooo hoooo!!! A dash of eargasm will be nice!

  288. Avatar

    I have demanded apair of ear threads this time! Being in England/Ireland these earrings are not common and since I found them at an air show once Ive become addicted! Just got a lovely pair or california convertables last week and five nice danglies and another pair of spirals too, but i told my husband [please please please buy me ear threads! I NEED them!!!

    Greetings to all his fans out there from me in Ireland


  289. Avatar

    Great blog!

    For xmas me and my family and friends have agreed to give ‘good deeds’ to one another! It can be anything, from a random stranger hug, walking an SPCA dog, or volunteering at a local charity. So for xmas, I hope I get to hear many good deeds.

    thanks, Meg.

  290. Avatar

    What I truly wish for is to find love – not from family and friends (whom I am blessed with) but a partner in life. If not that, then I want what every girl wants: flannel pj’s, chocolate, and jewelry. I get myself a pair of Harry Mason earrings every year for my birthday in January so if I win the drawing, I can buy even more.

  291. Avatar

    My Threaders and Ear Cuffs are my trademark. A plain chicks way to stand out in the world
    Thank You Harry Mason.


  292. Avatar

    Ahhhh, the holidays! All I want for Christmas is the chance to relax with good friends and family, enjoy some great wine and food, and be able to look back on January 2, 2010 and say that everything was perfect! And the Harry Mason shopping spree would help make that dream work!

  293. Avatar

    Love Harry’s earrings. Purchased a pair 20 plus years ago in Flagstaff, AZ. Still loved them-so looked on the back to try to figure out if I could find on-line. HM on the back and typed in ear spirals and I was back in business- now ordered some convertibles and love those also. Glad I found them again!

  294. Avatar

    I want a nice big jewelry box to put all my nice big jewelry in. But I really want my husband to get a better job–that doesn’t require us to move! It would be a miracle.

  295. Avatar

    I am just hoping that the ____(whatever they saw on my mamogram last week) turns out to be non cancerous and doesnt need to be removed or anything invasive done.(no health insurance.) Girls GET your mamograms!!! This was found during my yearly mamogram and its the first time they ever said it wasn’t perfectly normal.

  296. Avatar
    Christine McAllaster

    I just love Harry Mason Jewelry. I plan on getting my annual present which I pick out from my MIL. This year it will be the new spirals with the dangling hearts.

  297. Avatar

    Would love an eargasm!! Have several pairs of spirals – a couple of them are old enough and worn enough that the twists don’t look much like they did when Harry designed them ( they’re easy to get in but become a little more difficult to remove esp after some exta liquid libation!!

    love Harry!

  298. Avatar

    What do I want for Christmas? I have been so busy this year I really dont know. But my family always knows that when indout Harry Mason will always make me smile. Hope you enjoy picking the winner. And I love the blog.

  299. Avatar

    I have found some of the most unique pieces of jewelry from Harry Mason. Not the same ole boring stuff you find everywhere else. Plus it’s a decent price, and there is so much to choose from!! If you have a idea in mind, you can even tell him about it and he will attempt to make it happen. I love horses. Guess what? I got a horse from him. So So worth it. I love all the jewelry and wish I could buy everything he has!! Happy Holidays!

  300. Avatar

    Happy holidays, I posted a comment. Hoping to win, but not to worried about it, seldom do I win anything 🙂 My computer is acting up and went to a blank page when I clicked on submit. Is that why I have ” your comment is awaiting moderation?” Guess I’m not sure what that means. Hope this message goes thru. I guess I would like a new computer.. to go along with the jewelry I’d get if I actually won.

  301. Avatar

    I love all my ear spirals and ear pins and threads. I always get compliments on Harry’s earrings. For Christmas I would like my credit card debt GONE! That probably won’t happen so I’ll settle for new shoes and cake pans

  302. Avatar

    After 37 1/2 years of trying to get my Bachelors Degree I am graduating December 18, 2009 so the only other thing I want for christmas is a set of Ear Fancies. 🙂

  303. Avatar

    After seeing those ear cuffs, I definitely want one of those! I am also asking for some riding boots this year…classic piece for my winter wardrobe. Happy Holidays!

  304. Avatar

    Well it’s obvious I haven’t been reading your blog thoroughly enough. I had no idea who Harry Mason is but I love his earrings. They are so gorgeous. I really, really want to win this.

