Who wants an eargasm? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!


There seems to be some confusion for those who have never visited here before and might be unfamiliar with navigating blogs. If you’d like to enter this giveaway, you must leave a comment in *this* post telling me what you would like to do on a date if money were no object. You can do this by clicking HERE which will bring you to the comment section. Scroll to the bottom and fill in the comment fields at the bottom of that page. Good luck!

As I sat down to write this post, it occurred to me that there may be some of you out there who are sick to death of me yapping about Harry Mason getting it on with my ears.

I bet Harry Mason has never had his way with your ears, has he? I didn’t think so. Because if he had, you’d be hard pressed to keep quiet about your eargasms, no matter how many people begged, pleaded or threatened to make you walk barefoot on a hotel room carpet.

However, I concede that there are only so many times you can call something THE MOST MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOMELY ORGASMIC THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER before it starts to get old.

Except you, Anderson. Don’t you fret. You’ll never too get old for me, pumpkin.

So, rather than me constantly refreshing in search of synonyms for awesome, let’s try a different approach, shall we?

How about a fantasy?

These are earspirals from Harry Mason’s Romantic You collection. Brimming with blatant gorgeousness, right? I’m choosing one of these for when Anderson Cooper picks me up in his jet and whisks me away to Paris for our first date. We’ll grab a baguette and some cheese and have a picnic at the top of the Eiffel Tower and he’ll compliment me on my impecccable fashion sense and when the backpack he left behind to go downstairs for some creme brulee starts ringing, I’ll answer his iPhone and yell FOR SHIT’S SAKE, WOLF! GO TO PAKISTAN YOURSELF! YOU’LL LOVE IT! IT’S TOTALLY FULL OF LIMELIGHT THERE! And then when Anderson comes back and wants to know why the inside of his iPhone is covered with melted brie, I’ll shake my head and say something along the lines of Ugh. Technology. Can’t live with it, can’t shoot it in the head.

These are from Harry’s Classic You collection. Aren’t they just beautiful? Any of these would go perfectly with jeans, a black sued jacket and black high heeled boots, which is exactly what I will wear when Anderson picks me up on his motorcycle and takes me to the movies for our second date. We’ll debate between The Switch where I think Jennifer Aniston gets impregnated by a drunk and/or gay turkey baster and I will ignore the whole symbolic nature of that theme in favor of The Expendables because watching men blow things up and spew testosterone everywhere in high def is HOT but then that stupid tiny little voice in the back of my head will whisper HOT FOR WHO? And then I’ll get mad and tell that stupid tiny little voice to STOP READING PEREZ HILTON AND SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY while stamping my high heel boot on the cement lobby floor, thereby twisting my ankle and crying a little. Then Anderson will take me to the hospital where I’ll have to provide a urine sample because they always want a urine sample no matter what the hell is wrong with you even though last time I checked, my ankle was really far away from my bladder and as I go to the bathroom to pee, I’ll throw his second iPhone into the toilet accidentally on purpose and he’ll never hear Wolf’s message about a political coup happening in Somalia because honestly, what’s the big deal? Isn’t there always a political coup happening in Somalia?


If he still had a phone.

These beauties hail from Harry’s Fun Fashion You collection. Have you ever seen anything more whimsical that didn’t have the words “Cirque de” in front of it? Guess what? I own the top left pair! How lucky am I? I’ll be wearing them when Anderson scoops me up on his bike and we trek north to Cape Cod where we’ll spend our third date whale watching which will make us hungry so we’ll go out for some local seafood except that I avoid all things seafood because I don’t eat things that poop where they live except for crab but only if they’re made into cakes because once you add in onions and garlic and Old Bay seasoning and dijon mustard and bread crumbs and fry it up in oil, who cares where it poops? And then Anderson will tell me a story about how once, his friend Wolf unwittingly ate bull’s testicles while reporting from Peru and I’ll respond by declaring that THE BEST STORY EVER because hello? A Wolf and a bull? That’s a fable just dying to be born so we start bonding over various morals to be learned from eating a bull’s genitalia and I discreetly chuck his third iPhone with fifty-seven flashing text messages from Wolf Blitzer into the ginormous bowl of shrimp gumbo sitting on the table behind me.

These are Harry’s Spinfinity spirals. I can’t stop staring at them! And don’t you just love the name? I’ll be wearing these babies when Anderson and I tee off at Pebble Beach for our fourth date and while he’s trapped in the bunker on #6, I’ll drive the cart with our clubs and personal belongings to the green and while Anderson examines his lie, I will text Mr. Blitzer back with Golfing, then marriage. Then baby carriage. Can’t covr stck mrkt crash. Will wait for nxt 1. Dow Jones not invited to wdding. Buy me new iphone for wddng presnt. Keep losing them. CU nxt yr. Love, A.Coop. Then I’ll fling the phone into the Pacific and Anderson will never have to see the text from Wolf asking WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? ARE YOU DRUNK?

These are from Harry’s Eclectic You collection. Can you say funky? I think any one of these will be the perfect accessory for when Anderson and I go parasailing in Hawaii on our honeymoon. I’ll be The Funky Creative Junkie. They’ll also look awesome with shorts and a tank top and flip flops which is what I’ll wear when we go to the Apple store to buy Anderson his sixth iPhone because he lost his fifth one somewhere in the depths of the Kilauea volcano and the only reason Anderson even discovered that it was gone was because some guy yelled HEY, SHE JUST THREW YOUR PHONE INTO LAVA to Anderson but Anderson thought he said HEY, SHE MUST BLOW FOAM INTO JAVA because when he asked me “What’d that guy say?” that’s what I told him. Then he waved to the guy and said NOT REALLY, SHE ONLY DRINKS HOT CHOCOLATE. This all happened right before Anderson reached for his iPhone and found the gaping hole in his pocket that I had ripped earlier that day and then he put two and two together and got five and declared his iPhone had accidentally fallen out of his shorts and I said That’s what you get for buying cheap shitty clothing made in sweat shops in Indonesia, Anderson. Clue up.

It’s not my fault Anderson sucks at math.

These are Harry’s Ear Fancys and Threads. Totally innovative and cool and exactly what I intend to wear when Steve Jobs invites me to his house for dinner as a thank you for being instrumental in the surge of iPhone sales for the last fiscal quarter.


OK! On to the important stuff …

One person will win a $100 shopping spree to Harry Mason Designer Jewelry, at his online shop or at his Pier 39 store in San Francisco! Now you too can have eargasms when you go out with your favorite CNN news anchor! Hey, maybe we can double? But please, don’t choose Wolf Blitzer because if I have to spend the entire night watching him shift his weight from his right foot to his left while listening to his monotone voice, I can’t guarantee that I won’t wind up yellingΒ  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST DRY ALREADY, PAINT! I MEAN, WOLF! WHATEVER!

While your browsing all the beautiful goodness at Harry’s shop, don’t forget to use his wishlist feature. Comes in very handy for those of us born with the attention span of an ADHD chipmunk.


If you do not win this giveaway, you do not walk away ‘gasmless. Harry is offering all who enter a $25 shopping spree with any $50 purchase. After the winner is announced on this blog, simply email Harry at harrymason @ harrymason. com (delete all the spaces, please!) and include a copy/paste of the comment you entered in this post. Make sure to put “BIG O” in the subject line so he knows you’re not spam. Spam don’t get eargasms. It’s a law somewhere. I forget where.

The nits and grits:

  • To enter, leave a comment in this post and tell me what you would like to do on a date if money were no object. Fly to Italy for dinner? Cruise around the world three times? Bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge? If I had my druthers, Nate and I would have dinner with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and after dessert, we’d make them re-shoot the series finale of Lost so that it actually made sense to normal people. But seeing as how Nate confiscated my druthers and hid them somewhere near the vacuum cleaner, this will never happen.
  • Anyone 18 or older can enter. If you’re old enough to fight for your country, you’re old enough to have an eargasm.
  • The shopping spree expires thirty days from winner notification.
  • Winner must confirm notification within 48 hours or I’ll have to choose an alternate. That’s just chock full of UGH.
  • If you have trouble setting limits, like me, you can spend more than $100 and simply apply the $100 to your total due.
  • No entries after midnight eastern time on Wednesday, August 25, because that’s when I turn into a pumpkin and Nate gets the chance eat vegetarian.
  • I will use to choose the winner! Don’t everyone cheer at once.
  • One entry per person, please! Your comment might go into moderation for a bit but it will show up! I promise. You can’t see it, but I’m pinky swearing you.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Thursday! Or Friday!

That’s it!

Good luck!



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334 thoughts on “Who wants an eargasm? It’s *GIVEAWAY* time!”

  1. Avatar

    Oh, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed these!

    My fantasy first date could take place anywhere in the world, as long as my toes are in white sand and there’s a fruity drink in my hand. Of course, in my fantasy first date I would weigh 110 pounds, so I may be wearing nothing but these fabulous earrings. But that’s just so that my date, Alexander Skarsgard, wouldn’t feel under dressed.

  2. Avatar

    Oh. MY. Gosh. I wantIwantIwantIwant. Somehow I don’t think that #2 is a very luck number though. πŸ™

    I abso-LOOT-ly L.O.V.E. all of those earrings and I’m going to go right to the website to continue my unsightly drooling. (It’s a good thing the boss isn ‘t in yet)

    Anyway, if money were no object, I’d go to Italy – but forget dinner, just load me up with some good italian wine, some cheese and bread a breathtaking view and a gorgeous fun man. Oh, wait, I’m married. I’ll go anyway, skip the man. Add a few fun girlfriends. Of course, we’d get all dressed up and flaunt gorgeous Harry mason earrings πŸ˜‰

    (Is there a winner for the longest comment entry?)

    I wrote so long that I’m probably not comment # 2 anymore – if # 2 wins, I’ll be really bummed

  3. Avatar

    If money were no object, I would go to New York City and stay in some amazing hotel and eat at the most expensive restaurant that has normal food. Then we would go to a fancy club where celebrities go and oogle.

  4. Avatar
    Melissa Sutherland

    Wow, these are absolutely beautiful! I want them all!

    If money were no object I would force my husband to give up his life of self-imposed hermititude and sweep me away to a desert island where I would lounge my pregnant butt in the sand with a fruity-non-acoholic drink. No crazy phones from work ringing in my ear and no stress! My husband could feed me chocolate covered strawberries and rolaids to offset the heartburn from the chocolate LOL

    Thanks for the chance!

  5. Avatar

    I love these earrings!

    (As a complete aside, I think I finally know where my dad got the earrings he gave me years ago returning from a business trip to San Francisco… it was the first time I had seen ear spirals, and they were made out of this awesome multicolored metal. I lost one a couple of years ago, but still have the other. I couldn’t bear to toss it… it’s pretty just sitting by itself.)

    Anyway, if I could go anywhere on a date, I’d probably pick Disney World because I am boring and mentally/emotionally exactly seven years old, so it’s the first thing that came to mind. I love Disney World, so first my husband and I would ride everything a billion times (because if money were no object we’d shut down the park for a day – I hate lines). I would get to wear a Princess dress, because if this is my fantasy they would a) fit, b) not look stupid on me, c) not be crazy hot and itchy to wear, and d) not look stupid on me – just in case. We’d ride from park to park in Cinderella’s carriage, and end up in the evening at EPCOT. We’d get to eat at Le Celier for dinner because for once they wouldn’t be booked for everything after three in the afternoon, and we’d have dessert at the little French bakery (one of everything, please). Then we would get to see the fireworks without anyone needing to use the bathroom twelve times, or wanting a snack, or getting trampled by other people who don’t look out for two-year-olds. Best of all, we wouldn’t have to drive ourselves back hot, tired, and exhausted and praying that we don’t fall asleep on the Turnpike. We’d be whisked home on a private plane, and get to sleep in our own bed.

