With age comes some smokin’ hot eye candy


Holy hairy balls of hell, have you seen the newest issue of Vanity Fair?

Does anyone know if there are any actual pages after the cover? Because I haven’t checked.

Rob Lowe just shot to the top of my laminated list.

I might have to tell Anderson to scootch over.

On second thought … that might be kind of hard to do.

On third thought … Rob Lowe is HOT. And, if his sex tape is any indication, straight albeit morally questionable.

On fourth thought … Anderson is just plain HOT and who cares about anything else.

On fifth thought … don’t tell my husband I have a laminated list.

On sixth thought … or my mom.

On seventh thought … or my kids.

On a final thought … who’s on your laminated list?



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22 thoughts on “With age comes some smokin’ hot eye candy”

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    ZOWEE! You are surely right. Hellllooooooooo Rob. I wonder if he would mind if I called him Robbie?

    But I think you are right. You cannot tell Anderson to move over. Beacause I am SURE he got all that note I slipped him with all the stuff on it you wanted him to know when I met him (sorry, not rubbing that in). I am sure any minute now he is going to come swooping in to whisk you away. To somewhere. Somewhere really cool.

    So maybe you could have Anderson, and I could have Rob, and then we could double date.

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    Who is on my laminated list?

    As though you really have to ask?

    GEORGE of course, right up there at the tippy-tippy top. (Or on the bottom – I don’t care which position, really……)

    The rest of my list contains gentlemen who might best be thought of as ………….. more obscure choices. Odd. So, I’ll keep them to myself. The only way you’d get them out of me is to show up for dinner tomorrow night and ply me with those fruity drinks that are sucked through a straw out of a giant Buddha belly. *hic*

    Barring that, I’m not telling. But I may or may not be secretly singing my karaoke songs to them in my head when we get to that portion of events tomorrow night. 😀 (And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…………… WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

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    I know… right? When I saw that picture of Rob Lowe, I was thinking he can light my St. Elmo’s fire ANYDAY!!!

    Top of my list… the rugid Aussie – HUGH JACKMAN!!! He can take me down under anytime…

    (I’m just full of horrible puns)

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    I have been in love with Rob Lowe since St. Elmo’s Fire.

    Then, I became a huge West Wing fan.

    I loved him on Brothers & Sisters until I couldn’t stand the stupid writing and stopped watching.

    I have never bought an issue of Vanity Fair. That streak ends tomorrow when I go to B&N and pick up this issue. I will need to figure out how to not let my drooling damage the magazine!

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    Nathan Fillion
    I big pink puffy heart with lots of glitter love Captain Mal & Rick Castle.

    Last year he replaced my decades long crush on Harrison Ford & I had to do a blog post about it.

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    Well, it’s a toss-up between Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Reynolds. But that cover of Rob Lowe is making me re-evaluate my list for sure. How is still totally HOT after all these years??

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    Jon Bon Jovi, Johnny Depp, Grant from this season’s Survivor, and Billy the exterminator. I know…a bit odd and eclectic…it really depends on the day and how naughty I want to be 🙁

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    Sean Connery, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase. And I’m not apologizing about it, either! My husband knows he’s history if one of them knocks on my door.

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    First of all you are totally messing up by putting the list in writing…and laminating? OYE!! You keep the list mental and then you have to change it up a bit, you know in case the list actually ever a possibility you can swear up and down HE was on the list!!!!

    We ARE talking about the same list right? Like from “Friends” the celebs you get as a freebie even though you’re married!?!

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    He would be attractive if he didn’t have a tattoo. Those are a huge turnoff for me. Anderson Cooper would be cute if he wasn’t gay.

    Colin Firth is my idea of a hottie…

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    1. Greg Grunberg – nicest “Hollywood” guy I have been lucky enough to meet, and sexy in a “real man” kind of way. Sense of humor is a huge turn on for me.
    2. Nathan Fillion – Also super nice, super funny, and super sexy.
    3. Rob Lowe – Don’t think I need to explain this one.
    4. Charlie Hunnam – Sexy, dirty motorcycle-riding character on Sons of Anarchy, with a real life British accent. That accent will do it for me every time.
    5. I leave this space open for a rotating floatilla of other men.
    I reserve the right to change this list at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all.

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    I have an issue with my list. My husband has a strict rule that anyone I come in contact with must be removed. Since I constantly deal with Celebs and Hollywood I meet my listers all the time. so many have come and gone. For now I’ll say Matt Damon and Brian Krause are at the top. Anderson Cooper is freaking hot.

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    Yes, Rob is hot. But did you actually say that you were going to bump Anderson??? WOW.

    My list?

    1. Rick Springfield (My God he’s fine!)
    2. Jimmy Smits
    3. Walt Willey (soap actor)

    There are a couple more but I can’t think right now since something decided to wake me up at the ass crack of dawn and I am trying desperately to lull myself back to sleep. I mean it’s Saturday for God’s sakes! I want to sleep in!!!

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    Even though I would take any of the above listed hotties – if they would have me..
    I’m going to be a bit of a creeper and say Zac Efron is pretty darn cute.

    Although, I have not seen a picture of him in a long time, I was always a Parker Stevens fan.

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