  305. Avatar

    I would love to get the miraculous news that my hubby is completely cancer free and will stay that way til our kids are both married and having their own kids. Thanks for the contest!

  306. Avatar

    Since the family isn’t exchanging presents due to current economic state, an end to the recession would be a good gift.

  307. Avatar

    I would really love this—–Necklace with inlaid Blue Lab Grown Opal spiral Pendant. 1-1/4″ long. Sterling Silver.

  308. Avatar

    Is this where we enter for the cool/awesome Harry Mason earring shopping spree? I love his earrings. Have been buying his beautiful earrings for years, and I want more. Just got a pair of the ear threads today with some small dangle beeds and want to get more dangles. They are Too Way Cool and Beautiful!!!!!!!!

  309. Avatar

    That a tough question to answer CJ. I havent really thout about what I wanted; been so focused on getting my niece some cool toys and my mom all the movies with Michael Douglas(when he was young), haha. I truly wish to find true love and be happy but that is so generic I know. Yet the older I get, the less I crave material things. Dont get me wrong, I love clothes, shoes and jewelry. Accidentally bumping into Harry Mason( the store) at Pier 39 was overwhelming but fantastic. Had it not been for the helpful assistant, I would have had a panic attack. (It’s ok, I have pills for that) Earrings are my weakness, you see. So I guess If I had to pick a gift, it would be the complete seasons of the X-files(yes I’m a nerd), a$100 HM shopping spree and Season 5 of The Office, love that show! Happy Holidays CJ and I hope you get busy! (I’m hoping that’s the name of a dog) 😀

  310. Avatar

    Wow – thanks for this introduction to Harry Mason’s eargasms! I wish I could win the lottery so that I could decorate everything in my house with his earrings – and I think my cats deserve some decorations, too.

  311. Avatar

    I am building up the courage I need to tell a certain guy I like him. I want him to tell me he likes me too.

    I don’t know how the fateful day will play out, but I do know I’ll be wearing my favorite earspirals, the ones I got at the San Francisco shop a couple months ago..

  312. Avatar

    I’d love to get some new HM earrings. Our house was ransancked last year, and they tool almost all of my earrings!! Nasty people. I also wish people would become more peaceful and things like tha don’t happen anymore.

  313. Avatar

    I got my first harry mason earrings as a christmas present last year. this year all I’m wishing for is to find a job so I can pay my flat and, hopefully, sooner or later buy me another pair of fabulous harry mason earrings :o)

  314. Avatar

    I want a new iPod for Christmas, but I won’t get it. No matter. If I can ever figure out how to work my new phone, it will play music. I can barely figure out how to MAKE CALLS, though…

  315. Avatar

    I love these earrings. Actually, the ear cuffs. I want some…….ok, enough about my wants. Well, except for what I want for Christmas because that’s the rules and I always play by the rules. Really, I do. Just don’t ask my prudish little sister….anyhoo…..the one I thing I really want for Christmas is a new blow dryer. I know it sounds boring, but my last one (and favorite) caught on fire while I was using it. Now that was not boring at all. Neither was the fire that almost started when I screamed and threw it on the carpeted bedroom floor while still plugged in and sparking and smelling awful. When I came to my senses I unplugged it and ran to throw it on the kitchen counter and then stared at it for a good half hour waiting for it to explode or combust or whatever. Finally, sadly I trucked it to the dumpster, because that’s metal and if the demon dryer was going to burst into flames, I didn’t want it in my house. Phew, that was a tough day and I just had to relive it….I really need a new blow dryer. And ear cuffs to ease my pain…

  316. Avatar

    I just spent the week in San Fran for Thanksgiving visiting family. Every time I go there I have to go to Pier 39 to visit the Harry Mason store! I found it several years ago on my first trip out there and have never forgotten the place!! I have several pairs of HM earrings, they are just wonderful! For Christmas I could use another dozen pairs and to drop about 10 pounds.

  317. Avatar

    I am really, really hoping to get a pair of these yummy ear spirals to dress up the top half of myself. I don’t want to think about the bottom half, ever.

  318. Avatar

    Every visit to San Francisco I pick up another pair of Harry’s earrings! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Dream of adding more to my collection, that would be a nice Christmas gift! What else would I like for Christmas? The war to end so my hubby will not have t keep going to Iraq and Afghanistan. Please let it all end soon!!! Merry Christmas all!