    Crossing my fingers!

  6. Avatar

    First–I just love your blog–it gives me a giggle every day. I don’t remember how I found my way to you, but I’m so glad I did!

    Now for the dream date–well if I am dreaming, I am thin and have long flowing hair that never gets frizzy or gray and that I can braid in a perfect French braid down my back without wanting to rip out my hair! I would go to Dublin, Ireland–and sit in a lovely pub, drinking Guinness, and listening to a really great Irish band. Since this is a dream date, I would have to have a man along so I guess I would take my husband but he would have an Irish accent that would send me over the moon! (It also wouldn’t hurt if he looked a little like Johnny Depp too)

  7. Avatar

    Purty earrings! My fantasy date would be hitting the beach on a warm, windy night. Any beach will do.

  8. Avatar

    My request is simple… if money were no object, I’d fly to Colorado with dh and have lunch at the Dam Brewery in Dillon because I love saying “Dam Brewery.” Then we’d go for a hike in the mountains.

  9. Avatar

    My dream date would probably be somewhere warm and beachy, like Hawaii or the Bahamas. I would be with a sweet, funny man who’s also a total joy to look at. We’d have a nice romantic dinner at a local restaurant, maybe go dancing somewhere outdoors, then spend some time on the beach under the moonlight.

  10. Avatar

    I LOVE these earrings and have worn them for years and years!!!
    If money were no object, I’d fly to Greece and have dinner by the sea and find a gorgeous, single man!!

  11. Avatar

    if money were no object, hmm
    it’s hard to decide. i’m torn between an elaborate high rise big city night on the town or being swept away to a country side in Dublin, Ireland. but i guess if money isn’t an issue, i could do both. hehe

  12. Avatar

    If money were no object, I’d want to go stay at the Poseidon Resort on a private island near Fiji. It’s underwater. There’s a link on my website homepage if you’re intrigued. I think it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to stay there one week and you don’t even get the underwater room the whole time. But a private bungalo on the beach is not so bad.

    Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  13. Avatar

    London! I don’t exactly where I’d want to go once I was there, or what I’d want to eat, but I’ve always wanted to go to London. Or, you know, somewhere with awesome roller coasters. Either one would work for me!

  14. Avatar

    My dream date involves my fiance in a restaurant on a cool island in Tahiti. Would have a great view of the ocean, slight breeze and drinks served in coconut shells. All kinds of grilled healthy things would be served followed up by desserts which my trainer would forgive me. We would then hold hands and go for a walk on the sandy beach as the sun sets. We both would then pull out our cell phones and quit our jobs when we come across a treasure chest full of gold. We would then plan our wedding in Tahiti and fly friends in. Of course I would have to do an express shipment of Harry Mason earrings!

    How’s that Andrea?

  15. Avatar
    Debbie Shallhorn King

    Canada needs more glitter! More specifically, I need more bling, glam, glitter … whatever
    word you prefer.
    I had my stomach banded laprascopically 18 months ago and, after losing 124 pounds,
    with more to go, I’m not afraid of showing my ears anymore (they were pudgy and
    earrings were hard to get in).
    I have four holes in each ear, so imagine what I could do with Harry Mason (the store,
    not the person; I don’t dally with married men, having one of my own already).
    I have two pair of his earrings and am on disability while I await new knees after my
    weight loss is finished, so I haven’t been able to shop till I drop because the bags are
    too heavy!
    My ears are throbbing with excitement at the chance to wear more of these delectable

  16. Avatar

    I think my fantasy date would have to include dining at a top rate restaurant where the food is prettier than the decor. Then we’d go to some place that had a great classic swing band and dance. No one seems to actually dance anymore, they just jerk about to the tunes. For the finale, I’d like to go see a Broadway show. Maybe Cats or Annie Get Your Gun.

    I’d really like to win, I already know one of the items I’d pick. I loved the “I Love You” sign earrings I saw on the blog. My grandmother was mostly deaf so sign language was common place while I was growing up.

  17. Avatar

    If money were no object I think a nice dinner atop the Eiffel Tower followed by a gondola ride through the canals of Venice with a Nile cruise for desert. Yes, that sounds about right.

    By the way, I love all that you do!

  18. Avatar

    If money were no object I would want to go to Negril, Jamaica where my husband and I had our honeymoon. Would love to be able to walk the beaches, swim in the clear, blue waters, jump the cliffs again together, and have a couples massage on the beach! That was 10 years ago this coming May. Now that would be my dream date.

  19. Avatar

    I love earspirals! They are my favorite earrings to wear.

    If money were no object I would fly a private jet with my whole family to New Zealand and explore and sun and play with my grandkids in the sand. Maybe take a quick hop to Tahiti and sleep in a glass-bottom room and watch the sea life flow around beneath me.

  20. Avatar

    Harry Mason ear spirals! I love them, too!

    Dream date? Wow, I’m not sure… It’s be at least a weekend long date, sans kids, somewhere warm with yummy, fruity, drinks, a beach, a sunset, and no worries! Now that is a dream, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  21. Avatar

    Would take my wife on another wonderful trip to the bay area and beyond. South to Big Sur, north to past Napa, east to Lake Tahoe and all places in between. Of course time to visit Pier 39 again, she loves the seals.

  22. Avatar

    I just love Harry’s designs and earrings!

    If I had the money I’d buy a new furnished just the way I wanted it and give the rest to
    St. Jude’s Hospital and breast cancer research.

  23. Avatar

    Love all the earrings. I have one pair of spirals and get so many compliments on them.

    My dream date would be on the Amalfi Coast with a nice bottle of wine, some cheese, fresh fruit and a handsome Italian man. My mother always told me to marry an Italian and I didn’t listen. Hope to do that the next time around. πŸ™‚

  24. Avatar

    I’d love to go to Europe and spend the day sightseeing and have a nice dinner at the end of the day, and not have to worry about the kids and dog at home, or the price of the trip or the meal or the wine. Or the same thing but on a sandy beach on some island. You know, just a nice time without worrying about anything!

  25. Avatar

    I would love to go to New York with my husband and stay in a fabulous hotel go out to dinner, go to Central Park, and go to a Broadway show. Of course I would be wearing the appropriate Harry Mason earrings to go with all of the new outfits that I just bought.

  26. Avatar

    If money were no object I would have the best chef in the world flown in and surprise my husband with a romantic dinner for 2 in our six acre backyard complete with candles, the best wine and me wearing only sexy Harry Mason earrings.

  27. Avatar

    Wow – those are some mighty fine eargasms there – I’m drooling!

    If money were no object, I think DH and I would have to have a visit down one of Guy Fieri’s Diner’s Drive-Ins & Dives trails. I mean, we’d need a private jet to bop between dives, and we’d need to buy stock in Pepto Bismol for the heartburn that is sure to follow eating all that food!

  28. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be to fly to paris and see the louvre in it’s entirety. Which would actually be more like a two week non stop art history vacation. πŸ˜€ But I am ok with that.

  29. Avatar

    I like your sense of humor!
    If money wasn’t an object, I would do anything and everything I wanted to do. I would go to Las Vegas for some sin city life and then buy a huge log cabin on a private lake and relax there, then I would just randomly pick places to go and go there.

  30. Avatar
    Christopher Ciardello

    Harry! Love the new stuff in the blog! Everything looks great as usual! Keep up the good work!

  31. Avatar

    Free jewelry for tell you what we’d do our a fantasy date?? This seems too easy…

    If money was no object I’d have a night of private after hours free rein at the Louvre. No one else in the whole damn place except me, my boyfriend, and enough ancient art to make the art geek in me melt. Add a really beautiful bottle of champagne, some french cheese and a baguette picnic on the daru staircase in front of the winged victory… *sigh* Yup, that’s about perfect. lol.

  32. Avatar

    I would go back to St. John’s, USVI with my husband and stay in the place we that we did over nine years ago on our honeymoon.

  33. Avatar

    This is easy, I have always wanted to have my wedding at Disneyland. ( I know you wanted a date, why not a date to remember?) Oh yeah, while we’re dreaming, my husband would act like it was his dream date too!!

  34. Avatar

    I love my earspirals, too!! I took my son to San Francisco for his 21st Birthday and bought my first pair. I get so many compliments on them and have given out Harry Mason’s email to my girlfriends.
    If money were no object I would fly my date and I to Venice, Italy. We would have a romantic dinner in the city and take a Gondola through the canals while laying, wrapped in each others arms looking at the beautiful buildings.

  35. Avatar

    I would definitely take a two-week Mediterranean cruise with my hubby. That would be the best date ever!

  36. Avatar

    My first fantasy date would be a private jet to an exotic private island, with a romantic dinner catered on the beach (sans bugs….), or Paris, or Rome, or the California Wine Country in a Lamborghini…so many possibilities…open for suggestions…

  37. Avatar

    My dream date would be a week long date in Tahiti dining on fresh seafood, veggies and fruit. No TV, no Phone, just me and my hubby relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the islands, the water and nature.

  38. Avatar

    The perfect date if money were no issue? I think I’ll take your suggestion—flying to Italy for dinner. πŸ™‚

  39. Avatar

    Am eager for the Harvest Festival to arrive in Pomana, CA, so that my sister and I can see some new designs and purchase some!!!

  40. Avatar

    A dream date huh? Well I would probably want to take the whole family to Disney and spend the day riding, eating, screaming, laughing and enjoying a day without stress and worry! I was in Disney once… as a child in the 80’s… with my parents. My most vivid memory of it is watching a Michael Jackson 3D movie… sad right? It’s a life long dream to be able to take the kids there and replace that memory with a new Disney one!

    Sweet earrings too, thanks for the chance and the laugh today!

  41. Avatar

    The perfect date? An Alaskan cruise with my honey – that way I can stretch the date night into several nights or even a week (or two or three…money is no object, remember?). πŸ˜€ And I “*really* *seriously* want to win this – you know I do because I used *3* asterisked words.

  42. Avatar

    I love my earpins and so do my friends. I hesitated to give away my secret source because i know they will all buy them, but why should have all the pretty little things?

    My dream date, without worrying about cost, would be a remote island somewhere populated only by people to serve mine and my husband’s needs. (pref a chef with a michelin star, a fab sommelier, and an ayervedic masseuse.) With plenty of fresh fruit to be picked from the trees, and a sandy beach all to ourselves, we can run around nude in the surf (i hate tan lines and who doesn’t love the feel of au natural?) and hike through luscious tropical jungle. And since we’re dreaming here, i’d like gorgeous sheets in a chic bungalow setting and an outdoor shower under the stars.

