I think I just OD’d on cuteness

First of all, if you’re hankering for some bling, you still have some time to get in on my giveaway HERE. It ends tonight at 9:00 p.m., eastern time.


Hurry up!


Second of all … no Sunday regurgitation post today because I saw this video on another site and knew I had to post it here.

It’s thirty seconds of sheer cuteness.

Happy Sunday, everyone!




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12 thoughts on “I think I just OD’d on cuteness”

  1. Holla if you you’re a Heather, yo!

    (Wow, I am so cool and here it is Sunday morning and I haven’t even had any caffeine yet!)

    I can’t believe that’s a real commercial. Heh!

    Also, TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT?!?!?!? Le sigh. It won’t even take the random.org gods’ conspiracy against me to keep me from winning this time. Sob.

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