  319. Avatar

    I just luv the Harry Mason line-never saw the ones your Mom has-2 kewl!! I want a pair!

    For Christmas I want my Grands to be here-if I would have know about Grandkids-I would have had them first.

  320. Avatar

    I hope to get a job for this Christmas so that I can continue enabling my addiction to Harry Mason earrings.

  321. Avatar

    i want to win!!! harrys’ designs are beautiful.
    what do i want for the holidays??? i would love to have my whole family together.

  322. Avatar

    i hope to get some remodeling done during the holidays.. yes..during the holidays.. lol This way I can go to someone else’s house this year and not be stuck with all those dishes and cleanup

  323. Avatar

    I want my tranquil little neighbourhood back with more single hotties mowing their lawns, and I want a funfilled holiday season with social outings galore (I work 6 days a week, know what I mean) And of course, rockin’ Harry Mason spirals, please. 🙂

  324. Avatar

    I hope to get another pair of ear fancy’s this xmas. Every yr I get a nice bonus from one of my clients & last yr I spent it on Harry Mason earrings! I have a wedding in 2 wks & I get my hair cut around my ears just so you can see my ear fancy’s. My life & hair revolve around them. I still have several pair on my wish list. Christmas is coming again this yr! Yahoo!

  325. Avatar

    I hope this doesn’t sound cliche or lame…but what I really want for Christmas is for my boyfriend to give me…an engagement ring. *sigh*

    That being said…I’d really like (and would be more likely to get) a good stand mixer. A really good one. In a pretty color. So I can make my boyfriend cookies all the time. *sigh*

  326. Avatar

    Andy, it’s been too long since I’ve been over here! Those are all yummy girl!! What do I want for the holidays? Peace and quiet man! You and Nate can get busy all ya want chica! I’ll take everyone (including Pato) leaving me alone for just 2 hours. Materialistically, I want a Palm Pre, but I think I’m getting that for my birthday on the 15th. How about a new pair of boots? Cuz I’m a shoe/boot fiend.

  327. Avatar

    I hope to my entire family together for the holidays. In the past, it has always been difficult. Someone always cancels at the last moment.

  328. Avatar

    First I’m hoping I get to have an eargasm from winning these. Then I want some new boots, some yummy smelling stuff, and world peace. thanks.

  329. Avatar

    I hope for a new computer…and I can use Harry Mason products to include in promoting a fund raiser for charity.

  330. Avatar

    I never ask for anything for Christmas. However, I am always anxious to see what the universe sends my way. Sometimes it is just so amazing what turns up.
    Happy Holidays!

  331. Avatar

    I would like some vacation time with my husband and our son. It seems that we are always rushing around and get so little time to spend as a family.

  332. Avatar

    What am I hoping to get for Christmas? Our family has been blessed with two early Christmas presents this year . . . the early but safe arrival of our first grandchild – a beautiful baby girl, and our son has survived (and propserered) through the downsizing at his job. So, there is not much more that I could ask for, except perhaps a couple of pair of Harry’s earrings that are on my wish list 🙂

  333. Avatar

    What I would really love for Christmas is to be able to have my daughter transfer from Jr College to the College of her choice. Unfortunately, we can’t afford that. Harry’s earrings are the best!! Every time I go to the Harvest Festival in San Jose, I say to myself I’m not stopping at the Harry Mason booth because if I do, I spend lots of $$ 🙂 I never regret it though, even when I think my husband will kill me for spending more money on earrings, which of course he never has 🙂 The earrings are the best, I’d love another pair for Christmas!! Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and even Happier New Year!

  334. Avatar

    This year I have asked for a sewing machine for Christmas.

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

    epfaulkner at gmail dot com

  335. Avatar

    I hope I get a real place to live for the holidays, I’m a little tired of being semi-homeless (living in a cheap hotel with all my stuff in storage).

  336. Avatar

    I would like for my almost 6 year divorce will be over by Christmas. Also I could use more earspirals as I love the ones I just got for my birthday last week.

  337. Avatar

    I found Harry Mason’s ear cuffs back in 1992…. it was time of new beginnings and new statments… Love them.
    They even fixed one of my favorite ones a few years ago when my daughter made it a teether.

    Love the ear cuffs!!

  338. Avatar

    I that our parents remain healthy and that my kids get home safely. I also hope my husband gives me a gift from Harry again this year! It seems I can’t get enough of his earrings.