  43. Avatar

    On my fantasy date I weigh 120 lbs. (which I have never weighed in my life) and I am greeted at the door by tall, dark and very available. He is so taken with my Harry Mason ear spirals that he declares he must take me someplace very special. Then, he hands me a beautiful bouquet of carnations in purple and white (this is the only thing “cheap” about me) and we get into his waiting limo. The limo takes us to National Airport where we fly off to Greece. What no luggage? Not to worry, we can buy anything you want/need when we get there, my love. Ah! Can we order more Harry Mason ear cuffs for the trip?
    We have attentive flight attendants who hand us each a full glass of champagne. As we cuddle under light blankets, giggling quietly because we are the ONLY ones in first class, we tell each other jokes. We laugh and sigh as we gaze into each others eyes. I reluctantly take off my earrings and place them lovingly into their special case to be worn once again another day. We drift off into a sweet slumber with my hands wrapped around my Harry Mason gold.
    Upon waking in Greece, tall, dark and handsome hands me a small purple plastic box with a new set of ear threads with diamonds dangling from the ends which were made just for me! He had ordered them once he set eyes on me. That is when we head out in the waiting car with the driver giving a tour of the island. At this point we need to stop and view the ocean waves from a little cafe with espresso in our hands. The sunlight bounces off my new ear threads to dazzle and delight tall, dark and handsome. Then, I wake up. As I look across the room to my bureau, I see three pairs of Harry Mason earrings shining on my earring tree.

  44. Avatar

    My dream date includes a trip to Sydney Australia during one of their beautiful summer days. Walking across the top of that beautiful bridge, and then having a lovely dinner overlooking the water. And of course I would not make this trip without some eargasmic earrings and a matching necklace gracing my ears.

  45. Avatar

    I have been dating the same man for, let’s see, 8 years/7 months/and 22 days; too long if if I say so myself. My seven-year itch has turned into an annoying rash! If money were no object, if karma were kismet, if things could just be – it would be my desire to have my man take me on a date, where by surprise, he reserves tables at my favorite restaurant in Virginia Beach, and invites my son, his daughter and 20 of my closest friends to propose his hand in marriage. Damn like that ‘s gonna happen – I’ll just be happy to take a trip to the Harry mason website and have him spend $100 over my $100 shopping spree and I get to have a really cool eargasm!

  46. Avatar

    Oooh…..My dream date would be with Hugh Jackman and a cruise from NY to Europe, where we would travel from Scotland, through England, over to Ireland then across the channel and visit Spain, Germany and Italy……and I would have enough money to buy all the shoes I could imagine (and I can imagine a lot). And every where I went, the europeans would be in awe of my fantastic earspirals!!!!

  47. Avatar

    Hmm, the perfect date. If money is no object, let’s go to Japan for some seriously fresh sushi right on the beach in Okinawa, and then laze around in the sun.

  48. Avatar

    My dream date would be to go to every amusement park in the US and ride all of the roller coasters!! Then have dinner on the beach with lots of sangria!!

  49. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be to find a guy that wasn’t self-absorbed and fly to Paris for dinner, a walk along the Seine and a long evening of eargams! πŸ™‚

  50. Avatar

    Wow! I had no idea there was a website! If money was no object my date would be in San Francisco & would include a trip to Harry Mason’s shop where dh & I last went on our honeymoon 16 years ago. I bought my only pair of earspirals then & yes, I do get compliments every time I wear them.

    Off to send the shop linky to dh πŸ˜‰

  51. Avatar

    I wear Harry Mason earrings, and am certain that in my town of 2000 I am the only person who does. Ear threads are my latest craze, but I love the spirals, too!

    My dream date would have to include the date, so I pick. . . .Laurence Fishburne. And we’ll go to Boston to eat great seafood, take a walking tour and visit the New England Aquarium.

  52. Avatar

    My dream date would be to take my family to Ireland to get to know their family there. The earrings would just be an added bonus..

  53. Avatar

    If money were no objetc I would take my family to every contry to see all the major and minor sites i would be a long vacation.

  54. Avatar

    Oh I’d so love to win this!

    A date with no limits? Would be a long weekend in a very expensive cabin in the swiss mountains with an on-hand masseuse, chef, wine-cellar, etc.

    Oh, and lots of wood for the fire… ^_^

  55. Avatar

    Please pick me ! I’d wear my Harry Mason earrings while I walk a private beach at with my wonderful husband ~ And then he’d kiss me, and my beautiful earrings would catch the light of the setting sun …

  56. Avatar

    Well……My for my dream date money would not be an issue because Jon Bon Jovi would pick my up and fly me away to Paris in his own personal jet…………He’s so dreamy! We would have dinner at the fanciest restaurant in the city and I would not be able to eat because I would be in such awe <3, Make a complete fool of myself because I would not be able blink the whole time I was with him. And he would buy me the whole collection of those awesome looking ear rings.
    Oh Snap!!!! I woke up!

  57. Avatar

    Love the ear spirals – and would love a shopping spree. My date would include a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

  58. Avatar

    If money was no object, my perfect date would be in Europe, definitely. Or maybe Walt Disney World. Or on a cruise. There are too many options! :]]

    Alsooo, the star-shaped earrings are wild! They look so awesome.. I don’t know if I could pull them off, though!

  59. Avatar

    I LOVE Harry’s earrings, and yes they are eargasmic LOL!

    My “dream” date would include a private jet to Paris, with an amazing dinner served at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe a sunrise balloon ride over Provence the next morning added in!

  60. Avatar

    If money were no object, my date would be with my sweetie to find, buy and fill a new large Recsue Rance for horses and get them all great Vet care, feed, and our love. We can only house a few here where we are now and always get people calling, writting and emailing us to take more.
    It goes with out saying I love ALL the ear jewlery!

  61. Avatar

    The date…on the Concord of course, to Italy or France for some excellent food and atmosphere….oh… and I would be wearing my gorgeous new earrings!
    Aaaahhhhh….to dream!

  62. Avatar

    Love the post — and Harry Mason. My one no-matter-what-else-I-have-to-do stop whenever I’m in San Francisco. Now to the no-limits adventure. No contest. It’s the Orient Express from Vienna to Instabul. The motion of the train,the elegance, the sumptuous food, the romance…and throw in an Agatha Christie-like adventure starring Harrison Ford and me. What could be more perfect? I’ll wear my Harry Mason earrings…a different pair every day and another pair every night. (You know, of couse, that a lady is never without her Harry Mason earrings whatever else she may — or may not — be wearing.)

  63. Avatar

    What would I do, money no object? I would get bungalow on the beach on a tropical island or the Whitsundays in Oz for a romantic stay – candlelit dinner for two on the veranda and a wonderful night on a gorgeous bed under the mosquito net, waking to the sound of the waves before boarding a yacht for a day’s sailing. Ahhh, Bliss!

  64. Avatar

    My perfect date would include flying with my date to San Francisco, shopping at Harry Mason, eating lunch in little italy even though there are too many wonderful places to eat to choose one in particular, shopping at City Lights, driving up to Sonoma, doing some wine tastings at Armida Winery because their PoiZIN is fabulous, then eating in some nice little restaurant in Sonoma, like the the Healdsburg Grill before stopping for the night at a spa. There would be eargasims, mindgasims, foodgasims, winegasims and orgasims all in one day.

  65. Avatar

    Money no object…the sky is the limit – literally!

    So, for my date, I would take my pilot husband to purchase the plane of his dreams! Then I would give him a flight plan for an exotic locale and tell him he is to fly us there – which would give him a ‘gasm! πŸ˜‰

    Once on the ground, I would hand him a small, flat package tied with HUGE bills shaped like a spiral. Inside, he would find two tickets for a World Cruise that takes a full year to complete! Telling him that the only things I’ve actually packed are swimming trunks for him, a bikini for me and 365 pairs of Harry Mason spirals gives him another ‘gasm! Everything else we need for our year’s journey will be picked up in our various ports.

    Once we return from our cruise, I would ask him to fly us to Cape Cod where I hand him the keys to our dream home overlooking the ocean. Once we finished furnishing the home, I would ask him to fly us to wine country California where I would blindfold him and take him to our brand new hillside villa complete with vineyard – then we would immediately head downtown San Fran, say hello to Harry and order one of everything that was new since embarking on our ‘date’!

    Thanks for the blog! So funny and fresh!

  66. Avatar

    My daughter and I have over 50 Harry Mason earrings between the two of us. A few years ago we lost all of our earrings in a move – we think we threw out a box without looking to see if it was empty. We then scheduled a trip to SF and went directly – without stopping, to Pier 39 where we attempted to replenish our supply. $100 would certainly help to boost our numbers. Can’t wait!!

  67. Avatar

    Ah, if money were no object… I would like to go to New York City with my husband. We’d stay in a luxurious hotel, eat at the finest restaurants and go to many, many Broadway shows. He could take me to the five boroughs so I could see all the sights he (and my daughter) have talked about from their visits to NYC. And of course, I would be dazzling in my Harry Mason earrings.

  68. Avatar

    I would have dinner on the beach at sunset with my honey. Blue crab steamed over a campfire with potatoes roasted in foil in the fire embers. A glass of wine and creme brule from my favorite restaurant for dessert. Go for a walk along the beach and feel the tide move the sand underneath my toes. That would be Heaven.
    I love the threads and the spirals.

  69. Avatar

    I didn’t realize he had a store on Pier 39!!!! That’s usually because the kids make me take them on the freakin Merry-Go-Round like 10 times so by the 11th time I’m screaming, “Can we just leave already?” so it’s no wonder I have no clue what stores are actually on the pier!

    My perfect date if money weren’t an issue…would be to go to Greece or Italy. Tim’s been to both places but I haven’t so his trips don’t count. He couldn’t have possibly had any fun since I wasn’t there to entertain him.

  70. Avatar

    Ooooooo my I’m in cyberlove….
    My dream, money has no limit date would be……
    Picnic Lunch in the park by the Eiffel Tower, shopping
    Stay for a late dinner in Paris, more shopping
    and then to end the night a quick flight to Monaco for some dancing and gambling….
    with My husband who won’t mind all the shopping(you said it was a dream…lol)

  71. Avatar
    Carolyn Otterson

    I’d like to go back to Preikestolen in Norway, without having to make the climb this time. I’d like to have a candlelit dinner await me and my husband, with a toast to to one of the most beautiful places in the world! (And I was wearing my ear fancies while I was up there!)

  72. Avatar

    A 71, I may be your oldest ear spiral customer! I bought my first pair at a craft show in ////////Since I can’t walk in stilletos anymore, I choose to dress up my ears – but have not had Harry to seduce my ears! I’m still waiting.

    If money were no object, I would get Harry’s most esqusite ear spirals and dress myself up, making myself be 29 again and I would go out and hae the best time ever. Since getting old is no fun, a fantasy date would be wonderful! I hope I win. I will be buried in my favorite spirals so everyone up in heaven will want a pair. LOL

  73. Avatar

    I NEED an eargasm AND my date-night because my husband and I have not gone on a date since…let me see, how old is my first child? 4 years, 4 months…actually before that even because we didn’t go out towards the end of my pregnancy. LOL Seriously though…in the past 4 years, we’ve had a babysitter exactly 6 times! So, if you could see your way to not only aiding in my eargasm, but also granting my date night wish, it would be very generous of you!

    My dream date, money does not matter? Well, today it would be to fly to anywhere in Italy for a fabulous dinner and then fly to Paris for dessert and coffee. Then it would be off to a private island for an evening together and to watch the sun rise.

  74. Avatar

    Hmmm… I would definitely be wearing one of my dozen or so “Harry Mason” earrings (which I do anyway) and I guess my dream spot would be on a cruise going from San Francisco to Australia. It would have to be at least for six weeks, probably one week on the cruise ship and then four weeks to go on land and explore Australia. I suppose the last week would have to be the trip back home (boo hoo) on the cruise ship.

  75. Avatar
    El Quintrell-Barlow

    Wow, asking me 4 my website! What a rush! I have no web site. : ( But, I wld like 2 have 1! I have plenty 2 say and 2 do. Def cld use some income! frontburner!
    You are pure entertainment! What a sharp wit! Thanx! I laughed and laughed!
    Something for everyone:
    Live is good. Namaste
    P.S. Harry Mason ears ROCK! I love all! Ear Fancys, now my favorite. No, Ear Spirals, No Ear Fancys, No, blah, blah, blah, blah-blah. I dig Harry Mason ears! I cld do that $100 shoping spree w/out taking a breath! Without even putting my clothes on! God Bless Harry mason & his success. I don’t know about you! (tee-hee). “L”

  76. Avatar

    My perfect date if money were no object? My husband is very hard to surprise. I would like to take surprise him with a trip to the Bahamas without the kids. Just sit on the beach & do nothing!

  77. Avatar

    my perfect date: my husband and I are transported by boat out to a secluded island surrounded by turquoise waters. The lagoon is tranquil and opalescent. On the sand, our captain sets up a table, 2 chairs, and a fabulous dinner. And leaves.
    My husband and I eat dinner, drink champagne, enjoy a nude swim. Evening ripens, and the stars twinkle up. We make love like wild animals.

  78. Avatar

    I’m already planning on doing some Christmas shopping here so lets make it a really good xmas and I can get me some earspirals too!

  79. Avatar

    I bought my first pair of HM earrings 12 years ago at the pier. It was a wonderful trip with my hubby and kids.

    My perfect date would be with that same hubby on Valentines Day, 2011; our 30th anniversary at a great restaurant on the wharf in San Francisco!

  80. Avatar

    Perfect date??? Been so long since I have been on a date I wouldn’t even know what the perfect date would be!

  81. Avatar

    If I was on a date (which would be a miracle) I would be of course wearing my HM ear spirals, wraps or pins – depending on my mood.
    I would love to be on a cruise- with someone kind, and loving. We would wave at my husband on the shore – alone after his girlfriend dumped him!

  82. Avatar

    I love those funky shapes!

    Money no object? A weekend sitter, train to NYC, posh hotel, theater tickets and great dinner reservations.

    Seeing as how I live in the boonies a 6 hour train ride from NYC I have no idea what is playing or where a good dinner would be so I am leaving the choice of show and food to the posh hotel concierge.

  83. Avatar

    My dream date would a little like the move Groundhog Day only it would be reliving a quick flight to different destinations in Europe, having an elegant dinner on the banks of some body of water, spending the night in a luxurious hotel, and wandering around the city spending money on everything that sparkles. My husband and I would have to relive this same 24 hours in a different city time and again until we found the place we truly belonged.

  84. Avatar

    If money were no object, I would like to fly to Switzerland and see the alps on a date. I would love to visit all the countryside shops and purchase swiss watches!

  85. Avatar

    I LOVE Harry Mason earrings!!

    If money were no object – I would like to go to Italy for lunch and have dinner in Paris and then cruise around the world until I’ve seen every place there is to see – wearing my Harry Mason earrings! πŸ™‚

  86. Avatar

    My dream date….I think it would be to fly out to Santa Fe, NM and visit the Loretta Chapel to renew our wedding vows. Such a beautiful and spiritual place.

  87. Avatar

    I love Harry’s earrings. I was in eargasm heaven when I visited the Pier 39 store.

    Money no object date – chowder & sour dough bread with champagne overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge & a pair of every style of Harry Mason earrings with matching bits & bobs too.

  88. Avatar

    Oh man! I would LOVE to fly to Italy for a date. That just sounds beyond romantic. Wandering the streets of Italy… grabbing some gelato. Yum!

  89. Avatar

    My fantasy date would start with jetting to Edinburgh, Scotland (on a private jet, of course). Once there, we’d start with a tour of Mary King’s Close – the underground city of Edinburgh, then we’d walk up the Royal Mile holding hands and buying silly Scotland trinkets. Afterwards, we’d check in at the Dalhousie Castle to change into fabulous clothes (including my Harry Mason earrings!) so that we’d be dressed appropriately for dinner at The Witchery. After an amazing dinner of beef wellington and a sumptuous desert. We’d head back to Dalhousie Castle to spend the night.

  90. Avatar

    OOOh, I hope I win!

    I’d be off to Paris with my hubby. Perhaps recreate time spent there in the past–salami and french bread and yummy french mustard, red wine, on one of the bridges over the Seine!

  91. Avatar

    Gorgeous earrings!!

    If money were no object, I’d like to go back to Rome with my husband and eat pizza by the Pantheon like we did on our honeymoon. It was so much fun!

  92. Avatar

    Gorgeous stuff!!!
    i was just in SF last month, wonderful city =)
    Hmmm if money was no object, i’d fly away to a beachy resort.
    Maybe Tahiti, Bora Bora ??? hehee With hubby of course and maybe without the kiddies ??

    anyways, thanks for the chance to win! i have a few pieces i’m eyeing!

  93. Avatar

    My dream date would be a romantic picnic at a vineyard with my husband.(wearing my new earrings of course).

  94. Avatar

    On my date I would go to Hawaii with my husband Rick and my son Tom and his wife Alicia and watch the sun set. Tom has type 4 brain cancer, so the trip needs to be soon.

  95. Avatar

    My dream date would occur while a maid was cleaning my house and the worlds best nanny was watching my children. My husband and I would go on the honeymoon that we never had to a warm and sunny place called Costa Rica. He would fish, I would watch. I would shop, he would watch. We would have our own bungalow with an ocean view and private beach. There would be NO bugs, plenty of food, bottled water, and Riesling. We would have a private chef, take our time, and relax. With an ocean song, stars a plenty, and no one barging in yelling “MOM”, you can imagine the rest.

  96. Avatar

    If money were no object? I’d be in Bali, wearing a sarong and the latest pair of eargasms – oops, I mean earrings from Harry Mason…I’m relaxing on a lounge chair in the sand, tropical drink in hand..palm trees swaying – my husband would be entranced by the movement of my head as my earrings caught the last rays of the most beautiful sunset upon the ocean!
    Eargasms in Bali…sounds like a new song by Yanni –
    What a life!!

  97. Avatar

    Love Harry Mason jewelry and often get comments on them as I live in Kentucky and people wonder how they go in your ears!

    I would love to spend the day on the Hawaiian island Kauai and watch the beautiful sunset at the end of the day. My second choice would be any other beach!

  98. Avatar

    If money were no object I would go to Prague. It is a beautiful city and full of history. Then I would take a side trip to Warsaw and end the date in Paris. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  99. Avatar

    I must admit, that a few years ago, my comments would have been much different! Now, money or not… doesn’t matter, when you are with someone you truly love being with and without doubt, you know that he loves spending time with you as well! I am fifty something… L.O.L….. Yes, I made it!!!! I am finally discovering the true beauty in life, I raised my kids, and have loved them deeply! Now, I have found a special someone who I truly enjoy spending the moments of my life with. So I guess, as long as I am with him, any date, would be perfect, it’s not the place, or the food, it’s who you spend that time with… the other things are merely decorative, and can add to the fun.

    I can’t do regular earrings, and so… I wear ear cuffs. Harry’s ear cuffs are the best! They are comfortable, so much so, that I forget they are on my ears!!!! I love them, they are fun! Keep up the great work!

    So with all that said, I guess, if I could pick and choose, what to do and what to wear… it would be somewhere tropical, fresh fruit, a nice glass of wine, soft music, local cuisine, a little black dress, with a stunning ear cuff, black pearl at my throat, bare foot, and for dessert, a stroll along the beach at that waters edge with a glass of sweet italian champagne… holding hands with my sweetheart, a full moon, a warm, gentle breeze…

  100. Avatar

    I would love to fly to Japan for a date. Just wandering around Tokyo catching the sites and have dinner.

  101. Avatar

    Dream date huh?

    Well, money’s no object, but what about time? I’m gonna pretend like that’s no object too. Best date ever would be to start the night with dinner, as guest judges on Iron Chef America with Morimoto(screw Flay), and some awesome person as the challenger AND something I’ve never even heard of before as the secret ingredient, but it has to be delicious!!! THEN Hang gliding! And after that…a trip meet David Tennant and Patrick Stewart for tea and cards. I would probably have died from sheer squee by this point but on the off chance that I’m still breathing, I’d like to end the night( I guess we’re in Alaska or something where the nights last waaaay longer than they should) in an awesome log cabin in the woods by a fire drinking pomegranate wine and reading and having a “Ghost” type pottery scene with my special someone(shut up, I love that movie). Yup. That would be awesome.

  102. Avatar

    Fantasy date: Drive with my hubby to the coast, stay at our favorite (but expensive) hotel. Have lots of room service and book in-room massages for two. mmmm..

  103. Avatar

    My fantasy First date would start with a breakfast in Paris at a little place with a view of the Eiffel Tower. From there we’d fly to the south of France and take a scenic flight. Then we’d zip over the Rome for lunch followed my a flight around Tuscany and Dinner on a Greek Island

  104. Avatar

    My fantasy date, if money were not an option, would be a trip to Japan to see a LM.C concert (They’re a japanese rock band that I’m in love with!).

  105. Avatar

    If money were no object, I would love to go where it’s warm, sandy, and has an ocean attached to the sand!

  106. Avatar

    Those are amazing!!! I already see my outfits!lol

    If money were no object for my boyfriend and myself would get on a jet to New York and eat at Smith & Wollensky (that’s THE best steak house ever!!). And then we would stay in the hamptons for the weekend. Just relaxing and having a great weekend with no interruptions or anything.

    I know I’m not gonna win. And a dates not gonna happen but hey, a girl can dream right?!

  107. Avatar

    My fantasy first date would be to go on a long cycle ride in the hills and end at the seaside somewhere and we would sit on the beach in the sunshine (clearly it will be my lucky day – a sunny day in Britain) and eat a picnic on a blanket and then possibly have an ice cream while we watch the sunset.

  108. Avatar

    Perfect date would be sitting on a private cliff in Negril Jamaica with my hubby and aan umbrella drink.

  109. Avatar
    Brittany Lemmons

    I found out about this shopping spree via an email after purchasing these amazing earrings for a friend’s birthday. I say it is most absolutely time I get to treat myself here.

    Fantasy first date. First of all, fantasy man would know exactly what to do and not show up asking me how I’d like to spend my evening. He’ll send a limo to my home to pick me up and deliver me a box with a dress in it. After putting the dress on I will be escorted to the airport where I meet him at his private jet. He personally flies us (or perhaps we use the autopilot function πŸ˜‰ ) to an elegant dinner on the beach. I’m picturing it being personally catered. Candle light, flowers and wine. The sound of the ocean adding to the ambiance. By the way, don’t be dismayed at the idea of using the autopilot funtion on a first day. Perhaps I forgot to mention that my fantasy man is Gerard Butler meets George Clooney. I’m sure someone out there understands. I can only be so strong.

  110. Avatar

    As a newbie to this blog, let me just say the stories were hilarious. I found it dangerously, provocatively and, i’m sure the writer hopes, compellingly entertaining.
    And i didn’t even have to open my thesaurus once for all that!
    Owning a couple of Harry’s pretties myself, i can only hope for the opportunity to buy a few more. My ears are crying out for threaders and spirals, although whether i can pair them with the apppropriate outfits, as you have, remains to be seen.

    PS You’ll have to wait in line for Anderson. Mom always did say he loved me best.