  339. Avatar

    I hope my family remains healthy so we can make it through another year together.
    Of course I’d love more Harry Mason products. I’ve been buying myself at least one pair a year when he comes to Sacramento and it’s always a long wait.

  340. Avatar

    I love just a plain, silver earpin. I saw one being worn in a class I took, and liked it so much that I had an extra hole pierced in my right ear specifically for a plain, silver earpin in honor of my 50th birthday. Then for the next two years, I had to wear other stuff in that hole, because no one locally had even heard of an earpin (I live in Columbus, Ohio –sometimes known as Cow-town, Ohio). Finally someone told me about Harry’s web site, and I found exactly what I wanted, and so much more! Harry’s stuff is so beautiful and different, but I still love my plain, silver earpin the most.

  341. Avatar

    Love Harry Mason’s earware. Just loaded up on a bunch at Autumn Harverst Fest in Del Mar. But, I had to leave a lot of the good ones behind, so maybe I’ll buy myself more for Xmas. That and a trip to a far away land.

  342. Avatar

    Well, if Johnny Depp is out of the question for Christmas, I will settle for Brad Pitt!!!! LOL Seriously, I would just love a day where I don’t HAVE to do anything!!! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  343. Avatar

    I’m from Melbourne Australia and found the Harry Mason shop while I was visiting San Francisco in October. I hate wearing what everyone else is wearing so was thrilled to find something a bit different at Harry Mason. I will be keeping an eye on his shop to add to my collection whenever I can.
    For the holidays this year, I hope to get lots of love and attention from my very special man!

  344. Avatar

    Oooooooooh–too good to be true! Harry & Co. are SWEET! I wear many divine creations, thanks to my own savvy 83-year-old mom, who routinely surprises me with new spirals and dangles. My x-mas droolings: opals in gold! May those find their way to my stocking(s)!! Merry Christmas to all!!! J

  345. Avatar

    This is going to sound really weird, but I want a pantry for Christmas. I found this awesome pantry cabinet, but it is waaay out of my price limit, so I am hoping to get some moolah to put towards it. I would so settle for a pair of the earrings though. Pantry, earrings? It’s all the same.

  346. Avatar

    Gorgeous jewelry! For Christmas, I’m hoping that my mom will give us a Wii for a family gift. In the intangible wish category, I wish to be home for Christmas and have family visit US for a change, instead of making me drag 4 children age 7 and under for 12 hours in a van to visit them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  347. Avatar

    Ooh Ooh Ooh!!! Hmmm…what do I want? A bigger house!! Since I can’t be too greedy…all I want for Christmas is a new high tech new toy!! Anything techy will make me happy…like a Nook or iPod Touch perhaps???? 😉

  348. Avatar

    I am hoping to get . . . into the spirit of Christmas and not feel crazy like I usually do, trying to make Christmas perfect for 5 kids. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeousness. I really could use a new pair of earrings. Just lost one from my all-time favorite pair!

  349. Avatar

    One thing a would like this year is having a cure found for my cancer so it doesnt keep coming back.

    1. Avatar

      Barb-Prayer is a good start! I would like to pray for you this Christmas. I will add you to our prayer chain!

  350. Avatar

    My aunt was the first to introduce Harry Mason designs to me and I do love them. My fiance and I were out visiting them from Minnesota and she insisted I would love the store. And she was right! My fiance bought me a pair of earrings from there to wear on our wedding day (in April).

    As for Christmas? I would love something that mandates less stress in my life. Really, truly, something that was to help me so much it created less stress? Is this possible or only a Christmas wish? 🙂

  351. Avatar

    Not only do Harry’s earrings cause eargasms, they cause extreme ear ENVY! I love mine and always want more!

  352. Avatar

    hmmm…one thing. Well….guess what I really, really want would be some TIME! Time for ME to do my digi art, get online for just fun, and mainly do my digi art!! Easy peasy!! LOL!! LOVE you Harry!! LOVE your jewelry!! 🙂

  353. Avatar

    I’m hoping to give my bride mutiple gasms…which would be so much more fulfilling with an extra $100 worth of Harry’s creations. She has loved and worn Harry’s designs for well over a decade and always “reminds” me to seek out the latest.

    Make me (us) a winner!!

  354. Avatar

    It’s 9:04 pm eastern time! TIME’S UP!

    Thank you so much, everyone! I’ll be posting the winner tomorrow!

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