  111. Avatar

    I only have four of the earrings pictured — and then there are the others … and the cuffs … and I love ’em all! The money-no-object date would be a cruise on the Danube from Vienna via Budapest and Belgrade to the Black Sea. A private chef, fine wines and stops along the way whenever we wanted them would all be part of it.

  112. Avatar

    Look at that; i was so excited about the chance to respond, i forgot to follow the rules!
    If money were no object, a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunrise would be spectacular, holding hands with that special someone and sipping the perfect lattes to match.
    Then, on to Rome to stroll arm-in-arm in front of the Basilica and sample some of the world’s finest cheese and pastries.
    Paris, at last. The city of lights at night, a ride up the Eiffel Tower, and desert a deux, staring into the eyes of your love du jour. Ooh, la, la ! Tres magnifique!!

  113. Avatar

    If money was no object, I would hop a plane to London to take in as many of the sights as possible!

  114. Avatar

    A trip anywhere?? How about Hawaii or Ireland. I’d be happy with a week or two at either one. Beaches or castles. I’d love either one, no question… And with some awesome earrings, even better.

  115. Avatar

    I’ve got a Harry Mason collection for any type of date – my favorite would be in Hawaii where I’d were my black pearl earspirals.

  116. Avatar

    If money were no object, of course I would fly to upstate NY to meet YOU, or fly YOU to meet ME in Ireland, or how about FLY BOTH OF US to somewhere fantublous? Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Seychelles……. we could do a world tour!

    PS pick me, to be sure, to be sure (in an Norn Iron accent) (except we don’t really say that unless tourists are around)

  117. Avatar

    Fantasy Date: Hmmmmm Going ANYWHERE on a date with my wonderful hubby is a fantasy date. But it would be fun to go to San Francisco for our date. I’ve never been there. I’d love it if we could see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, maybe tour the Napa Valley and, of course, shop at Harry Mason Designer Jewelry! πŸ™‚

  118. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be with my husband…sitting out watching the sunset on a warm night having a steak dinner. Then, it would start to snow and we would sit in the hot tub that magically appeared with a glass of white wine. And magically, the snow would stop and it would be warm when we stepped out of the hot tub and wrapped ourselves in thick, soft towels.

  119. Avatar

    I have, and will have more, of Harry’s earrings…I adore them.

    Fantasy date would be with the men from the New York Fire Fighters Hunk Calendar, all of them!! I would want to be in Ireland where the grass really is greener on the other side of the hill and we would be riding horseback through the glens. Then, we would find a pub where they serve warm beer, cold mutton, and Irish soda bread….yum!!! Finally, I’d have them carry me to my at a time. The first one to carry me up would leave me there and the second one would carry me down and so on and so on. Being picked up and carried by a strong man is the ideal fantasy. hhhmmm? whatcha think?

  120. Avatar

    I love Harry’s earrings. I alway stop in at the Pier 39 store. when I am visiting or I have friends pick me up something if they are there.

    My money no object date would be cruising around the world, soo many places I want to visit. All the more oppertunity to show off my HM earrings.

  121. Avatar

    The dream date would be for my 25th wedding anniversary. We’d go to a the Garden Place Hotel for dinner and an overnight in their luxury rooms with king beds and in room jacuzzi’s.

  122. Avatar

    Love the earrings!
    If I could have my dream date with my hubby it would be to fly to a private island and have a wonderfully catered french dinner. Those two don’t seem to go together but that is just what I would wish for. Quiet time with my husband. Love it!

  123. Avatar

    A weekend trip to Maine would be a perfect date. There’s a wonderful little hotel we like that has a fantastic pub to relax in while enjoying drinks and seafood.
    Harry’s earrings are my all time favorites. I discovered them while visiting San Francisco 17 years ago. Living on the east coast, I always receive appreciative comments when wearing them. They are so unique it always makes me feel special. Each year my husband purchases a new surprise pair for my birthday or Christmas as my β€œspecial” gift.

  124. Avatar

    I would take my husband to Maui for day at the beach snorkeling and relaxing before indulging in a seafood dinner with the local food!

  125. Avatar

    Rent out an entire upscale restaurant in Bangor, Maine and invite Stephen King out to dinner πŸ˜€

  126. Avatar

    My first eargasms were bought at the Pier 39 store amongst the barking sea lions and it instantly become my favorite ‘go to’ place. Some dozen pairs later, there are still so many new ‘gasms’ to try! Best date would have to be to the Galapagos Island on a cruise with my Gordy and roam amongst the exotic wildlife and sea creatures. With no worries. Savoring lucious seafood & tropical fruits. Mmmm!

  127. Avatar

    I would take a trip to Paris then use their train system and hit up every cafe in Europe over the course of a month or two.

  128. Avatar

    I’d like to fly to Italy for dinner, France for desert and the go on a cruise to the Caribbean.
    clenna at aol dot com

  129. Avatar

    Oh my!!! I know I just love you so much! anyway,
    If I could go anywhere on a date I would want to go to the english countryside and ride horses and have a picnic and do all that great stuff you see british people do on those murder mysteries before they get killed and I would take my Richard with me because he is my sweetie.Thank you and have a wonderful week.

  130. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be to tour the parthenon just before sunset, and then have
    dinner on a beach as the sun sinks below the horizon.

  131. Avatar

    I don’t care where I would be…I would hire the entire cast of Friends and go hang with them for a week! I would let Phoebe fly a plane, I would give Joey guitar lessons, I would take Rachel to Bloomingdales, I would buy Ross a pair of leather pants and I would give Mon and Chandler counseling sessions cause I bet she is driving him crazy with her OCD by now!

  132. Avatar

    If money were no object my dream date would be in Europe, namely in Germany, Italy, and France. I’m a history dork, so I’d want to be checking out museums and historical sites, and enjoying the best cuisine that we could find.

  133. Avatar


    For a dream date I am pretty easy. A quiet weekend somewhere with my husband without kids is all I need!

  134. Avatar

    The best date ever would be a dinner in a vineyard and a sampling of wines. Of course we would have to fly there in ………’s private jet. I’m thinking the South of France. With desert.

  135. Avatar

    A wonderful date would be dinner at a fancy restaurant overlooking the beach followed by a hot air balloon ride.

  136. Avatar

    If money were no object, we would definitely take off for Korea. Hubby was raised there and hasn’t been back since he was 8 or 9. He has uncles he doesn’t remember and food he does! It would be fantastic to go see where he grew up and really see how different their world is from ours. One of these days. πŸ™‚

  137. Avatar

    The thing I love most about Harry Mason is his giving the cancer earrings for just the cost of shippnig! Gave one of the pairs I ordered to a cancer survivor and she couldn’t believe it when I told her they weren’t from me, but were from Harry. The other pair is also going to a cancer survivor. I have loved his earrings since I bought my first pair on the wharf as a tourist. He and his wife have wonderful hearts and I believe that is the reason they are so successful. Continued success to them. Darlie

  138. Avatar

    My dream date would have to last for a weekend! Saturday at the beach all day then to NYC for dinner and a show and a fabulous hotel. Sunday shopping all day then a private after hours tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Ar followed by another amazing dinner and limo home!

  139. Avatar

    Wow … a shopping spree at Harry Masons! Isn’t that almost a fantasy date in itself? LOL!

    If money was no object … my fantasy date would be the Bahamas, basking in the warm sun by the ocean, sipping some exotic fruit drink on the deck of my cabin. Of course, I would need the company of a totally gorgeous fantasy man … who would ADORE my spirals, and of course, me πŸ™‚

    I would LOVE to win this … *fingers crossed!*

  140. Avatar

    I make it out to San Francisco once or twice a year, and heading to the “Pier” is always on the list…and not for food, drink or souvenirs…but to traipse upstairs to see what is new at Harry’s place! It is always like heading home for the holidays! Roxanne is always there to greet me with all her abundance of energy and saleswoman talents. I have never left the store with only one pair of earrings. Roxanne is awesome and I am proud of her accomplishments in life. She always makes me feel welcome back to San Francisco…I would vote for her to be the city ambassador, even! I met Harry at my last trek, which was especially fun. I head back to California in November for my son’s wedding. Guess which store is on my list????? See ya in November!!!

  141. Avatar

    If money was no object, I would buy a private “condo” on the cruise ship “The Residensea” so that I could live onboard permanently and circumnavigate the globe and stop at fabulous ports of call in exotic countries without ever having to unpack or buy an airplane ticket! Sigh….I’ll keep dreaming!

  142. Avatar
    Melissa Kitajima

    I would jet to Bora Bora, lay next to the water for hours, then eat a delicious seafood dinner and have small bites of every possible dessert I can think of.

  143. Avatar

    My wish is to go to Europe and have a 3 month holiday and see as much as I can as I may never get back there.
    I bought my wonderful Heart earring on a trip to San Fransisco and they alway remind me of the wonderful time I had in America
    Lesley – Australia xx

  144. Avatar

    If money were no object I would start the date off by flying to Hawaii for a late brunch, do some snorkeling and sunbathing. Then hop on the jet to Japan for a few days to do some shopping. Then I would cruise down to Australia for a week, and top the whole extra long date off with a stop in Vegas Baby! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  145. Avatar

    I am in love with Harry Mason ear spirals, wraps, and cuffs. We came across them on our anniversary trip to San Fransisco and I want to collect more and more.

  146. Avatar

    A trip around the world with my man that I’ve waited 52 years for!! We would love to travel to the out of the way places and see the real world. Any major city would be OK for a day – but we love to hike and travel and sightsee – so all the little known out of the way places would be perfect. And on the trip I would need to take all my Harry Mason earrings!!! Jewelry is my biggest “achilles heel” – I have to have my bling on every day!!
    Happy travelring!!!

  147. Avatar

    Right now I would love to fly to Greece, eat authentic Greek food, see all the beautiful ruins and swim in the Mediterranean sea. Darn Sisterhood of the travelling pants.

  148. Avatar

    If money were no object, my dream date would be a private jet to the Italian dolomites ending with a stop in Cinque Terre for a couple of days. And the date would last about 2 weeks.

  149. Avatar

    I love your collection. I visited San Francisco and fell in love with your jewelery. Please help me to win

  150. Avatar

    Okay, now that I am in the top 10, because we all know doesn’t usually pick low numbers… (watch, this time it will!)

    Definitely a cruise. To St. John. With rum drinks. πŸ™‚ Or to Disney. Without the kids. Because then I could do what *I* want to for a change.

  151. Avatar

    I would go to this magnificent resort in Uganda on the banks of Lake Victoria and have dinner on a table by the lake. And squeal when the giant crane comes by to steal my food πŸ™‚ oh – and I will be wearing super shiny earrings as I dine πŸ™‚

  152. Avatar

    ***Waves HI HARRY**** πŸ™‚ of course I’m thinking after all these BILLIONS of comments he won’t see mine..sniff..Not to mention he probably hates me now πŸ™ But anywayyyy…wow I’d love to win!!

    Ok. the date? hmm… just rolling nekid together in all the money that my druthers have room for OR at least in enough money to pay for a trip to Italy πŸ˜‰

  153. Avatar

    Ok I’ve been drooling after these earrings for a while now. Gorgeous. I’d take my boyfriend on a private jet around the country to visit and meet my family. We’ve only made it home one time since we’ve been together and he still hasn’t met my grandparents.

  154. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be to fly off to a deserted tropical island and have a romantic dinner and take a refreshing swim in the ocean.

  155. Avatar

    I would fly to France and go to a winery for dinner and then a nightclub for dancing then stay in a B&B and have a champayne breakfast and then fly home!

  156. Avatar

    My birthday is tomorrow–the 24th–so my dream date would be to fly to Alaska and spend a week there, then cruise to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, on to Tahiti, then down to Australia, then cruise on to the Orient, walk the Great Wall of China, enjoy all the sights along the way, then fly home via Las Vegas and hopefully win a bunch of money!

  157. Avatar

    If $ were no object, my husband of 32 years and I would board a first class flight to Paris for a lovely dinner, observe a panoramic view of the city from the Eiffel Tower and take an evening stroll around this magical city, all while I am sporting my latest pair of Harry Mason earspirals. Now, that’s what I call “date night”!!!

  158. Avatar

    Love these earrings, especially the ones I’m wearing right now which were purchased yesterday. One cannot own too many pair of ear spirals! I will be wearing my silver spirals with the fluffly silver ball dangles on my romantic date at the villa in Tuscany. The perfect view, perfect wine, perfect meal, perfect man…my husband who doesn’t complain when I keep coming home with new ear spirals from Harry Mason!

  159. Avatar

    My dream date would be to attend a concert or the opera at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia, followed by a dinner on the quay while enjoying a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To be followed by a slow walk stopping at every gelato stand along the way. This way I can show off my fabulous earrings all night long!

  160. Avatar

    My ‘if money is no object’ date would be to fly to Japan and dine on some sushi with a bit of sake wearing my most eargasmic earspirals from Harry Mason.

  161. Avatar

    If money were no object, I’d want the most expensive room in Las Vegas with an unlimited budget to shop, dance, go to shows, and consume calories. And we’d go there in Oprah’s private jet (without her, of course!)

  162. Avatar

    a dream date… & money’s no object?!?!
    i’d want the usual: dinner, a movie, & some dancing.
    the dinner will be in one of my favorite restaurants in Toronto. we’ll have a million courses.
    then it’s off to a private screening of a hit-comedy with slushies & popcorn & nachos&cheese.
    we’ll end the night with a quick flight on a super fast private jet to LA to fast track the lines in one of those ridiculously hip clubs & dance until we can’t stand anymore.
    *of course i’d be rockin’ some Harry Mason earrings

  163. Avatar

    What a super question. I did not need a second to think of my answer because I have made this comment hundreds of times when asked.
    If money was no object, I would like to be on the top deck of any of the Royal Carribian liners, with my face to the sun and hot fudge between my teeth while I repeat over and over…whip me, beat me, burn me, Mr. Sun. I have said it so many times that no one listens or responds anymore. But now that I am a grandmother and older and wiser, and money no object….I would like to have my little granddaughters right me beside me on that upper deck (with sunblock of course).

  164. Avatar

    In the middle of a hot desert summer, I would like to fly to Alaska for the day – one of their super-long days. My hubby loves Alaska, and it would be nice to get out of the 100 -110 degree weather, even for just the day.

  165. Avatar

    If money were no object, my dream date would be a month in Australia visiting the outback and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef with my husband. How awesome that would be!!!

  166. Avatar

    If I could have a weekend with unlimited amts. of money, I would spend every penny on making the lives of my great grandson, age 3 going on 4, and my daughter-in-law who both are battling the awful heart breaking disease of cancer! I would also spread it to every other person on earth who has to suffer with the disease and its consequences!

  167. Avatar

    Hmmmm fantasy date?

    Well, considering DH and I never really got a honeymoon, or an adult only vacation, this is easy!
    I think anywhere tropical would work….Hawaiian Islands, Cancun….I’m good with all that. Sand, sun, a little sangria, good food, no work, maybe some internet, a good book, and my good man. That’s about it. And no dishes or laundry! πŸ˜€

    Beautiful jewelry…thanks for the invitation to win!

  168. Avatar

    I money were no object, I would invite my extended family and Steve’s extended family on a 10 day cruise of the Greek Isles. I would mix and match the rooms and dinner assignments so that those who haven’t talked in ages and can’t remember why they don’t but feel it had to be something bad. I’d make sure they had to talk or be bored. Hopefully the manipulations and scenery would result in a big happy family. I think it would work and I can dream, right?

  169. Avatar

    I have always thought it would be so cool to “jet” somewhere exotic in a private jet, just for dinner. Maybe on a tropical beach, white drapes blowing in the breeze, lots of candles, wine, and why not, George Clooney!

    Love the earrings!

  170. Avatar

    I love all the artists that create the jewelry at Harry’s Pier 39 shop. I first found all of the at large craft fairs and private sellers. Now I just visit one place to see all my favorites.

    As for a date, y’all have some wonderful ideas. I would settle for a quiet night of wine, dinner and dancing on some gorgious veranda overlooking the ocean in a exotic country.

  171. Avatar

    I would love to type that I want to jet off to experience exotic nightlife with my husband, George Clooney, and whatever model-slash-waitress he is dating today, but as I count down the last few days before the big 4-0 even the thought of such an evening is exhausting.

    *props feet up on coffee table and lifts wine*

    I am big enough to admit that it is 8pmish and I am d-o-n-e for the day. So instead, I will wish for a private jet to Ireland where we can sit on the gorgeous green grass and enjoy a quiet picnic with no thoughts of what the dog is eating, the kids are breaking, the cats are climbing, or that weird smell is.

    can you say PEACE?

  172. Avatar

    I’m thinking transatlantic cruise on Star Clippers (again). Nothing like a few weeks at sea on a sailing ship, away from EVERYTHING but whales, dolphins, hymns at sunset, great meals, massages, and endless ocean. That’s IT!!

  173. Avatar

    I’d go to Paris and drink wine and eat cheese and bread and watch the lights come up on the Eiffel Tower

  174. Avatar

    I would take the love of my live on a vacation of his life time; somewhere in the South Pacific maybe a remote island. Just the two of us and leave it to your imagination.

  175. Avatar

    If money were no object, I would like to fly to Venice, stay at a 5-star luxury hotel, and eat at quiet, romantic restaurants.

  176. Avatar

    If money, and time, were no object, we would fly to Australia and take a photo safari. We would see all the sights, watch the moon rise over the Sydney Opera House, and have dinner someplace wonderful.

  177. Avatar

    My fantasy date….

    George Cloony a little seafood restaurant and an amazing jazz club…. the rest is R rated!!

  178. Avatar

    If money were mo object, I would board the QE 2 for an around the world cruise lasting 89 days with my dashing husband of 33 years. Everyday I would wear a different pair of Harry Mason”s beautiful and unique designer earrings! Bon voyage !!!

  179. Avatar

    If money were no object, I’d fly to Italy, find the hottest man willing to have dinner with me and enjoy the food, wine, and whatever came next!

    With my luck, that guy is probably going to be some sixty-year old hornball. Eh, it’s still Italy!!

  180. Avatar

    My ideal date would be lying under a palm tree hearing the ocean, reading a great book – next to the love of my life!

  181. Avatar

    If money were no question We would fly to Disney and stay for as long as it took Us to see all of Disney and everything else in the area and buy souveners and eat at amazing restaurants and stay at 5 store hotels…..Oh please pick Us

  182. Avatar

    Perfect date…sitting in the owners box (wife sitting next to me of course) snacking on jumbo shrimp, while the Philadelphia Eagles destroy the Dallas Cowboys!

  183. Avatar

    Oh my god if I could do anything having my own pair of eargasms designed with all my bad habits in mind would be mind blowing enough but to top it off being able to act out all those habits with my eargasms in place would be the best night any girl could ask for

    Bad habits,

  184. Avatar

    Hmm….well it would be nice to actually have a date sometime this century, so far it’s been pretty dry…=) But if money were no object, I actually would love to go to New York for dinner and a show as I have never been there and would kind of like to go sometime.

  185. Avatar

    Yeah, FOOLS! I need to automatically win because I love bling much more than any male anywhere and I’m proud of it!!!!!! I love the earcuffs and wraps the most, tho. The best date would be to make sweet music using Benidict Eppelsheim instruments on board a luxury cruise liner. Then having a dinner of cajon, Japanese and Cuban delicasies. Followed by swimming, then cuddling then… well, you should get the point.

  186. Avatar

    If I could go on a date and money was no object it would have to be Paris, France. I would have dinner and drinks at the top of the Eifle tower with some hot French dude. Of course I will be wearing my Harry Mason earrings with my outfit because that us how I roll.

  187. Avatar

    A dream date would most likely have to involve Milan, Italy; where I had lived from the ages of 2-4 and of which I only recall very fleeting impressions…things like walking outside a gated plaza with my hand in my father’s, and seeing gaudy swaths of colorful tiles on the other side, lit by streamers of sunlight through a building’s spires. I would like to see that again – this time, holding the hand of another man who will hopefully mean just as much to me.

  188. Avatar
    "Savannah" C. Audrey

    Humm? Date with no cost limitations??? Shopping for fabric at a Greek bazaar, enjoying a great meal while watching Greek men do the “Zorba” dance, then Amsterdam for lunch followed by shoe shopping in Italy with more good food. Since I like spending time with me I do not even need company. Definitely, no sand, no liquor, no desert colors and no crowds. Trees, water and beautiful colors in fabric and nature. I love my threads! I would like the add cuffs. Free, would be good!!

  189. Avatar

    My first date would to go to San francisco and spend the day touring the city and include a shopping trip to Harry Mason’s to buy some great jewelry for the perfect lady. Then have dinner at one of the amazing seafood diners. And then what ever the rest of the night brings!!!!!!

  190. Avatar

    I’d start the day with a champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon and upon landing take a fencing lesson. We’ll parry amongst the trees before stumbling across a perfectly laid out (and ant free) picnic next to the river. From here, we’ll hop into the kayaks banked near us and paddle downstream (and therefore leisurely) down to the city where a feast will await us at whichever restaurant takes our fancy.

  191. Avatar

    A date where money is no object? OK. I can dream like a princess. I want dinner al fresco on the top of the Empire State Building, prepared by Bobby Flay and Mario Batali, served by Jon Hamm and serenaded by Train.
    I might ,though, be an ungrateful date in the end and run off with Jon Hamm.

  192. Avatar

    I looove my HM Earspirals, they are my favorite jewelry indulgence & I love to give them to to friends as well. My dream date, if money & fantasy were no object would have to be: Sendhil Ramamurthy & I going to Hubert Keller’s Fleur de Lys restaurant in Las Vegas, then hitting up an exclusive club on the Strip, bottle service vip to the extreme, & partying until the dawn :). Or just him..anywhere…;)

  193. Avatar

    If money wasn’t an issue, I’d book a plane for my date and I to Ireland. There, we would have a quaint home cooked dinner at a beautiful litttle bed and breakfast place and then go to a pub in Dublin for some ale and song! After a rowdy fun night we would retire back to our lovely rooms at the Bed and Breakfast.

  194. Avatar

    A dream date with no limits?! Well, for starters it would be a dream just to be on a date as a single mom of four kids!!! But as long as we’re dreaming here….a sexy, dark man with eyes only for me (as if that exists! LOL!) and somewhere warm, not hot, and a secluded beach with no interruptions! After several days of being alone together on the beach I would be craving some adventure so on to an unlimited tour of Europe….museums, art, architecture, food, the works!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  195. Avatar

    Mmm…I’d be strolling down a nude beach in the hot Spanish sun with my favorite (yes) MSNBC anchor (so I like older men!), twirling my “ear” threads …ahhh. I NEED some new earrings!

  196. Avatar

    A money, no object date would start with beignets and hot chocolate at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans followed by a little Cajun dancing at Mulates. Then a quick trip to the Hawaiian Islands for a Luau lunch on Honolulu Bay. Dinner would be a private function for two at Rutherfords Grill in the California Wine country with a little combo playing. This would be followed by a performance of ‘Wicked’ at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. A short night at the Argonaut Hotel would be followed by my wifes favorite past-time of looking for Hookers at Harry Mason’s.

  197. Avatar

    My fantasy date would begin with my husband arranging for child care, we begin our date in a 5 star hotel penthouse suite with a huge jacuzzi tub. Then we fly to Italy and have a delicious dinner with the family he has never met, incredibly I speak Italian perfectly! Then it is off to my family in Ireland, again never met but I speak perfect Irish. I am wonderful and brilliant my husband tells me as we jet to Hawaii. We indulge in beach side massages and lots of food. Lastly the children join us at Disney for a week of family fun.

  198. Avatar

    Wow, these are *amazing!* My first date would be Venice, absolutely definitely. We’d start with a gondola ride along Grand Canal, grab a picnic lunch of pizza, pick up a luxurious ice cream for dessert, take the elevator up the Camponile on St Mark’s Square to admire the views, explore the Doge’s Palace, and then settle into a small, cosy, family-run restaurant on a quiet back street overlooking one of the minor canals, to enjoy hearty pasta washed down with good red wine followed by an indulgent slice of tiramisu cake and a proper Italian espresso…. And, of course, I’d be wearing some of these gorgeous earrings all the while πŸ™‚

    And I’m back in the room…. That was FUN!

  199. Avatar

    I would travel with my partner to a natural park, hike to a beautiful spot and have a nice lunch while enjoying the wonderful sights before us

  200. Avatar

    my ultimate date if money would be to fly to hawaii and island hop all day and do all my favorite activities, horse back riding, swimming with the sharks, scuba, jet ski, and then end up in oahu for a feast before heading home, of course if money were no object.

  201. Avatar

    I have been reading your blogs since March of this year almost on a daily basis. Its such a nice break in my work routine! I totally love the earrings! Could we get the Harry Mason collection in India?

    My wish of a dream date would be to fly away in a luxurious private jet with my loved one to a private island, for a luxurious massage, a private swim, an elegant meal (seafood’s our favourite).

  202. Avatar

    If money were no object I would charter a flight to heaven and see my dad. I have a wonderful family but he was a major part of our life and I would LOVE to sit down and have a burger and a drink with him. His infectious laugh would get me through the rest of my life. πŸ™‚

  203. Avatar

    A trip around the world would be awesome. It’s just too hard to pick any one particular place. But then, since some of my ancestors are from Sweden, it would be great to tour there. I just love to wear my Harry Mason spirals and I get lots of good comments from people that see them. They notice them right away. I have quite a few of these spirals but it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten any new ones. So it’s now time to do that.

  204. Avatar

    My dream date would be a picnic dinner on a big rock during a cruise of the Galapagos Islands. I’m ready to go!!!!

  205. Avatar

    Hmmm…If money were no object we would fly to a warm sandy beach and be waited on hand and foot for a blissful evening of incredible food, drinks and relaxation!

  206. Avatar

    My fantasy date would take place on New Year’s Eve. My lover (Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, you get the clue) and I would first celebrate in Paris. After our kiss at midnight under the Eiffel Tower we would dash to our Concord-like jet (except you know, safe) and land in New York where we would watch the ball drop from a penthouse in Times Square. Then we figure, what the hell? Let’s go to California! We then ring in the new year for a third time in San Francisco or San Diego or San Lamalamadingdong.

  207. Avatar

    Hmm, a dream date. I’d like to rent a whole planetarium just for us and watch the stars and planets while snogging my bf. Then off to that extremely expensive hotel suit for one night. You know the ones I’m talking about. With a hot tub and a excellent room service and lots of useless stuff. So I can wear my one fancy night dress, eat dinner at the hotel room and feel all Pretty Woman.

  208. Avatar

    Feet in the sand on the beach in Los Cabo, Mexico with the Precious one, wearing Harry Mason jewelry and who knows, maybe with nothing else on. Gotta love life.

  209. Avatar

    I had a pair of earrings similar to those made by H.M., but I lost one. UGH.
    How can I wear just one ??? BUT NOW, you lead me to this supernova of eargasm!
    My lobes thank-you.
    As for the date…It would involve a flight to Ireland, castles, a few well-known pub in Kiltimagh, and my husband (I guess.) And absolutely no calories.
    Ya…that’s the way I like it.

  210. Avatar
    Miss Jen from twopeas

    If money were no object, I think we’d fly to Paris, rent a limo to take us around to all the sites, have dinner in a little river-side cafe, and then stay in a fancy hotel with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

  211. Avatar

    Italy, Italy, Italy…..biking, wine, trains, eargasms………………what could be better.

    P.S. Will be in SF in September…………..would love to use my winning in person!

  212. Avatar

    I would go to ITALY and stay in some amazing hotel and eat at the most expensive restaurant that has normal food. Especially after seeing eat love pray it makes me want to go more than ever!

  213. Avatar

    I would take my husband to Carolina and go golfing at Pinehurst, with a spa massage after the round and a romantic room service dinner with candlelight…

    P.S. I had an eyegasm when I saw your new blog header. Pretty!

  214. Avatar

    I would take my dear hubby of 40 years on a train trip all the way up the coast from California to Alaska and then across Canada…. and I’d wear some FABULOUS earrings! πŸ™‚

  215. Avatar

    I love, love, love these earrings! In fact just showed my husband something new that I wanted the other day cuz my b day is coming up!

    And for the fantasy date… I’m a pretty simple person and my husband loves Disneyland, so I think we’d have to take a Disney Cruz maybe even with the kids! Its something we’ve always wanted to do! So if money was no object that’s what we would do!

  216. Avatar

    My perfect date would be walking the beach in Santa Cruz with the love of my life, with a few breaks for body surfing. We would take the train up to the Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, where my love and I would ride the Redwood Forest Steam Train through the towering redwoods, grab some grub, then ride back down to a comfy hotel in Santa Cruz. You’ll have to guess the rest!

  217. Avatar

    My perfect date would be to fly to Tokyo with hubby. Once there, we’d visit a Buddhist shrine, eat fresh sushi, and maybe even have Saki. Then we would commission one of the famous swordsmiths to forge twin katanas for us. Afterwards, we’d attend a Kabuki performance. We would end the evening with some karaoke.

  218. Avatar

    If money were no object I’d like to go for a lobster dinner and then to the mall to spend his every last dollar πŸ™‚

  219. Avatar

    I would whisk hubby off to Australia for a night of music at the Sydney Opera House and then a moonlit stroll on the beach. There would be a champange picnic waiting for us with chocolate covered strawberries and candles. πŸ˜€

  220. Avatar

    SCUBA diving followed by dinner cooked by Masaharu Morimoto then cuddling together on a big fluffy bed!!

    But honestly, if the company is good, who cares where you are?

  221. Avatar

    If money were no object, a date would include private jetting to Ireland to walk where my grandparents and great grandparents had walked and lived.

  222. Avatar

    wow if money were no object I’d do an overnight stay in the lincoln bedroom of the white house and dinner at the white house with…. John McCain.

  223. Avatar

    If money were no object, I would love to go on a date taking a romatic cruise around the world spending as much time as I can with the one I love. And making sure I wear my heart earspiral earrings to add to the romance/fun.

  224. Avatar

    **loves sparkly, shiny things**

    I would take my date to where ever it is that they shoot the Viagra/Cealis (d!ck-juice) commercials. I want to sit in the tub on the beach, where I can molest my significant other to my hearts content and he can’t escape because he’s naked in the middle of nowhere. And when we’re all done, we can clean up without worry of sand or saltwater in places it just shouldn’t be.

  225. Avatar

    i’d pick up a lunch and keith and i would eat it at the top of heidleberg castle – in germany of course

  226. Avatar

    I would go to Greece for a date that lasts a few weeks!!
    Really…I just need a date anywhere with my husband! It has been tooo long!

  227. Avatar

    My dream date would be to go to the beach house in hawaii where we got married for dinner and a walk on the beach.

  228. Avatar

    If I could have any date I wanted, it would be in Santa Cruz, California. We’d have dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Shadowbrook. You actually take a cable car down the hill to the restaurant. After dinner, a walk on the beach and then, back to a cabin somewhere in the mountains. Said cabin would be surrounded by California redwoods, and have a large porch for husband and I to sit on in the morning and enjoy our coffee watching the squirrels run through the trees. Heaven on earth.

  229. Avatar

    I would go to Santorini, Greece for the weekend. Eat, drink and be merry!!! Thanks for the chance!

  230. Avatar

    I have loved Harry Mason earrings since the first time I saw them at a booth in Nebraska. DH hates to travel so my dream date would be shared with my friend Linda who bought her first ear spirals in Nebraska. Not having consulted Linda, I don’t know how she’d feel about my choice of locations, but I’d spend a day relaxing on a warm white sand beach, sipping drinks, eating fruit, dipping myself into the ocean occasionally. We would follow that with massages and facials.That evening we would go to a lovely restaurant where we would be served our favorite foods, more drinks, and follow that with a carriage ride around the historic town and along the beach to look at the twinkling lights and stars. Naturally, we would be slim and wearing our Harry Mason earrings in this fantasy. πŸ™‚

  231. Avatar

    first we go to the finest resturant in town, then after a relaxing dinner we are off to see a show, or what every is going on at the theater, and i just do not mmean a move. then go jump on a plain for the hell of it and go to italy, rome, then paris france, stay for about a week and then come home and wind in the steam room at the finest spa around town and we are talking new york, not pittsburgh. that would be my perfect date, well almost perfect.

  232. Avatar

    My dream date would be…….heck! I’d just like to go on a date. I haven’t been on at date in years. I’d like to have dinner in the Northern Pacific on a ship….a wounderful meal and a perfect view on the Northern Lights.

  233. Avatar

    I’d love to fly to Sicily, then take a jaunt to the Old City of Jerusalem before heading home. πŸ™‚

  234. Avatar

    I’ve reached the point of being pretty laid back about “dates”, but I’d whisk hubby off to Costa Rica before he could think of any stuffy reasons not to go and we’d see all the sights, go on tours and eat delicious fresh food that someone else prepares, serves, and cleans up after.

  235. Avatar

    I would love to fly to the Galapagos islands and have a picnic with my fiancΓ© while watching the giant tortoises and iguanas frolick.

    Hope I win! I need another gorgeous pair of eargasms to wear with my wedding gown!

  236. Avatar

    If money were not an issue, I’d fly away to a tropical paradise island for a date & dine on delicious exotic foods and go to a luxurious spa. Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail(dot)com

  237. Avatar

    Harry Mason Ear spirals are the best! I just love them! I wish I had more money so that I could buy some more!! πŸ™‚ I get compliments on them all the time.
    My idea of the perfect first date would be flying to Maui and staying in a secluded oceanside room with the man I love, taking in the ocean air while sipping Pina Coladas, and basking in the sun while letting the world just pass us by! It would be fabulous not to have to worry about time, schedules, or how much money we spend, and just be able to fully relax and enjoy each other’s company, and do whatever we feel like doing. I wish I was there now!!

  238. Avatar

    If money were no object, my date and I would fly to Bali in a private plane, see the tame white monkeys there and feed them, see the beautiful very tall Buddhist stone statues, and buy some gold and silver Balinese jewelry for me, have dinner and see such a different part of the world than the one to which we’re accustomed, and then fly home inspired and refreshed!

  239. Avatar

    I would love to fly to Tokyo for some awesome sushi and unagi! MmmMMMmmmMMmm!
    And then fly to Italy for some gelato πŸ™‚

  240. Avatar

    Wow. If money were no object it would definitely be a trip to Paris for dinner followed by breakfast in Dublin. Just the chance to be in those heavenly cities eating something so delicious. Yeah. I would die a happy woman that is for sure!

  241. Avatar

    My husband would come home from work and whisk me off to the airport (no suitcases required–he would tell me, “We’ll buy what we need when we get there!”). He wouldn’t tell me where we were going. Our first class seats would be spacious and germ free. We would land, pick up our convertable and head into the streets of….San Francisco. We would have a private meal prepared for us by some famous, groovy chef. It would include meat. After a short night drive, we would head to a top-notch hotel that is ready for us. But, just to be clear, I wouldn’t want the rose petal crap going on in the room…a better surprise would be a pretty nightie and a small box with something precious and thoughtful inside.

  242. Avatar

    If money were no object…a glass bottom hut in Tahiti would be heaven with my wonderful husband who has been my anchor. I bought my first pair of earrings when i visited your store on Pier 33.Since then i have ordered earrings for friends and co workers.I am
    totally ADDICTED.I wear my earrings everyday.

    Thank you Harry Mason for your support of breast cancer!!!

  243. Avatar

    shit. I didn’t read all the directions. I think I’d make my husband suffer through a Broadway play ON Broadway. I’ve always wanted to go there.

  244. Avatar

    I’d fly to Santorini to stay in a rooftop hotel room for a month, having a love-in with several choice celebrity crushes.

    I mean, uh… dinner and a movie with a long-term boyfriend. …yeah!

  245. Avatar

    Mmmm….Hawaii would be my first date choice I think. Nice beach, maybe a luau. Fancy umbrella drinks.

  246. Avatar

    Mike and I would go to CA so I could meet his mom and then take her to dinner…then we would go to all the other places his siblings are so I could meet them too.

  247. Avatar

    Oh, this Harry Morgan virgin needs an eargasm in the worst way! πŸ™‚

    Ideal date? I’m a simple girl.. I’ll just let Alexander Sarsgaard pick me up on his oh-so-muscular shoulders and carry me off to a private jet.. where we will hop to a private island and sip fruity cocktails, and I will be more than happy to rub suntan lotion all over him. When we say “date”, does that mean one day, or, say, 2011? πŸ™‚

  248. Avatar

    If money were no object? My husband and I would take the one-year cruise around the world. Cruises are great because you only have to unpack ONCE! So we get on the boat, liquor up, stand on the deck for the sail away, and lather, rinse, repeat for a year! Go to bed in Italy, wake up in Spain! How awesome is that? Wait – you’re saying that’s not a date? My ass, it’s not! Who says that a date can’t last a year?

    I would also not mind very much at all to be the winner of this fabulous contest.

  249. Avatar

    My dream date would start weeks earlier with taking some salsa dancing lessons. The night of the date we would fly to Toronto and have dinner at the top of the CN Tower. Then we would find an amazing club to salsa the night away. It would wind down with a walk along the lake shore (beach) and curl up to watch the sunrise!

    1. Avatar

      TIME’S UP!

      Thanks everyone for participating! I’ll be announcing the winner on Thursday!

  250. Avatar

    Hmm, fantasy date … does it have to be with my husband? Okay … but seriously? Alright, then, if money were no object, my fantasy date would be to spend three weeks in the alps during the summer to watch the Tour de France! Because my husband is an avid bike racer and watches the Tour de France religiously and making him happy makes me happy (and I really wrote this with a straight face, yes I did).

  251. Avatar

    LOVE the earrings!

    My fantasy date would be to fly off ANYWHERE with my wonderful hubby and have a romantic dinner served on the beach outside a private bungalow followed by dancing under the stars.

  252. Avatar

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in quite a while! Thanks for the chuckle!

    I’m a simple girl…if money were no object, I’d get on-the-glass seats to a SJ Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks game, next to the Sharks bench and have all the $15 drinks I want delivered to my seat. And then maybe some yummy chocolate fondue at my favorite restaurant afterward, and with my kid spending the night at the in-laws, I could actually sleep through the night with no 2:00 a.m., “mommy, I can’t find my slipper” wake ups (also, why is she always looking for her slipper at 2:00 in the morning???). Ahhhh…only in dreams.

    And I wanted to echo Gigi above on how great their customer service is. I have sent back earrings on a couple of occasions that have gotten misshapen from normal use, and I’ve always gotten them back super quickly with no charge…gotta love that!

  253. Avatar

    I’d fly to the moon in a rocket ship and dine on moon cheese with the martians. That’d be sweet.

  254. Avatar
    Maria Carlota De las Casas

    If money was no problem, I’ll go to Egypt with my hubby and have a dinner under a tent with a lot of candles in the valley of kings.

  255. Avatar

    If money were no object I would say a cruise in the Caribbean or a trip to Hawaii. Sun, the ocean, good food, my husband’s arms around me and some cool Harry Mason earrings in my ears….ooooohhhhh awesome!!

  256. Avatar

    I would like to go to vegas and stay at a penthouse suite and play at the high roller table

  257. Avatar

    If money were no object, my date would be in the Caribbean. I saw a picture somewhere of a gorgeous little hut thing with a glass floor that is right on the lagoon, so you can lie there and watch the pretty fishies swimming around without getting all wet & cold, and having them nibble on your toes. I guess there would be a guy there, probably my husband, but he would most likely be watching TV somewhere while I was relaxing & watching the pretty fishies, and of course, wearing my lovely Harry Mason earrings.

  258. Avatar

    The date of my dreams would be on the pink sands of Bermuda, reliving my honeymoon to the man of my dreams – my husband of 30 years.

    Of course I would be wearing gorgeous spiral earrings . . .

  259. Avatar

    If I could do anything on a date. I would fly to the Caribbean and spend a week playing on the beach.

  260. Avatar

    If money were no object then I would take my hubby away for several months to tour Europe. We would visit everything from touristy to quaint. And we would stay in the best hotels.

  261. Avatar

    I would have to say that on the shores of Italy would be my choice, with an awesome bottle of red wine and freshly baked bread!

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win! I just found you from the article in the Penfield Post! This site is fantastic… You need to write a book!

  262. Avatar

    No contest! Dinner at sunset at a small restaurant overlooking the sea in Santorini, Greece. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  263. Avatar

    I would travel and live in a different country every few years and just experience different cultures.

  264. Avatar

    I think if money were no object I would fly to somewhere like Ireland or Scotland and roam old countrysides and castles.

  265. Avatar

    I’m fortunate enough to already live in paradise, so the “money is no object” part of the date would be what we have brought in. We would walk across the street to the beach about an hour before sunset on an April evening. There would be a custom built cabana awaiting us and we would enjoy a most extravagant dinner flown in directly from Paris.

  266. Avatar

    After 34 years of marriage I absolutely adore my husband more and more everyday!!
    One of our favorite experiences is right on Pier 39 enjoying clam chowder in a bread bowl!
    This is a favorite for us because every May for 10 years we brought 90 seventh graders on a field trip to SF to enjoy Alcatraz and Pier 39. We live in a little mountain town in northern California and to watch the faces of some of these kids who had never been more than 10 miles away from home was heartwarming. So, just to sit with the love-of-my-life and slurp some clam chowder, soak up the SF sun, inhale the saltwater smell and then head up to Harry’s for a pair of earrings ( I got one pair each visit!) would be heaven! Thank You, Harry and Kathryn!

  267. Avatar

    if money were no object….I would hire Bruce Springstein to seranade my hubby and fly to New York to eat at my fave Tavern on the Green and rent a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck for desert.

  268. Avatar
    Angela Winesburg

    I would love to fly to Costa Rica and have a romantic dinner in the rain forest next to a waterfall, thanks!

  269. Avatar

    If money were no option I would lay out on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with a butler and a cook and a tropical drink and my honey…no worries…just sun!

  270. Avatar

    Definitely travel – I’d fly to Rome and check out the historical sites, and have a fantastic meal and some wine.

  271. Avatar

    Hmmmm, money were no object, eh? Well, let’s start with a shopping spree for both of us at a ‘that feels good’ store (where are those?), where I’ll stock up on leg massage device thingies, spine puller apart thingies and fingernail clippers. Next, we’ll eat cheesecake out the ying yang ‘cuz I know since money is no object, then neither are calories. After that, we’ll just go MAKE our own movie, spending millions for ten seconds of action and meaningless dialogue. I think to top the night, we’ll rent a rooftop and take hip hop lessons. Mkay?

  272. Avatar

    If money were no object I might have the longest date in history. I would want to travel and see some of the seven wonders of the world including the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal and the Colosseum. Then I would move on to other exciting things like the Egyptian pyramids, the Grand Canyon and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. What a dream.

  273. Avatar

    I would have a picnic on a beach in Bora Bora, but I would sit at an elegant table because I don’t like to sit on sand while eating. Then I’d rock in a hammock while listening to a steel drum group serenade me while some incredibly hot island boys hold my umbrella-ed drink and drops bites of mango into my mouth. Ahhh…..

  274. Avatar

    ok, I have no idea why I am bothering to leave a post because I never win anything, so for shit’s sake will you skip the random generator and just pick me so I can stop feeling like a LOSER???

    1. Avatar

      and what would I do if money were no object? It wouldn’t be just a date. I’d buy a house on The Vineyard and stop the summer rental thing!

  275. Avatar

    What a fun question! Hmm, I think I’d fly to a really fancy private beach and have an expensive lunch or dinner delivered there.

  276. Avatar

    My fantasy date would be for the hubs and I to flamenco dance in a villa somewhere in Spain (as soon as the music began we’d both suddenly would know how to dance the flamenco). We’d dance the night away and in the morning jet off to Italy for some delish food followed by a swim in the Great Barrier reef that would be miraculously shark free that day. The next day we’d go to Ireland where we’d sit in read under a great big tree on the greenest grass I’ve ever seen and a leprechan would pay us a visit and leave us each three pieces of his gold. After which we’d spend a bit on chocolates and what-ever was left over the hubs would take me to Paris where I’d buy the most expensive bag I can find. We’d spend the night in Paris having an orgasmic time encouraged by lots of champagne. The following morning we’d go to England where the Queen herself would greet us and show us off to all the lovely Brits in a parade after which she’d serve us fish and chips then send us off to find King Arthur’s lost sword ordering us not to come back until we found it…..

  277. Avatar

    Oh a great date might for me and my hubby would be a late summer evening alone at Tivoli Gardens in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark. We would eat at one of the fancy resturants, walk around the gardens full of fairy lights and listen to the live music. We’ve had this exact date a few times before and would love to do it again!

  278. Avatar

    I went on my first cruise last year and it was too short. I’d pick the round the world cruise with stops every so often to exotic places. Thanks for the contest.

  279. Avatar

    if $$ were no object, dh and i would get away to turtle bay resort on the north shore of oahu for a year long date in which housekeeping would always pick up after me and their restaurants would always cook for me.

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